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October 3, 2019

Y’all have been asking to do a more detailed video about curves So, here it is! What up Simpletons? So this has been a highly requested video The good thing about learning curves is once you know it within Snapseed You’ll be able to apply to curves within Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and Lightroom so here we go! This is the photo that I’ll be using – no edits have been made to it yet. Let’s go to Tools, Curves The first curve that you see is the RGB curve which combines red, blue and green altogether into one The best way to learn curves is to visualize a black and white gradient on the x- and y-axis Once you start with that, you can pretty much navigate your way around a curve So there are 5 points on a curve that you should be aware of So you have your whites, your highlights, your midtones, your shadows and your blacks And it doesn’t really matter where you place the points Snapseed offers up a grid, so you can follow the grid if you wanted to make it easier So now that we have our 5 points, let’s do a deeper dive into what each point means. If we visualize our gradient again If we bring the top point down You’ll see that you start losing your whites whereas if I bring it up, then the whites become more contrasted. Obviously we don’t want either extreme, and I’m pretty happy with the way the whites are now, so I’m going to leave it as is. Let’s move onto the second point which is our highlights. Highlights essentially are the brightest parts of a photo. If we bring this point up, you’ll see that I start looking like a burnt oompa loompa And if I go down here, I start looking like a consumed some nuclear waste, and I’m looking like a hazard so we want to avoid that. Here, I’m only going to adjust this a little bit. I kind of want to bring more detail into my white outfit so I’m going to bring it down slightly. There we go! Now, the third point on the curve is our midtones. And generally used to edit our complexion. If I move this up a little bit, my face has more of a glow whereas if I move it down, it gets a little bit more flat. So errbody wants a glow, so I’m going to raise this a little bit here And then the fourth point on the curve is our shadows. Depends what feel you’re going for If you’re going for a more faded film, vintage look then you can raise the shadows up But if you like your picture more contrasted then we can raise the shadows down. In my case, I like it more faded so I’m going to raise it a little bit here And then the very last point on the curve is blacks. If you raise the blacks, you’ll get a more faded look and if you raise it down, the blacks become more contrasted, similar to shadows. Because I love that faded look, we’re gonna raise this a little bit, like so. And that’s pretty much it folks So you can finish editing here, or you can play around with the specific red, green and blue curves. if you wanted a specific tint to your photos I’m going to show you that anyways. The same concept of the 5 different points on the curve applies to all the other curves so the red, the green, the blue and luminance. To make it easier to understand, you want to envision the colour wheel. Every colour on the colour wheel, has an opposite colour. You can simply tell by playing around with the curves. So if I raise the reds, I’m adding a lot of red into the shot whereas if I’m raising it down, I’m adding the opposite colour, which is cyan. I generally just play with the highlights, midtones and shadow points That’s just my personal preference I want this picture to be warmer, so I’m going to up the red highlights and I’m going to up it a little bit on the midtones as well I’m going to keep the shadows pretty close on the line like so And now we’re going to move on to the green curve If we move the green curve up obviously it’s going to add a lot of green but we’re not looking to play the grinch today. If we do the opposite effect, it adds a lot of magenta. We’re not going to be that drastic today So we’re going to add our different points And now moving onto the blue curve So again, the opposite for blue would be yellow If you keep that in mind, you kind of know where you need to toggle your line. As you can tell, I’m only making subtle changes because that’s all you really need. And then the last curve, which is luminance. Luminance is great for adjusting the overall brightness of a photo If I feel like the photo is a little dark right now I can always up the highlights and I can darken the midtones here but if I raise it, I look a little bit more…animated? And that’s kind of my style, so I’m going to stick with that. I’m going to do the same here, it kind of just makes my lipstick pop a little bit more and my skintone If I do a before and after there’s already a difference, and we only made subtle changes to the curves. Maybe I’ll start editing with just curves…wow. So my 2 biggest tips to being successful with curves is 1) A little goes a long way You only need to make subtle changes for curves to work in your favour And 2) Practice, practice, practice I still go through a lot of trial and error when I go through curves Sometimes what works for one photo, won’t work for another photo Really see what works for you, you don’t have to use all the curves But don’t be afraid to play around with it Hopefully this helps explains curves a little bit better so that you’re less hesitant next time Don’t forget to tag me in your photos, I would love to see what you guys are doing with Snapseed I’m always learning So if you loved this video, and you want more Snapseed tutorials Please let me know in the comments what other Snapseed ideas and what you want to learn more about And if you haven’t already, join the Simpleton family and subscribe Alright, I will see you guys next time, BAI Hopefully this helps to… Bleh!


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