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How To Use a Green Screen | Filmora Tutorial

August 5, 2019

what’s up guys matt from filmora here
have you ever wondered how big hollywood movies film in surreal environments or
how the weatherman does a weather report well that’s a green screen in this
tutorial I’m going to show you a few different ways to do green screen from
the cheapest to the most expensive option we will also cover how to film
green screen backgrounds using green screen to replace computer screens and
how to edit your green screen footage inflam aura when all is said and done
you will learn the basics of setting up shooting and editing your green screen
but before we get started let me share with you three fundamental concepts that
I always like to keep in mind before shooting green street but filming green screen lighting is the
most important aspect so you get the clearest result you have to light the
green screen nice and evenly if you don’t light it evenly that’ll create
different shades of green if you have different shades of green then you won’t
be able to fully key it out meaning you won’t fully remove the green screen if
the light on the green screen isn’t even then it’s going to result in different
shades of green and those shades won’t be removed because you can only remove
one shade of green make sure there’s some sort of separation between your
subject and your green screen when it comes to placing the subject in front of
the green screen they shouldn’t be too close to it you don’t want them to be
casting a shadow on the green screen or that they’re so close that the
reflection of the green screen spills onto the subject spill is caused when
the light from the green screen is bounced on to the subject this is
something you want to be cautious of because if there’s spill on your subject
then you’re gonna end up being out the spill on your subject this concept even
though it sounds obvious is often forgotten but when filming green screen
your subject shouldn’t be green or they shouldn’t be wearing anything green if
your subject just wearing green or if there’s any props or foreground or
background elements that are green then they will get keyed out when you key out
the green screen no matter what method software or camera
when doing green screen I always go over these three methods before hitting
record there have been times where I didn’t do one or two of these methods
and it didn’t go very well and if it’s not shot properly it ain’t
gonna key well if you’ve never done green screen before then I suggest that
you get the cheapest option out there which is poster board I got this from
the dollar store for less than a dollar the only downside to poster board is you
can get messed up pretty easily you want to keep it in pristine condition because
if you get any folds or tears or if any of the color comes off then it’ll make
the surface all uneven and you don’t want that if the surface is uneven then
it’s going to create different shades on your poster when it comes to lighting
poster board or just green screen in general the easiest thing you can do is
head outside I love being outside so the best type of day to film a green
screen is on an overcast day now on a day like this we have some breaks of
sunshine so it might not quite work so your second best option is to find an
area of shade to film your green screen so the reason you want an overcast day
or to be in the shade is to have a nice even light on your green screen so you
can see right now we’re in the shade we got this nice even green there’s no
harsh shadows or anything like that the light doesn’t change it’s just this even
green color look to it and that’s what we want alright so now that we’ve got
this taped up let’s go over our three rules that we covered earlier on green
screens so how is our lighting by the look of it it’s pretty even I don’t see
any harsh shadows or anything on the green screen so this should be good so
our second concept separation and avoiding spill let’s talk about that a
little bit now separation and avoiding spill based on where we have our subject
it looks like there’s no spill so this light here is nice and soft and even
that’s what we want we’re not getting a whole lot of spill coming back so our
final concept is avoiding green and as you can tell right now I am not wearing
green so we are good shoot so it’s a okay to shoot but this is the tricky
part of being outside is that there is likely to be green somewhere like in the
grass trees or somewhere in nature so make sure to find a good spot all right
so everything checks off so let’s shoot our green screen and today we’re doing
our green screen wasn’t me all right that one well now
with poster board it can be kind of small and annoying to work with when you
got to transport it so if you want a larger green screen and more portability
that I suggest you get a green piece of fabric so you can buy this from a film
equipment store but you can also get it from a fabric store and it could be a
tablecloth or even a blanket but enough of this let me show you what we use here
at film or here at filmora we use this doohickey but it’s pretty big and the
most expensive option now for lighting we don’t always have the luxury of going
outside because it could be raining it could be the evening or if you just be
cold but mainly because we want more control of the light so we choose to
shoot green-screen in our studio so what type of lights do we use when shooting
in green-screen we use LEDs so we’ve got two LEDs set up
here and the reason for that is if we only had one we’d end up with a gradient
where one side would be bright and one side would be dark so it would be really
difficult to pull your green screen and remove it you’d only be able to remove
part of it and the other half would still be green so you need to that way
you can get a nice balance across your green screen we also like to use this
diffusion here now if you don’t know where this comes from generally you can
find these in the reflectors so if you actually unzip your reflector you can
pull this out so a nice thing a reason why we use this is to make the light
nice and soft and even as well if we were to remove this as you can see here
you can see shadows but if I put the diffusion in front
shadows are gone right so we want that nice even light on a green screen and
it’ll make it easier for us to pull the green screen to remove it so we can see
the background so now that we’ve lit our green screen
and it’s nice and even we can focus on the subject so it’s very common to light
the green screen separately from the subject so before we light our subject
let’s find a place to put them so that there’s no spill coming from the green
screen so this greenish light bouncing on down my face does spill as you can
tell when I get further away from it it disappears and if I get closer it comes
back so let’s find a place for George further away from the green screen so
when it comes to filming George we’re gonna use two lights a key light and a
hair light so now that our lighting setup is all
ready to go we’re gonna bring Jorge in let’s see if
he’s ready to go hey Matt what is that it’s my favorite green
scarf doesn’t it look great yeah you’re gonna have to lose it all
right now we’re good okay now since we’ve got our footage let
me show you how to edit it in filmora make sure you have some footage to key
into the green screen anything will really do but we’re just gonna pick some
landscape footage if you don’t have film or @ then you can try yours free by
clicking on the link here or the description box below I’m gonna give you
five seconds to do that well let’s get started
after you have started up filmora select full feature mode and then proceed to
import the background videos and green screen footage to the media library drag
and drop the green screen video clip to the editors picture and picture track
and put the image you want behind the green screen clip in the track below it
right-click the clip in the timeline and select the green screen option the
picture and picture window will pop up and this is where you can preview your
clip and key out certain colors before picking what color to key out find a
good frame to work from on the right of this picture in picture window is a
preview window this is where we can see the edits were making let’s use the
scrubber at the bottom to find a frame all right I like this brand now check
the make parts of the clip transparent box with the mouse let’s use the picker
tool and select the color I want to Kio so in our case green now drag the slider
to adjust the intensity level as you can tell this slider will affect the
transparency of your clip let’s play back our changes to see how it looks
make sure you keep an eye on your subject in front of your green screen
you may notice that some of your subject is cheedo
if they are you will have to lower the intensity once you like how it looks
click OK export it and your green screening is done all right that’s my tutorial on how to
film and edit green-screen backgrounds but we’re not done yet
have you ever wanted to put a video on a desktop computer screen or a TV but the
video wasn’t ready while a clever way of doing that is using one of them as a
green-screen and then replacing the green-screen with
the video later now this procedure is a little different from the three concepts
that we’ve been talking about in this video they’re still relevant but the
subject of the shot is the green-screen itself so the first thing you want to do
is go on to the computer screen that you’re going to use and replace the
wallpaper to a solid green image you can find this green image through Google
Images or you can just make one yourself once your wallpaper is set it’s time to
shoot the screen if you want a person to sit in in front of the monitor then it
should be fine just keep in mind or concept of separation and spill lastly
let’s make sure that the only green is on the screen and then you should be
good to go now let me show you how to edit this in filmora for this
green-screen part we’ll be doing the same procedure as we did earlier in this
video but what’s different is how we put videos in the picture and picture tracks
that’s right tracks will need to
after your footage is imported first thing you will do is place any video or
just a video on the main track I suggest using a sample color because you can
change the length of it to any size now let’s take the video you want to put on
the desktop screen on the first picture and picture track for now just leave it
here we’ll get back to this soon I will now
take the video of my screen with the green screen wallpaper and put it on the
second picture in picture track and use the green screen tool to key out the
green once the green screen is gone go back to the video clip in the first
picture and picture track and select it in the preview window you can see that
it’s highlighted you can now resize it to the size you want
so I’ll resize it to the size of the monitor well that’s all you have to do
in order to replace the screen of a computer once you’re done with it and it
all looks good export it well that’s how to shoot and edit a green screen in
filmora I just want you to know that green screens aren’t limited to
backgrounds or the color green green is the standard color because it doesn’t
match any natural skin tone or hair color you can technically use any color
but make sure your subject isn’t wearing it or the that color that you’re keying
out isn’t in the foreground the background or any ground in the image
hope this video helps you out and keep making videos don’t forget to
comment like and subscribe and tell us what you want to green screen we’ll see
you next time


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    br:1. Iluminação

    Ao filmar a tela verde, a iluminação é o aspecto mais importante. Para obter o resultado mais limpo, você precisa acender a tela verde de maneira agradável e uniforme. Se você não iluminar de maneira uniforme, ele criará diferentes tons de verde. Se você tiver diferentes tons de verde, não será possível digitá-lo totalmente, o que significa que você não removerá totalmente a tela verde. Se a luz na tela verde não for, isso resultará em diferentes tons de verde, e esses tons não serão removidos, pois você pode remover apenas um tom de verde.

    2. Criando Separação / Evitando Derramamento

    Certifique-se de que haja algum tipo de separação entre o assunto e a tela verde. Quando se trata de colocar o assunto na frente da tela verde, eles não devem estar muito próximos. Você não quer que eles estejam lançando uma sombra na tela verde, ou sejam tão próximos que o reflexo do verde se espalhe sobre o assunto. O derramamento é causado pela luz refletindo a luz verde sobre o assunto.

    3. Evite a cor verde

    Este conceito, embora pareça óbvio, é muitas vezes esquecido. Mas ao filmar a tela verde, seu assunto não deve ser verde ou usar a cor verde !! Se o objeto estiver usando verde ou se houver algum suporte, elementos de primeiro plano / plano de fundo que sejam verdes, eles serão digitalizados quando você digitar o plano de fundo.

    Não importa o método, software ou câmera que você usa para a tela verde, eu sempre passo por cima desses 3 conceitos antes de pressionar o registro. Houve ocasiões em que esqueci um ou dois desses conceitos, e não gravei corretamente, e se não for filmado adequadamente, ele não vai funcionar bem. Tudo bem, agora vamos começar.

    Opções mais baratas: Poster Board & Shooting Outside

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    Assim que tivermos nossas filmagens, mostrarei como editar isso no Filmora. Certifique-se de ter algumas imagens para inserir na tela verde – qualquer coisa realmente funciona – mas vamos escolher algumas imagens da paisagem. Depois de iniciar o filmora, selecione Modo de recurso completo e, em seguida, continue a importar os vídeos de fundo e as imagens de tela verde para a biblioteca de mídia. Arraste e solte o clipe de vídeo da Tela Verde na trilha Picture in Picture do editor e coloque a imagem desejada atrás do clipe de tela verde na faixa abaixo dela. Clique com o botão direito no clipe na linha do tempo e selecione a opção Tela Verde. A janela Picture in Picture irá aparecer, e é aqui que você pode visualizar seu clipe e excluir certas cores. Antes de escolher qual cor digitar, encontre um bom quadro para trabalhar. À direita dessa janela PIP há uma janela de visualização. Aqui é onde podemos ver as edições que estamos fazendo. Então, para encontrar um fram, vamos usar o depurador na parte inferior para encontrar um quadro.

    Agora, marque a caixa "Tornar partes do clipe transparente". Com o mouse, vamos usar a ferramenta selecionadora e selecionar a cor que eu quero digitar, então no nosso caso: verde. Agora, arraste o controle deslizante para ajustar o nível de intensidade. Como você pode ver, esse controle deslizante afetará a transparência do seu clipe. Vamos reproduzir nossas alterações para ver como fica. Certifique-se de que você está de olho em seu assunto na frente de sua tela verde, você pode notar que alguns de seus assuntos são digitados, se eles são você

    Bem, isso é como gravar e editar o Green Screen no cinema. Só quero que você saiba que a Tela verde não se limita a apenas fundos ou a cor verde. O verde é o padrão porque não corresponde a nenhum tom de pele natural ou cor de cabelo. Você pode usar tecnicamente qualquer cor, mas certifique-se de que o assunto não está sendo usado ou de que a cor que você está digitando não está no plano de fundo / no primeiro plano nem em qualquer outra parte da sua imagem. Espero que isso tenha ajudado vocês e continuem fazendo vídeos! Não se esqueça de se inscrever, curtir e comentar! Diga-nos o que você quer para a tela verde. Até a próxima.English:1. Lighting

    When filming green screen, lighting is the most important aspect. To get the cleanest result you have to light the green screen nice and evenly. If you don’t light it evenly, it will create different shades of green. If you have different shades of green, you will not be able to fully key it out, meaning you won’t fully remove the green screen. If the the light on the green screen isn’t even it will result in different shades of green, and those shades will not be removed because you can only remove one shade of green.

    2. Creating Separation / Avoiding Spill

    Make sure there is some sort of separation between your subject and green screen. When it comes to placing the subject in front of the green screen, they shouldn't be too close. You don’t want them to be casting a shadow on the green screen, or be SO close that the reflection of the green spills onto your subject. Spill is caused by the light bouncing the green light onto your subject.

    3. Avoid the color Green

    This concept, even though it sounds obvious, is often forgotten. But when filming green screen, your subject shouldn’t be green or wear the color green!! If your subject is wearing green or if there are any props, foreground / background elements that are green, They will be keyed out when you key out the background.

    No matter what method, software, or camera you use for green screen, I always go over these 3 concepts before pressing record. There have been times where I forgot one or two of these concepts, and did not shoot it properly, and if it's not shot properly, it's not going to key well. Alright, now let’s get started.

    Cheapest Options: Poster Board & Shooting Outside

    If you have never done green screen before, I suggest you get the cheapest option of green screen: poster board. Why, because it's cheap and easy to get! I got this from the dollar store, for less than a dollar.

    But, the downside to poster board is that its can get messed up easily – you want to keep it in pristine condition because folds, tears, or if any of the color comes off can make the surface uneven. Which will result in the color of the poster board becoming uneven. When it comes to lighting poster board, or green screen in general, the easiest way is to go outside! The best type of day to film outside is during an overcast day. Reason is, there wont be super harsh shadows and the light will be the very even on both your subject and green screen. If it isn’t overcast, filming in a decent area of shade will do as well.


    Once we got our footage let me show you how to edit this in Filmora. Make sure to have some footage to key into the green screen – anything will really do – but we’ll pick some landscape footage. After you have started up filmora, select Full Feature Mode and then proceed to import the background videos and Green Screen footage to the media library. Drag and drop the Green Screen video clip to the editor's Picture in Picture track, and put the image you want behind the green screen clip in the track below it. Right click the clip in the timeline and select the Green Screen option. The Picture in Picture window will pop up, and this is where you can preview your clip and key out certain colors. Before picking what color to key out, find a good frame to work from. On the right of this PIP window is a preview window. This is where we can see the edits we’re making. So to find a fram, lets use the scrubber at the bottom to find a frame.

    Now, Check the "Make parts of the clip transparent" box. With the mouse, let's use the picker tool and select the color I want to key out, so in our case: green. Now, drag the slider to adjust the Intensity Level. As you can tell, this slider will affect the transparency your clip. Lets play back our changes to see how it looks. Make sure you keep an eye on your subject in front of your green screen, you may notice that some of your subject is keyed out them out, if they are you

    Well that's how to shoot and edit Green Screen in filmora. I just want you to know that Green Screen isn’t limited to just backgrounds or the color green. Green is the standard because it doesn’t match any natural skin tone or hair color. You can technically use any color, but make sure your subject isn’t wearing it or that the color you’re keying out isn’t in the background/foreground or any ground of your image either. Hope this helped you guys out and keep making videos! Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and comment! Tell us what you want to green screen. See ya next time.

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    this is a great tutorial. thanks Bro.

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    How do I make the background of my video white?

  • Reply James April 15, 2019 at 6:46 am

    Beg pardon, I just downloaded this a few hours ago, and when I click on it it shows an inbuilt options tab, One that is a lot bigger and has more options on it I have click on green screen but I can't find the way to make my background appear.

  • Reply SlayedByVal April 17, 2019 at 8:05 pm

    Can you use Green screen and go to filmora for pictures instead of videos?

  • Reply DR ABHAY SHAH April 21, 2019 at 3:07 am

    i am not getting green screen option while right click the video in filmora 9

  • Reply Elxco April 21, 2019 at 3:54 am

    im suck this isn't working im right clicking and it just shows copy paste etc.

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  • Reply In The Light May 8, 2019 at 4:47 pm

    I need help. I've purchased the Annual plan. Order Number: B7DE00147WV455342P. I've created a video and now I want to upload it to Youtube and I can't for some reason, it sends me back to purchase another plan when I hit "export". Upon purchase I was given Filmora Video Editor for Mac (CPC) version 9 to download thru the license agreement. Still won't work. I've tried speaking with your chatbot and it wants me to download version 8.6. There is no real customer support other than a robot? Please help me man, I'm getting real frustrated.

  • Reply Robert Hucks May 8, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    Stay away from their products, worst customer service ever you will save money and time with Adobe

  • Reply SX Man Productions May 10, 2019 at 4:16 pm

    im only here because i coudnt change the colour from black to green ;-;

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    I don't know what I am doing wrong but i cannot get the clip that I wan to show up in the window to even change it. I get black and hen I put the background i want in the main frame, thats the color that shows up in the monitor frame

  • Reply Ikram Jumayev June 20, 2019 at 2:40 am

    hi, i have a previous filmora version i cant do green screen, when i click on the video on the timeline with right clock the green scree option is not in the list?? where i can find it, i did everithing that you guys show in this video but the GREEN SCREEN option is not in the list and then i watched other green screen video tutorials and they have it in the list when they click on the video please help

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  • Reply xXBrokenSilence616Xx June 27, 2019 at 10:34 pm

    I know you probably won't ever reply to this, but All I know is that All my youtube videos have been done using FIlmora 9. So if anyone is wondering the price to get the full product is 100% worth it! I haven't had any to little pet peeves. It's really easy to use and learn. Maybe I can do a Tutorial on how I edit my videos.

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    9:19 … I don't have a picture in picture video track… all my tracks are just "video", was this lost in the latest version?

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