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How to use a Photoshop Ray of Light Brush

September 8, 2019

ray of light brushes in photoshop hey there I was working on this composite and I
decided I wanted to add a little bit of light coming from here and rather than make it from scratch I
thought I would try to find a brush and I’ve used brushes in the
past that have lights and I just thought that I find
a new one and try it so let’s see how this goes I haven’t done
it yet I downloaded a brush that I found an open a link and
underneath to the brush that I found so I’m gonna load the brush so I’m gonna come up here
and click load brushes and brush that I
found is called rays of light I’m loading it okay that took a little bit of time I paused
the video so it could load now let’s see if it’s here in my brushes. no it doesn’t oh here they are okay so this is what we have and I think we can look at these large thumbnails and see them even better so this looks like will try one of these on maybe this one so I’m going to come over to my layers to the top and add a
new layer and here it is so you can make it bigger
and smaller by pressing right bracket keys I’m going to put it right here and see what happens okay so I had black on top on the switch that
and lets try it again there we go that’s pretty cool I like it but it’s a little that much some
so i’m gonna turn it down move it turn it if you use a brush a new are even like slightly off screen than it’s been a cut of your brush a
so you’re gonna do it and move it so lets just try let me see what another one looks like i’m going to add a new layer come over to my brushes and lets play with a couple of them just for fun it’s kind of fun to play with brushes so I can turn it or i can just flip it when i’m done I think I’ll just do that I’m going to do it further down so that ones a little more intense you can lower the opacity so I could use them both but i just have to make sure the angles are right but it’s pretty fun and I just wanted to show you some quickie fun things you can do with
brushes and have a great day

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