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How to turn yourself into gold in Photoshop

February 29, 2020

You want to learn how to turn yourself into gold in Photoshop Then you came to the right place follow until the end to see all steps Go to image adjustments desaturate Now duplicate the white and black layer make a negative of your photo with ctrl + I Choose difference as blend mode click right and choose merge down Duplicate it ctrl + I again Choose difference click right and choose merge down We simply did a step two times Now go to filter blur surface blur Add a solid color layer This color should be gold. So open a picture with gold and with eyedropper choose the color Now go to blend modes and choose color click right first down Now remove the background I will show you my way I Select parts of the background that I want to remove with polygonal lasso tool and with the erase tool I erased what’s inside I Repeat this step as many times as possible, now It’s time for some details To remove the hairs I go to edit fill content-aware When this technique doesn’t work from the first try I make smaller selections and after that I use merge tool Another useful tool is patch that does similar things Next week, you will learn how to make a mosaic Effect with your own photos. So stay tuned, if you want to support me you can leave a like, subscribe Comment or make a donation for my work. The link is in the description

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