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How to Update InDesign CS6 with Adobe Application Manager

October 30, 2019

Adobe’s new Creative Cloud is fantastic and even has a nice bundle, where you can get a monthly subscription. Then, you can try all kinds of new products, like in my case, Adobe After Effects, or Premiere Pro. Really neat! But, like any software, you must make sure you’re always up to date. Our users often, with like PDF2DTP, need to make sure they have the latest version of InDesign. And, in general, these are good tips, because there are often many problems. To make sure you have the latest version of Adobe InDesign, you can check under “About” which version you have, but the easiest way is to run the new Adobe Application Manager in CS6 in the Creative Cloud. That’s an application you run on your desktop on Mac or Windows and, you see, even
that needs to be updated, sometimes, which it does so automatically. Please note that Adobe Applications Manager, or AAM, has been available since CS5, but is more prominent in CS6. Once the Application Manager from Adobe loads up, you’ll get a listing of everything you’ve downloaded from Creative Cloud. You don’t have to download everything, just what you want to use. Very handy and useful. So, a nice little listing, and what you’ll see here is, under Adobe InDesign, it is stated as “Up to date”. Therefore, we won’t need to update that. Alright, so, let’s try to update Illustrator CS6. Click “Update” and it starts to do its job. Wait a minute. It failed. That can happen, sometimes. Just simply try again later, or report to Adobe, if it continues. Alright, so, let’s try Photoshop. Let’s update that in CS6. Very nice, Photoshop CS6. And, now, we see we get a better result. It’s starting to download. Depending on the internet connection, it goes faster or slower, of course. What you’ll also see over here, on the left-hand side, is the number of dates available for all the applications you’ve downloaded. Very handy, all in one central place, all your updates. You’ll see it also warns you whether it’s a “Regular” update or a “New features” update, also, extremely handy to know. I must admit Adobe’s made it easy with Creative Cloud to update all your CS6 applications. We come back and now we see
Photoshop CS6 is updated. It’s that easy!
Only nine updates left to do. We see, now, it’s working. Illustrator 6 is updating the new features. I should also note that, down here, you’ll see applications we have not yet installed on our computer. We can do that, also through the Adobe Applications Manager, with the Creative Cloud subscription. Now, after you’re done
updating any given product, like Adobe InDesign, you can just go and launch InDesign CS6, and your update would automatically take affect. Very cool! You can also update InDesign the old-fashioned, traditional way, under Help>Updates. The Adobe Application Manager, again, with a slightly different
interface this time, but the same basic information. As you can see, InDesign is not listed. As we saw before, it was up to date. So, I prefer to launch the application from my desktop, but there, I get a more complete overview. So, that’s how you update Adobe InDesign. If you need help on the Markzware Products, cruise on over to today. There, you’ll get full information. For instance, under Support, on “Product Troubleshooting” for all of our various products, like FlightCheck, and even our “bad file” recovery service to fix InDesign files, or PDF2DTP, where you can get a whole list of tips and tricks on how to get installed or troubleshoot problems, often that require updating. Also, under Support, there is a link called Get Product Support. If you click on that, you’ll get a form. Fill in that form to report a specific problem, where you might need to upload a test file, and we’ll get right back to you. David Dilling from Markzware,
wishing you a great day!


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    lmao, why put the tag "windows" on a FUCKING MAC. Dumbass, stop fishing for views just because Macs are trash.

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    Тупой буржуй! Первые кадры, когда показывается страница ADOBE, мышь уезжает влево экрана и ВДРУГ откуда ни возьмись появляется следующий экран с УЖЕ имеющимся списком софта. А как ты его получил?
    НЕТ НА САЙТЕ АДОБЫ НИЧЕГО ДЛЯ ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ CS6!!!! Только по отдельности ДЛЯ КАЖДОГО приложения выкачивать В РУЧНОМ РЕЖИМЕ!

  • Reply Beatriz P July 20, 2016 at 7:03 pm

    Maybe a video tutorial about how to avoid updating Adobe (because 99% of people hacked their Adobe programs) would be more useful. MAYBE haha

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