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How to Use Photoshop CC 2018 For Beginners-Part 6-Working with layers and layer styles

November 4, 2019

This video is gonna be all about layers and layer styles and I’ll talk about what those layer styles are, but layers in Photoshop are these individual elements, so this is one layer this is one layer, and so on these are all different layers that make up our design here in Photoshop. And the benefits of using layers like this is that you have individual control over all these elements. For example, this Instagram logo is one layer, and it’s on its own independent layer, so if I press this eyeball here I could turn it on and off and I could individually effect this layer without affecting my entire image so working with Layers in Photoshop is my favorite thing and it’s the thing that you’re really gonna spend most of your time with in Photoshop so let Me just show you a few things the first thing is creating layers So if you want to create a layer from scratch these layers were all Independently created or they were brought into Photoshop for example this PSD this Photoshop icon I just brought this as a PNG file. I dragged it over and placed there here and created a new layer for me so sometimes Dragging the elements into a Photoshop file creates a layer for you, but if you want to create one from scratch down here You’ll see this icon, and if you press that it creates a layer, so now I have layer 17 I could just turn it on and off and there’s nothing on this layer, so this is not affecting our image And if you want to delete a layer just select it and press Delete, so that’s how you create a layer So what can you do with layers well layers could be images like independent images like you see here Or here’s another one This is our background, so if I turn this on and off that’s that Instagram photo in the background there could be text layers So here’s a text layer now How do you create a text layer same thing just go ahead and create a new layer? Just like this, and if you press T for the T tool with this layer selected and you go here and you just click somewhere in your Photoshop document you could just start typing and there’s a text layer C. Just created a text layer from that layer I just created so layer 17 turn into a text layer and With text layers you have all the control over text So if I select this I could just change everything about that text up here, just like anything else So I’m just gonna delete that now here’s a text layer that I’ve already created And if I turn this on and off you could see it in the middle of the screen So that’s a text layer and an image layer looks just like this, and if you want to name a layer You just click the text you just double click that and I could call this background for example, so now that’s my background layer That’s how you name a layer and turning it on and off is just like this with this eyeball and the next thing is Organizing this layer right now I have a bunch of layers, and they’re not really organized But you could actually organize them into these groups by clicking this tab down here It creates a group so you could just drag something like this and put it inside the group just like that so the layer The background this layer now you see how things changed the order of your layers matter So the layer on top shows first so if I bring this to the top it shows first and the blue one was on top of the white one here so as You could see the order makes a big difference so if I put this on the bottom It’s really gonna change it the blue is gonna show instead of this background layer So the order makes a big difference and by grouping him you could turn off the entire group so now if I turn this off Everything in the background should be gone just like that so that’s why you would do a group Another way to create a group just like this for example my logo here is multiple layers So there’s the text layer and there’s another text layer, and there’s the logo, there’s three different layers So I could select this I’m gonna just shift select these three And then I could press this group and you’ll put it in a group for me just like that and just like everything else I could double click this and I could just Name this what I want to and if I turn this on and off now all those layers could Disappear and the same thing that you would do with individual layers you could open this up And you could turn each layer on and off just like that or all three at the same time So this is a great way to organize your files now a lot of times you want to create something fast And you’ll skip this, but I recommend organizing your files the best way you can in the layer panel it’s a lot easier than to start from a Design for example with these images that are created for YouTube I always come back to the same design And then I could just double click this and then Changez text for example I could turn this off and then put another icon there It’s really an easier way if you have it organized just like this I know for example that my – any logo is always gonna be there and So on so that’s a brief view of the layer panel But let me just show you layer style which is also a powerful tool to really customize each Individual layer so on any given layer if you double-click on the text you could change the text But if you double-click right here on the side It opens this panel called layer style and with layer style you could do a lot of different things to an individual layer for example I could create a drop shadow which is the most commonly used? Layer styling that I use especially for text as you can see here There’s a drop shadow, but if you look at this Photoshop, icon. I could press drop shadow you see the difference There is creating a drop shadow, and if you want to individually effect that You could select it like this And then you could change the opacity of the drop shadow the distance and so on So I’m gonna just press command Z to undo that and then you could change the blending mode and everything else with each individual blending option here, so let me just turn this off and Let me show you Bevel for example so if I choose bevel as you could see it’s having the impact here So I could on an off it like this if I turn this off if I’m gonna do stroke I could just check that on and then I could come here and change the stroke options so it gives you a lot of options with this and one of my favorite things that it does is let me just show you this on an image, so I’m just gonna open this background group and I’ll turn this off so you can see this blue layer I use the gradient overlay as a layer option, so if I double click this over here if I didn’t have gradient overlay I just had a basic blue color that I created with a shape so if I check this on now I use the gradient overlay and these are the options I have with gradient overlay and I could change the opacity and so on for example to Affect this background, so I could press OK there and here let me double click this one I have multiple different layer styles so I have Gradients and and inner shadow so inner shadow as you can see on the sides is making a darker gradient overlay It’s just creating a gradient color overlay and Sens making everything Darker so the text could pop now play around with layer styles see which ones come in handy for you I know for me dry shadow stroke Gradient overlay are some of the most common ones I use bevel from time to time And then I play around with the setting under each individual one to really get the look that I’m going for so that’s a brief Overview of layers and layer styles it’ll help you organize your Photoshop file And it also gives you an option to edit each layer with a lot of different options in the layer style panel I hope you found this helpful. 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