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How to Use Preset Layers in ArcGIS Pro

February 22, 2020

Hey everyone, what you see behind is an aerial view of Esri’s headquarters in Redlands, California. This area of the state isn’t exactly known for its greenery but as you can see, the campus is an exception. What I’m going to show today is functionality in ArcGIS Pro called preset layers. All you need is point data and you can easily model trees just like these. Let’s take a look at a demo. We’re starting here with the data we’re going to use in a normal 2D map. Probably the way you’re accustomed to seeing point data its just symbolizes as simple points in different colors. The data comes with some attributes including the tree type and the dimensions of the tree. We’ll use that in a minute. Preset layers are just a type of symbology they are just applied differently. Rather than importing the data and then symbolizing it after the fact, you bring the data in as a preset. I’ll show you how to do that. The first thing you need to do is switch to a 3D scene. Its a 3D preset so it cannot have it on a 2D map. Here I have a 3D scene with some models of buildings on Esri that will compliment the trees we are about to add. To do that, on the ribbon, you will see the add preset drop-down. From there we’re going to pick realistic trees. Now we will search for that dataset that we just saw on the 2D map a minute ago. As soon as we select the dataset, its going to draw with some defaults applied to it. Right away we’re going to notice we need to change our unit from meters to feet because… those trees are too large. Once we make that change, everything already looks pretty good. You can see we have trees of different sizes, shapes, colors, and different types. It looks pretty realistic. That is because of the attributes we saw earlier mapped automatically to the parameters in the preset here on the symbology pane. You can see the crown height and crown diameter were automatically populated. If those had not been correct, we could choose a different field from the drop-down. For the tree type, it automatically filled with the tree genus field. There are certain strings of tree types that the preset will recognize automatically and will apply that tree type to the different points. There is a list of that in the help topic that we will link to. If we do not have a field that shows the tree type, we can choose any single type of tree from the drop-down list. That’s it for today. We’ll provide links in the video description below to all the data that we used in this demo. We’ll also provide you with more information about the different types of preset layers available in ArcGIS Pro.

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