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How to USE Adobe After Effects CC 2019 – 2020 – Full Tutorial for Beginners

November 1, 2019

how to use Adobe After Effects CC 2019.
Adobe After Effects CC is a motion graphics, visual effects and compositing
software developed by Adobe Systems and use in post-production process of
filmmaking and television production we can create cinematic movie titles,
intros ,motion graphics for film TV and the web Adobe After Effects CC a
received Science and Tech Award in 2019 the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts
and Science recognized Adobe After Effects CC is the most efficient motion
graphics tool and control options so let’s get started to learn this software CC 2019 tutorial in this tutorial I’m
going to teach you the basic tools and techniques of After Effects CC 2019 and
how to use After Effects CC 2019 for beginners so let’s get started and let’s
launch the application and After Effects CC 2019 this is the welcome screen or
Start screen of After Effects CC 2019 you see here and here
a lots of buttons you see and options available and plus I’m going to click
here the home screen and in the welcome screen shows the previously open After
Effects projects and here you see the right side you can filter the project by
name so look at here I write Arabic you can find out your previous I like right
logo and you will find and sort out your previously open project and here options
available the last open project size and the kind this is the AEP project like a
piece extension of our prophet’s file extension of our project CC and now
another option is learned you will learn the after effects tutorial directly from
browser you can click here this direct
learn after effects tutorial another option is sync setting here you
go you think your project right through the Adobe Creative Cloud and there
another option let’s create a new project if you want to create a new
project you click here and if you want to open a previously created project so
you open here so you can click here so let’s create a new project I’m going to
click here for our project at CC 2019 guys you see in adobe after effects this is this
user interface is organized into different areas which is called panels
there are different types of panels the left side you see this is the project
panel this is the composition panel and at the bottom is this is the timeline
panel it is just like a Premiere Pro if you are familiar with premiere software
so this is just like a premiere workspace and here in the project panel we can
access our media assets and import media files to create a project so import media
files it can be images video files for your files and PSD files illustrator
files targa sequence which is created animation in Autodesk Maya and blender
and different 3d software’s so you can import that sequence animation
sequence in project panel and the composition panel is used to preview our
project we created downside there is a timeline panel in the timeline panel we
can we can arrange and edit our media files media assets here a downside
that’s import media Adobe After Effects CC 2019. how
to import media for use in a project so we just go to file and here is the
option import and we go to file and the short key is control “I” we can import
multiple files we can import from libraries the assets will be saving
libraries and we can import our Adobe Premiere Pro project and upload the
after-effects as well so here I’m just going to import some video files so I’m
just going to click here and in this folder I have lots of files like
illustrator files PNG files video files and Photoshop file so one by one I’m just
going to create import for these files these assets in my project pannell so
first I can click these footages and I’m just going to import as a
footage and import this file another way to import our media assets
to click double-click here the project panel double click an empty area of the
project panel just above click here and this import dialog box will open – so
there are two ways we can import from file and double click the project panel see my assets let’s import jpg file so I
have two JPEG files here so to show you this if you want to import multiple
files just click press ctrl in the keyboard now as you see two JPEG files
and here if I click the files and upside you see in the project panel
it shows the full resolution the framerate and the codec used here this
is a video file and that your back file size here ok now there is another way
these just simply I import some photoshop file so you just go to next
row and select this file and guys you see in this dialog box of import file we
have an option here footage composition within layer or composition so if you
want to I just select this option composition retain layers because if
your PSD files your Photoshop files have different layers or or you want to use
these layers in in After Effects so you create and you want this file as a
separate composition so you select this option so I just click here composition
written layer size and hit import now guys you see this dialog box is open you
can select here you can select the file footage so only one
nature will open and if you select composition this is the composition make
a composition and if you select the composition retain layers so you have
options your options so you wanted a edit layer styles if you select this so
you can edit separate layers in your timeline and if you want to merge layers
so you you didn’t work any layer this is only one . i
select this and it layer styles so hit OK and guys you see here downside the
separate composition is created which is which have separate layers so I just
double click here and here you see in this composition a double click here all
layers of Photoshop is imported in my timeline so you see these layers I
created in Photoshop so I just about quick you see here you can change this file separately same
way we can import our illustrator file so we have lots of layers in Illustrator
at now guys then then organize our composition so I’m just going to add
some files so I import this file and here just drag and drop this file from
my project panel in the timeline and I’m going to create a composition
from this file so just drag and drop down side in the project panel to create
a composition this icon conversation icon and guys you see here in the timeline
I’m going to change the composition name so I just go and right click here and
rename this composition com1 and I’m going to change the file name as well
learning this is the video file and here you see downside this is then we add
different files and a timeline panel this is call layer in in our composition
so this only one layer in is available here we can change the layer color from
here there’s like this electric orange different just right click here this
side just box and we can change the color of the layer and we can I’m just
going to import another there and I just drag and drop just above this
another layer so guys we can change the position of the layers just like this we vertically so Leone’s our stack one on
the top of the other so we can change the position of the layer so we can
change another layer I just right click here and I just add a
new layer of tags just right here tax you didn’t see because the video file is
above so I just drag and drop over the text file and this is the file we can
move this files here guys you see this one this is called layer handles we can
reduce the size of the layer scaling and scale out by using this layer handles
these dots will follow all their handles so guys you see there are three layers
three layers available here in art online and we can switch it off by here
the option is we can hide the layer we can lock the layers and guys you see
these color bars on the right hand side of the timeline panel indicates how long
the layer is displayed in the composition so so we can change how long
a layer is played by changing the length of the color bar so here we just click
and drag move the cursor from the right hand
right inside and there and click and drag back towards the left server
use the duration and size of them there so let’s play and hear this local file
is available just want to delete this okay just double click here to edit the
text again I’m going to reduce the size of
the this layer so I’m going to select this file this layer just press shift
and just accurately select this move left to like drag the bar towards left
so here you see there are two layers number one and a bucket and this is the
time indicator now guys could start our perfects project so for this we will
need to build our graphic in composition so there are two ways to create a
composition first you will just go to menu bar and here the option available
new composition and here you create a new composition the short key is control
and and you can also create here and the composition panel you can create
composition from here and directly as well
I just under going to click here so now guys you see in composition this dialog
box will open first of all what is composition composition is just a
container that stores or video files audio files tax it may be shapes
whatever your work it depends on your task so we can create more than one
compositions in one project so let’s create a composition here first you are
just going to select the composition name so I’m just going to write here after effects cc 2019 if this is the basic settings for
composition so here I’m just click here on the drop down menu and here are lots
of building compositions and increased sets available depend on your task the
different resolution and frame rates so you can select a different depend on
your work there are and es each standard video standard and H.264 and
different standard and you can customize your composition width and height by is
Directly right here in the number like 720 by 576 and let’s say 1920 by 1080 height
and I’m just going to lock this aspect ratio pixel aspect ratio and here the
framerate you can change the frame rate from here so frame rate by default is 30
frame rate per second and you can change the resolution of the file the playback
resolution so depend on your computer if your computer is fast and it’s highly
configured so you select full playback resolution or you can i select mostly
third resolution because my system is not too fast so and here the start time
code and the duration of the composition duration means well how long your
project is ten-second the animation or ten-second your whole compositions
depend on your work this 10 second or let’s say I change it to 30 seconds 45
seconds or 1 minute on depends you know your your tasks so I just select the 30
seconds and here just like by default the compositions are
black so you can change the competition color from here as well and hit okay
this is the basic user interface and if you are a beginners so these settings
are okay for you and I hate okay to create a composition is so let’s create
a composition now guys you see this new composition is created and in the
project panel you will see this icon which is created here you can see easily
here and you can change the composition name from here as well in the project
panel this right click here and here you see I just double click here in the
project panel to maximize to show you this is the composition settings of show the composition then video information here and now guys you can another method is
you can create a composition from your video files from your footage as well so
I’m just going to delete this composition and here
new composition I just click here new composition from footage so I’m going to
select one of your footage from my raw video files I just download it from some
websites so I just click here and import this footage and now guys you see this new
composition is created from my footage and it is automatically matching match
the footage settings exactly so here another I just I’m just going to import
another video file to show you I’m just going to import this going to create a
new composition and now guys in this video file here I’m just going to drag
this footage onto the new composition icon here down side you see in the
bottom of the project panel to automatically place it in a new
composition and I’m just drag and drop here and it’s match the footage starting
automatically so this this is another composition is created here and you see
in the timeline panel the second composition and it is the
first composition I’m just going to change right the name here this is the
calm composition one and this is the Rename this composition is composition – so now guys this is all about you can
create multiple compositions in a one project we want to go you go their
composition and your composition write the name composition 3 and here it is
the third competition you get you see here and the third composition but there
is no video files at the composition so as it’s as you say that composition
consists of different video files audio files and text files I’m going to add
some text to show you the basic animation basic text animation in After
Effects CC 2019 for begnners is very according to create simple text animation
and intros in After Effects so after importing media files and we can add
some text and shapes layers within the after effects cc 2019 software so at the top of
at the top very top of the software you see here the toolbar panel and under the
tool bar to bar panel there is a text tool so you can select a text tool from here
and start typing directly on the composition here’s the selection tool
Shorty’s we I’m going to align this text and we can create text from the timeline here
just right click here and go to new and add text from here and we can add other
layers like solid layer,light,camera, null object, shape layer just to know there
are lots of options cinema4d layers and here now guys very important downside in
the layer panel you see this triangle i’m just going to click here to show you
the further properties here by default there are properties we have we have
different parameters to change their numbers or to set their position or
scale for animation so for this we need your key frames so keyframe is just a
location on a timeline in the insert some dots you can say this is the
location in a timeline which marks the beginning and ending of transition. I’m just going
to show you for example this is the scale one keyframe this is a keyframe in the
beginning and end up the transition this 10 second after six second okay I’m just
going to increase the value so this is called the keyframes simply it is the
beginning or end of the transition so here you can select this stopwatch
toggle there’s a stopwatch and if we click here that keyframe is disappear so
I’m going to show you the very basic animation so click here to add a
keyframes and animate the scale and property – I’m going to select the value
right 0 here and after 4 second I just move the my marker time ruler and here I
just increase sorry mark rotation increase the values scale a little bit
scale out this so and press spacebar or short key to preview this animation so
guys you see this is very basic animation and text and we can for
smoother animation we just select this keyframe and right click here go to
keyframe assistant and hit easy and easy “F9” Short Key. here we go very smooth animation here
this is very basic animation to play with this position rotation so here
we’re just going to check another property so I’m going to delete this
sorry scale property so here is another position so we can change the position position of the text so first I’ll just
move this here okay now insert a keyframe here and
after two second vote is another is going to select keyframe assistant is an
easy hit f9 shorty play this animation so you can use this animation the
position and another the rotation we can rotate this text layer come on guys this is very simple just to
show you how to add keyframes how to use these keyframes how to attach what is
layers in the timeline and they’re here I’m just going to delete this so hit
this set this value another zero okay now guys here in the effects panel effects and presets I’m going to
animation and presets and here animation and preset you go to checks so we have
some buildin presets very good but then presets available here so we can use in
our animation so I’m just going to select product lines and just drag and
drop here and this is the buildin preset it’s automatically add the keyframes so
hateful a and you see this is a very simple for fade in and add another grade
of words very basic animation you see there are a
lot of buildin presets a bit about here check another I’m just going to turn around shortly often on that swing okay guys you can animate this tax layer
from here the animate option just click here and go to the city and here the
ring selector option I’m going to decrease the opacity and select the select the end selector from here and
the decreases capacity and get the keyframe that’s created some Anisha so guys you can add some solid
background so two selected drag and drop behind this layer and we’ll do the facts
and generate and here the gradient jump in fact I applied and we can animate this round for here
as well so we just hit the keyframe and here after 2 seconds this will reach
here let’s play you see guys this ramp is moving so it’s
all about the keyframe you insert a keyframe and the animate our layers by
using keyframes double click here in the composition panel and just create this
animation this is very basic animation I’m going to select some new layer of
solid new shape layer and I’m going to off this film and only use stroke so I
will draw this shape layer degrees this stroke six here you Center all this layer little bit okay now I’m going to select this layer
this shape layer and here add the trim pad option and here you see I’m just
going to hide this and and set a keyframe and they roll the doctor and
select to frame a system is never easy this is very super easy animation basic
animation you create in our profits now I’m going to drag and drop this video
file just down side below this solid layer and here I’m going to change the
blending mode to soft only this solid layer and we can toggle two switches and
modes from here you just click here so different us which was available here
and in future if you work here so you can convert these tax level and 3d and
all so I’m just going to switch to blending mode and I’m going to change
this blending mode to soft light and further I need this animation this ten seconds so here I’m just going to
right-click here here so I’m just going to produce this and right click here and
trim composition work area so it is deleted the far under only my
composition is ten second so we can render this file so far and drink I’m
just going to select this I’m going to select the timeline panel and go to composition and here at two hundred you
and the short key is control and so I’m going to render or exporte this
animation takes animation with this video file so here the best settings
select so full resolution in part I’ll just hit OK and the lossless select
which format of you want to export or under you also avi or QuickTime I select
QuickTime there are lots of options you can get a drip sequence Targa sequins
and Photoshop Indy sequence but this is not I just select the video formats with
time and rest options is ok and hit OK here and here the output file location
so I save this on my desktop assets comp 1 and hit render now this tutorial is
for beginners who want to know the basic interface of After Effects CC 2019 so
why is if you like my video hit the like button and don’t forget to subscribe my
youtube channel the calculations this is completed here you see in that
timeline this the time shoes this is 10 seconds animation and here the
stimulated time is 2 minutes after 2 minutes it the order is complete now
guys my file is exported this file render completely


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