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How To Use Adobe Premiere Rush for Desktop (Like A YouTuber!)

September 24, 2019

– Hi guys Dave here from iOgrapher. Today we’re going to dive into the desktop version of
Adobe Premiere Rush. Adobe Premiere Rush is a new editing tool from Adobe, the makers of Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, et cetera. If you watched my other video and if you haven’t had the chance please take a look at it. I showed you how to
use Adobe Premiere Rush on mobile, I think it’s a game changing mobile editor. I love the fact that it speaks to the desktop version and then of course we can go into Premiere
Pro later if we want to. So let’s see how we do all of it in Premiere Rush for Desktop. We’re going to import footage, we’re going to edit, we’re going to add text, we’re going to add some stills, and we’re going to do some fun stuff. And then I’m going to show you how to open it all up in Premiere Pro if you have Adobe CC as well. Let’s take a look. So here’s the, when you open up Rush here is your panel here for creating a new project. So first of all we’ve got to Create a New Project so, but before I do that if you’ve seen the other video I did, here are my older, my other projects that I did on my iPhone and I can click into any of these and I’ll just do this one for example. And here’s all my edits below, here’s everything I did, here’s my lower third indicator thing that I did on Napa, here’s music that I brought in. So all of it’s here, it
all transferred over. I’m excited, I can keep editing here, I can bring this into
Premiere Pro if I wanted to, I can take it from there, from Premiere Pro into Photoshop, I can take it into Abode Audition if I wanted to do audio fixing. So it opens up the doors
for a lot of things. But let’s start a new project so I’m going to go here,
do File, New, Project. And this takes us back to step one. And of course you’ve got your options now to find all your footage. Here’s the Desktop, here’s my Documents, here’s Downloads folder, these is my external drives right here, this is my hard drive, here’s Movies folder, Pictures folder, then I can go into the Cloud, so if I have my Adobe Creative Cloud and have stuff up there I can put stuff into, from the
Creative Cloud files, I can bring them in. I’ll just click on them for a second. Here’s some different folders that I have up there right now. I can go into my Dropbox, I got a billion things in Dropbox. I can go into my iCloud, bring stuff from there if I want to. So you have lots of
options to import footage into stuff like that. For example, if I go to my Movies folder on my iMac Pro I’ve got a, let’s see where is it, right here, Raw Footage and then this is a bunch of footage that I have, that I keep when I go and shoot and I import it on here. This is all my raw footage before I start to edit. For today I wanted to kind of do something where you could follow
along so I’m going to go into the Sample Media here. So Rush has Rush Soundtracks which are royalty free music of course and they have sample media here as well. So we’re going to choose
some stuff from this. This is a boating expedition, beach kind of scene, snorkeling. It’s really pretty footage so we’re going to do a
little story from this. Now when I click on, for example, I clicked on Boarding the Boat, a number one pops up. That’s telling me that’s
the first video clip or still that’s going
to be in my timeline. So it kind of, at this point, you want to kind of tell your story of how you’re going to lay out everything. Of course you can go back later and change it all but you really want to do it here as well. So I’ll click out of
that one for a second. Whoop, let me see. Click on it again it gets rid of the one so looking at this footage I kind of like, let’s see, this little water area all things cool it’s like we’re zooming in over this beachhead so I’m going to choose that for number one just to kind of open up what I’m doing here. And then maybe these people right here are talking about their trip and then we’re going to get on the boat, so here’s the boat right here. Or actually I’m not going
to go ahead there yet, I’m going to go into
another aerial right there just for the heck of it. Then we’re going to go into getting on the boat. Then the boat’s starting to cruise. And some more boat views. And then people on the boat, we’ll just do that one. And then we’ll go into, actually we’ll get out of that one for a second and we’ll go into snorkeling, aerial swimming, and that’s, we’ll kind of end it
with this beach selfie. So now I’ve got nine pieces of footage. I feel bad for people on the boat because I didn’t choose that one. But anyway, so down here in the bottom it’s all laid out across here, you can see it, the storyline. I’m going to go in here and do Beach Time. Now underneath this you see Sync with the Creative Cloud so now if I sync this up there it allows me to open
it up in Premiere Pro, I can go back on my phone and do, or my iPad, do some editing there as well. And something to thing about, all the iPad’s I’ve tried Rush with it’s works fantastic. Now think about the new iPad’s Apple just released. You’ve got a 12 inch screen. The super powerful guts inside of it, you’re going to be able to edit at will so it’s really nice. Now Copy Media, this is going to save, so let’s say all this footage was up on the Cloud, which is think it is, if I want to save Copy the Media is going to save it my hard drive here. So I don’t really want to do that unless I had a bad internet
or things like that where I needed to have it for later. I didn’t want to rely on
my internet going out. So Copy Media, I’m going
to leave that unchecked. Now I’m going to go over
here and press Create. And now it’s going to think about all the media, prepare it all, and it’s going to throw it into what’s called a sequence. So Adobe has a timeline here and you can see across here, you’ll see four, eight, 12, 16 seconds. That is the timeline here. I can see at the very end
here I’m at minute 44. Let’s say I want to go to a minute though because I’m going to repurpose this footage into Instagram. And one of the powerful things about Rush and for mobile and desktop is that it’s got some great output settings for mobile that I’ll show you later. And it’s really one of those types of editors I think that you want to get something up quickly and professionally looking, with the right specs and everything. So I like this a lot. So now here we’re going to take a look and you’ll see, here’s my footage, I’m just holding the and scrubbing across, here’s everybody talking, I can see the volume here. And you can see all
your footage like that. Let’s take a look at our layout here. So up here we’re in Edit mode. This is Home, Edit mode and Share. Those are the three areas that you’re going to go into. Over of the right we’ve
got some tools here, this is a Help button right here or Give Feedback I should say. This is an Undo, Redo type thing. Here’s your text, so we’re going to look at titles, how to add titles. These are Transitions, we’ll take a look at Transitions. And Adobe has some
really cool samples there to kind of explain things to you now, it’s really great. I mean you really don’t need to know too much about editing to come in here and look like a great editor. Here’s Color which I
think is very powerful and I’ll show you in a second. Audio and Crop and Rotate. And we’ll look at Audio for a second here. If I go back to this clip that has these people talking and I go back to this Audio section and click it once. You can now see that I have the ability to raise and lower the volume, I can mute the audio if
I don’t want it at all. But the real power here
is in the Advanced area where I can now, it’s saying right here, it detects that it’s voice. And let me just go over to one of these aerials here and click on that one. Let’s see that’s someone there. How’s this one here,
let’s look at this one. And uh oh, let’s see, we’ll click right here. Oh there’s no audio, duh. (laughing) I’m like why is it not working? There’s no audio. Here’s another one that has Voice and you can change it here to like if it’s Music, if
it’s Other, et cetera. I mean you can change things like that. I mean it’s this ambien
sound that you have. What’s nice about this, and I’m going to show you is that when you have it as Voice you can then do something
called Auto Ducking. So we’re going to click out of this for one second and we’re going to go back into here and now if I had music underneath this I’d have an option to Auto Duck which means as the music goes and somebody speaks it’s
going to automatically lower the volume while their speaking and then come back up at the end. Which kind of leaves it so you don’t have to do too much and key frame things. It does it all automatically. In fact while we’re talking about this let’s go back in here and the Plus button up on the top left, it has Add Media, so I’m
going to click on that, I’m going to click on Media. We’re going to go here where it has the Dreamland, which is an MP3 so we know it’s an audio file, we’ll bring that in and see, notice where I had my time indicator here, the blue line that shows me where I am in the timeline, the audio came right into that point. So remember wherever you are, wherever you import something that’s where it’s going to show up. So now let me just drag this to the left and I’m just holding down the mouse and dragging to the left. So now I’ve got Dreamland
shown right here. If I go back and click on this first clip here you’ll see that I have all these things the same. Auto Volume, it says Voice, now if I click on the Dreamland you’ll see that it says that it’s Music so it automatically
knows that that’s music and you’ve got a new feature here called Auto Duck. So let’s click on that for one second and we’ll reduce it by 50% or so. And now if I go back here you can see it right here, it’s made these little ducks. So, and what that means is it’s lowered the volume. It’s hard to see on the left here with the Dreamland sequence but if you see this little line that goes across right here you’ll see that it’s lowered the volume and you’ll see over here how it’s just a different color green than this, that’s where it lowered it from like that and then when we’re done it comes back up to normal. So let me just play this for you for one quick second and then I’ll see, we’ll go down to this area and listen. And there it goes back up to the volume level that you want. So that is super
powerful, cool, I love it. And you can change how much you want to duck it right here, lower the volume by reducing how much you want to reduce it by so it can go down to nothing and then come back up and then listen to it as well. So that’s a really cool feature that’s in this type of an editor. So once again we’re in here, here’s the timeline. Let’s go back to one, I do want to shave some
time off this as I said so this is super beautiful, I don’t really want to
kill too much of this but I’m going to probably need to take a little bit out. So maybe as I get to the
boat that’s down here I’m going to shave this little piece off. What I can do now is just click and drag it to the left. That allows me to cut it or I can just, or trim it, and I can just Command
z to get out of that or I can use the Scissor icon right here. So this splits my clip so I’ll click on it once and I can go here, select that clip and press delete. So now I’ve gotten rid of that little area that I wanted and we’ve gone from this beautiful thing into
these people talking. So now here’s a point where I might want to do a transition. So now I’m going to transition from this overhead shot, kind of a cross dissolve into those people talking. I’m going to go over to the Transitions on the right hand side right here and make sure your play head, your indicator right here is right in the middle of the tooth. And then we’re just going to do a little Cross Dissolve. So I’m going to click that really quick and it’s added a transition for you. Now we’re going to click
on that and play that. And there it is. So one thing that I do know that I want to do is I’m going to drag this to the left because I want to start with music here. And if you had a chance
to see that it moved, right here it moved all my Audio Ducking over to line up exactly
where the words were, the dialogue from these people. So that is a super cool feature. So now we’ve gone from
music to talking again, let’s take a look. Yep and that’s fantastic. So we’ve made a cut, we’ve trimmed our footage, we’ve added a transition, we’ve added music, I showed you how to Auto Duck so let’s move on, let’s see. We’re now at a minute 40 so I’ve got a lot more to trim. And so we’re going to look through this, they’re talking, you kind of want, they’re doing a little discussion about their trip so we
want to leave that in. And then here, you might want to Cross Dissolve again. Sorry about that, I was going to move it over to where I want it right there and then I’ll click on that. And there’s my other transition and we’ll see that one. And here they go again, that’s nice. So now I might cut a
couple seconds out of this. So this time I’m going to click on it, drag to the left a few seconds and let’s see how that works. Just a quick little overhead shot and we go right into that. I kind of like this
without a cross dissolve. It just kind of goes into there. I like that quick cut and that’s nice. I can cut a little bit out of this so, I’m sorry these last people aren’t going to be seen. So I’m going to do that. I’m going to Cross Dissolve that as well. So we’ll go in here and you start telling your story and
there we are on our trip. It’s nice. Now on this you hear the boat so I might not want to hear the boat so I’m going to select this footage here, I’m going to go into
the Audio section here and I’m going to mute
that clip right there because I don’t want
to hear the boat going. Let’s play it again. See it’s nice and quiet, I like it. And let’s see, we’re at a minute 36 so I’m going to trim this a little bit, we’re getting down there. I can even go a little more than that. It’s a little bit of a longer clip. And then maybe I’ll trim this one as well. I see that to get down to a minute we’re going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff.
(laughing) So let’s see. Yep, and this one again. I’m going to go in here and mute that one as well, there we go. Here’s the guy snorkeling, super cool. I liked how he came out of this area so I’m going to go about right there. I’m going to trim this like crazy. So there’s that. And then here’s this overhead shot of him right here. So now I’ve only got this much left so I’m going to trim the heck out of this. Let’s see what they say over here. So he says, oh God I hate selfies so not really an important
piece of footage for me so I’m going to select it and I’m going to press the delete button and I’ve got it out of there. I’m going to end this whole video and go back to a minute here. Let’s see, where are we here? Are we at, we’re at that
minute, a minute .08. So let me see if I can go, I’m just doing the keys here. So I’m going to go to 59.29, I’m going to drag this over a tiny bit. I’m under a minute now, it’s going to great for Instagram. So let’s take a look. And I love this last part of the footage. You can do some nice titling over this. The audio here is a little long of course, you see it goes way over here. So we are going to drag it to the left. I could of course do a cut if I want. Oops let’s see. It’s not letting me select, there we go. Oh, not again. Here we go, there we go, sorry. So I’m dragging it to the left here and one thing that I can do is, let’s see, did it go? We’re going to select it again and drag it to the left. Now of course I could’ve
just done a little cut there with the Scissor tool. And here you see that it Auto Ducks at the end like it’s over so it makes a little out thing here so that’s cool. So it kind of does a fade
right there at the end. I like that, now let me
just try something here. I’m going to go back here
and if I do the split, if I select the audio
and cut it and do this it doesn’t duck it so, or doesn’t do like a fade out it just ends right there
so that’s interesting. So you have to kind of
trim it by pulling it to keep the whole piece of audio together to allow it to have a fade, to go out. So let’s redo that again. And see the little fade here at the end? So now I’m just going to keep dragging it. It’s right here at the end of my video and now you can see this audio fade here. So that’s great, that’s good to know. I honestly did not know that ’til now. Okay, so let’s go back to one here. The beginning of our video. So we’re going to start
with this, fades in, these people are talking about their trip, they’re so excited and
then we go like this and then it ends with this epic aerial and then I think at the end here we definitely need like a fade to black to make it a little more dramatic. So I’m going to go Dip to Black and I clicked on it and it added a Dip to Black right there. Let me see, did it add
one here too I think? Yeah, so I don’t want that so I’m going to Command z out of that. I’m going to go the end of it here, I’m going to click on this. Oh, it’s making it on both places. Hmm, not a fan right now of that. Let me click none or maybe I can add both of them, let’s see. Go to the end right
here, we’ll do that once. Can I click on this one and delete it? Yes I can, okay. So, when you click on a clip and you add Dip to Black it’s going to add Dip to Black to both sides of the footage. If you want to get rid of it you click on the footage and then delete the one that you want to get rid of and it goes away. So let’s take a look. So here’s the guy, we probably need a Cross Dissolve right
here though I will say. Let’s do that, let’s see. Let’s go back to one and we’ll Cross Dissolve right there and I don’t need that one, there we go. So here cross dissolve
to the overhead shot, we’re going to do some nice titles here and then it’s got the music playing and then we’re going to fade to black. Very nice, okay, so now I’m going to go up here and go to the titles. So I can pick a title, I just select it. Oops where, here it goes. And it says My Template so if I have any templates saved in my local folders or libraries they’re are going to show up here and eventually I will, I just don’t have any right now. Or I can do it to Adobe Stock and they’ve got some amazing pre-made stuff, I mean here’s Tears of Joy so they have Emojis, they’ve got this Subscribe Endcard if you want to do things like that for your social channels. So I’m going to look for something fun. Here’s five pages of it. We’ll just sort through a little bit and look for something cool, let’s see. Always so difficult to pick a good title. Let’s see, what do we want, what do we want? I’m just going to do this Split Direction Title right here. And we’ll just put it on top and then we move it, it’s loading right now. It’s asking me for a font so I’m going to sync that font. If you have Adobe Creative Cloud you can do that. If you don’t you can just not use that font or download it. And we’re going to bring this back to the beginning here. We’ll see how that looks. So here it is. So, now I want to change what it says. I’m sorry, double clicked on this and I’m going to write A Beach Trip, A Beach Trip and then over here, let’s see. Let’s get rid of all this and I’m going to write Tahiti. Tahiti 2018, I don’t know. Looks like Tahiti to me, maybe it’s not. And now I’ve got all
this I can select this and I can go in here and change the color. So what do I want, a little more cool green like that? Is that even going to show up? Yeah. So you can go in here and make some changes like that. You want different colors, et cetera. The way you also can edit it is you select it, go up here where it says Edit, click on that once. Here’s all your stuff. Here’s Beach Trip, maybe you want a different font. So if you have all these fonts installed you can certainly use them. Let’s see, what do we have? I like Bebas Neue a lot. It just has a nice little impact. And I’m going to resize that. And then we’ll do the same thing for the bottom. And let’s go back up here. Here’s Bebas Neue and we’ll make that a little bit bigger, eh let’s see. Make it to there. I will baseline shift it down just a little bit so I can make it bigger. There we go and let’s take a look at that. Super cool and then it
just fades away like that. So all of this animation and everything is all done for you in here already. You can certainly go in there and play around with the Types, you can do Line Spacing, all that stuff but they’re trying to keep it super simple for you. Here’s a little Drop Shadow effect. I mean we can see how that looks too. Let’s see, oops. Let’s take a look, you can see a little Drop Shadow going on there, that’s kind of cool. Might leave that alone as well. So, they make it so simple to do. Change colors, change sizes of things and these pre-animated motion graphics that are in here, those are things that you would find in Adobe Premiere Pro. So that is fantastic to look professional. I thought that looked really professional. Now if that’s a little too long, so let’s play it again. A Beach Trip Tahiti 2018. Maybe I want to cut it right there. I can also just drag it to the left so that all the animation stays in place and we’ll just do that again. And here it is and then its going to go away and then it fades out. Now I can also drag it and make it longer and that’s not going to effect the build in or build
out of the animation, it’s going to effect the
length of the animation or the length of time that the graphic is up there so if that makes sense to you. So you’ll see here, we’ve got the build in, it stays there for awhile. And then right here is when it went out so it doesn’t change when it goes out. Now it’s going out because
I have it at the end. So that’s cool, a good feature, sorry. So we have that as well. And then, now let’s look at the Color Correction too. So you’ve got all these, like I said, you’ve got all of these great, five pages of it and I’m sure they’re going to add a lot more. Here’s Paragraphs, Endcards, Hearts, I mean, Mobile Messages. So play around with this. There’s lots of great things here. It’s all free, it’s an Adobe stock. That’s super cool. Let’s go back here for a second. And I like this coloring of all this footage but maybe if I wanted to change it I would select the clip there and I would go over here where it says Color
and click on that once. So now Adobe has all these Presets that you can have. It also has something called Your Presets and here’s one that I had made before called Dave in Napa. And you can do what you
want with these things, they just give you like a base start to edit with. So for example, here I’ve got Cinematic, we’ll click on that one. It really darkens it up. This is the Film look. This is Kodak. That’s really pretty,
let’s see, go back out. Yeah, it really pumps up the greens there a lot. This is Bleach Bypass. You ever see the movie
Saving Private Ryan? It’s that kind of a look. Here’s Fuji Film. These are Monochromatic stuff so really black and white. This is night so it actually looks like it’s getting dark there. This is the Matrix-y and that kind of gives it a look that’s like exotic like Lord of the Rings-y kind of thing. Here’s a gold tint to it. Totally changes the dynamics, right? And then this is something I used for my Napa where I pumped up a lot of the colors as well. So I really liked, which was it, the Film? No, it was the Kodak one, I thought that was really nice. And then I can go in here and edit and maybe I want to pump up Exposures and things like that so I can maybe make it a little Brighter. Change the Contrast a little bit there. Maybe lower the Highlights just a tad. Maybe bring some Shadow into that. So you can kind of see, that’s after, that’s before, and that’s after. So you can see how color corrected can really boost things up. And once I like what I’ve done here I can click right here, Create Preset, and I’m going to call this I’m just going to call this Tahiti. So that’s my Tahiti preset. I like that so here we go, it made everything look
at little punchier. Do I want to add it to this one? I don’t know, let’s take a look. Do I want to go to My
Presets and here’s Tahiti? Brightens it up too much so I’m going to probably not do that for this one but let’s go to the other footage where we’re overhead. Beautiful footage but very muted. If I do Tahiti on that you can see it brighten it up a little bit. And makes it look gorgeous and exotic. Then here’s everybody here. We might want to do it here too. Look at how much richer it is there. So let me just show you that’s, this is with no color correcting, this is with color correcting. And then we’ll go a little further, we’ll add that there too. It’s punching up the colors. Here’s another one. Look at how the blues really came out. Let’s come out of that for a second. And how the blues really punched, yeah, it looks gorgeous now. We’ll go here, let’s punch that one up. And one more, boom. And then we fade it out. And over here I might want to add another title here. Let’s go back into our Titles and do, shoot let’s see. Let’s go back. I’m just going to do a bold message here. And it’s loading it. And we’re going to do something like enjoy life.
(laughing) Enjoy. Enjoy your oops, your life. And because I think you should. Life’s too short, and we’re going to change the color. Maybe I’m going to do something, I made it too bold. Maybe it’s white and we’re going to bring it down just a little bit, maybe I want it that big. And then I’m going to move my baseline a little bit. Can I space this out a little bit? There we go. Let’s see what that looks like now. Enjoy your life. So you can do some fun stuff like that. So lots of cool stuff happening here. Let’s also take a look, we kind of avoided it but let’s click on this footage right here. This last part right here is where you can do Transform stuff, some basic things like moving the positions around and I’ll hit this to Reset. Vertical and Rotation, you can do Rotations, you can Maintain your Scales or I can make things weird and wide. So things like that you can do. Here’s where you can Crop stuff if you’re trying to do Crops. Top, bottom, left and right. Maybe you have a different piece of footage that you want to stack on top of this footage. Which incidentally you can. Let’s bring in a piece of
footage really quickly. And I’ll actually move my time indicator to the end right here. I’m just going to bring
this in for a second. And we’ll import that and then I’m going to drag this piece of footage on top of this footage and so now, let me close this, so now I can go in here and Crop this. So maybe I’m going to go, I’m going to Crop left to right and now I’ve got these two pieces of footage going. So I mean you can do stuff like that. You could also, we’ll Reset this, you can do, like go back into, where is it, right here, Opacity. So now I can lower the Opacity. And maybe feather the edge a little bit. So now I’ve got this super
imposed kind of look. You know? So you can do lots of stuff with this, it’s fantastic, I’m going to delete that. And so let’s just say
we’re done with this, I love this. Now maybe at the end I’ll put another card that says, follow me at whatever iOgrapher on
Instagram, et cetera. So now I’m going to go into Share and here are my options to Share. What is my Sequence Name? This is called Tahiti, I’m just going to call it that for now. I’m going to save it to
my Desktop Documents. I can change that by clicking on it here. It’ll pick you wherever you want to go. 138 megabits is what it’s going to be. Here’s Advanced Settings, do I want to do 4K Ultra? So on the Desktop version
you can export in 4K. On the Mobile version you cannot do that. So do I want it You Tube ready, Facebook ready, et cetera, you have options for all of that. We’re going to go out to say, we’re going to go out to You Tube in 4K because You Tube has great 4K, Stereo or Mono, Custom Quality, do we want it High, Medium, or Low? I leave it on Custom and they come out beautiful every time. Down here it tells you the Destinations, the Render Videos and
Publish, blah blah blah. Now underneath this I can
also get things set up. So I can go, I want I’m just going to go to Local. I want You Tube so I can click in here and Sign Up directly
to my You Tube account and then export it, as I’m exporting it’s going to upload to You Tube. Same thing with Facebook,
it’ll publish directly. Instagram, you have to save to your phone or your tablet. Because you cannot
publish Instagram directly but that’s easy to do. So that is all super cool. So let’s go back into Edit. So once you do that you
just press the button, it starts to render and you’re good to go. So down here on the right you’ll see, let me just select this first one, you’ll see the blue
Export button right here, highlighted, just click on that, it starts to export and you’re good to go. Let’s go back into Edit for a second and then, where it is now? Let’s see here. Oh, another thing to look at, on the far left here if you’ve got multiple layers, so we’ve got our video and audio. Let’s say we edited the
video really nicely. I clicked on this Control Track because I don’t want to go in and oh my God, I accidentally went the wrong way on the video and I moved it out of place and now everything’s messed up. You can go in here and
click on the Lock button and now all of this is locked. I’m clicking on it, I can’t do anything. It’s all locked. You can go in here, same
thing with the audio. I can Mute this right here, I can Target Track for Recording so I can do some fun stuff like that. Now, one other thing to think about is if I want like a voiceover. So I click the Plus button here, I can select Voiceover and let’s see if it’s going to work right here, yep. So here’s my little red Voiceover icon. So I’m going to bring
it in a couple of frames and let’s see if this works. Ahh, the island paradise of Tahiti. Enjoy a beach trip with us, Tahiti 2018. And I stopped it, let’s see what that sounds like. And it also Auto Ducked
there if you can see that. Ahh, the island paradise of Tahiti. Enjoy a beach trip with us, Tahiti 2018. So, super fast, on the
fly add your Voiceovers. I think this is amazing. Okay, so now one other
thing to think about is if I’m going out to Instagram on this I might want to have it as a square video. So over here under the viewer I can see these three little dots. If I click on them they’re going to give me an option for Orientation. So now, I if I click on Square it automatically makes it square for me. It trims stuff down, I’m going to Unlock this for a second. And we’ll just play through this video and it does the best that it can with what you have here. Now I can also go in here, select that clip, I can go into my Crop stuff and I can move the positioning around so if I want to see more of him or more of her or more of them together. I can go in there and
tweak stuff like that. But now I’ve got this great, and then we’ll see the end title here. It changed it so that it made it fit into this area to make square. I’m going to go back in here and do Portrait mode so now it’s doing things like this. And I can go in here
and expand this as well if I want to make if full frame. So we’ll scale that up like this if you want to do things like that. And then I can change
the positioning around. You can do fun stuff like that. So lots of options here. You could also add titles on top of here and the bottom which lots of people use for Facebook stories and Instagram and things like that. And then we’ll go back to Landscape. And let’s see if this is back, yep, everything is back
where it should be. I love this, it’s a great editing tool. I love the fact that we can now go into, I’m just going to briefly show you if you’re a CC user how it goes into Premiere Pro. So we’re done here,
everything’s just saved because it’s saved to the Cloud. While we’re waiting I’m going to open up Premiere Pro 2019. I believe we’re syncing up to the Cloud as we speak. So let’s open up Adobe Premiere Pro when I come back and we’ll see how it looks in that. Okay, so now we’ve got Premiere Pro open. And one of the things
you’ll see that’s new here, of course the new screen it’s beautiful. But down here it says Open
Premiere Rush Project. So I’m going to click on that and it’s going to look around for Premiere Rush project
and what do you know, here’s Beach Time, going
to click on Beach Time. And it’s going to look around for all the Beach Time assets and now here’s my Premiere Pro timeline. Here’s all my stuff here. There’s all my audio. Here’s the color correcting I did. And I can now do everything I want to and I can click on things. For example, maybe I want to do some kind of audio mix. So you have to kind of scroll all the way down but for some reason it brings in the song that you bring in and it brings in Voiceovers and puts them all on the bottom of the thing. At first I was like, where is everything? And you know you certainly can just click on them and drag
them up about 20 times. And here it is, we’ll go one more. And we’ll go one more. And there it is underneath it so now you know where that is. I can select this one and we’re going to go back up to this one and put it underneath this. Oops, oops, let’s get
rid of that for a second. I just messed up. We’re going to drag it again. There it is, there’s our Voiceover there. I’m just going to leave
it where it is right now. Now we can see all of it. We can see the Ducking right here. Everything transferred over beautifully. I can now go in here and go up to Premiere Pro for example and do, where is it, let’s see. I’m going to select Adobe Dynamic Link, I can bring in an After
Effects Composition. I can go in here, right
click on my Voiceover, edit it in Adobe Premiere Audition. Maybe I don’t like the way I sounded, I want to tweak it a little bit. I can bring in the
music in Adobe Audition. So I’ve got lots of options here. I can take stuff into After Effects, I could bring a Photoshop file in here and animate it. So being able to go into Premiere Pro, if you really want to take you’re videos to the next level is amazing. That being said, you don’t remotely have to do this. You can be completely fine in Adobe Rush. I think it’s a powerful tool. Adobe Rush is $9.95 a month, $9.99, $9.95 something like that a month for mobile and desktop. So you’ve got both versions. I love that you can be out somewhere filming on your phone or iPad and then, and soon Android I guess, and then you can come back and edit on the road and then if you want to tweak it when you get home on your big computer or your laptop you open it up and you
start doing the tweaks. So I think it’s a really
really powerful tool. Some people have said some of the other editing tools like Luma Touch and what not, which are
great tools as well, have Chroma Key ability and what not. If you need that I get it, use it. You can certainly shoot
the Chroma Key stuff and then bring it into Rush and have it all edited and then open it up in Premiere if you’re a user like that. But if you really need your Chroma Key and what not on your mobile device then yeah, Luma Touch and KineMaster are great tools to use for that. I wouldn’t be surprised if Adobe didn’t add a Chroma Key feature in the future to this as well. Check it out, it’s at Adobe Rush, if you go to or Adobe Creative Cloud you’ll find it and I put a link below in the comments. But I think it’s a cool editor. I like it a lot, it’s very simple. If you’re just getting into doing this it’s a really powerful tool to use. So please leave a comment below, let me know if you like this video, what do you think about Rush? Also, this is a longer video. Would you rather see it broken up into little five minute videos or are you fine with one immersive kind of class like this? Thanks so much for watching. I’m Dave Basulto. Keep creating better content.


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    What do you think of Rush?

  • Reply Ninjacrayon November 10, 2018 at 11:03 pm

    Thanks for sharing Dave! Love Rush. I suppose it's possible to create something quickly, but I'm so picky about my edits, I'm always changing my shots. COLOR. TYPE. MULTIPLE TRACKS OF VIDEO/AUDIO! plus – render straight to YouTube. This is a game changer!

  • Reply JKPinPDX November 11, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Keep the LONG FORMAT… when I "dig in" a video, Im committed to the end if its a subject I am interested in.
    Too many short clips on YouTube. Not in a hurry. Good job, well done explanation of RUSH.

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    Fabulous Tutorial! I like the lengthy video… I can always pause and come back to it… but nice to have it all in one video… Many Thanks

  • Reply Leilasworld September 14, 2019 at 2:09 pm

    This was FANTASTIC! Thank you so much! I just subscribed! I am completely new and a COMPLETE BEGINNER when it comes to editing and I have been looking into something very user friendly to be used primarily on my desktop. It has now been a year since this review video, do you still use Rush or the latest version of it? Are there any differances in the latest version? Also do you feel it is worth the subscription for Adobe Stock? I wonder with the animated titles if some of them look a little amateurish or outdated. Its hard to tell what stock is included with it so I was wondering your thoughts on this if it is vital to be used with Rush…THANK YOU I appreciate how thorough your review was! Have a blessed day

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