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How to Straighten a Photograph in Lightroom and Photoshop with Howard Brown

October 17, 2019

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number of weeks ago and when we were during one of our Q&A sessions with our
members someone mentioned what’s the best way of actually straightening her
and her horizon in a seascape and landscape image okay so what I’ve done
is I’ve chosen a very minimalistic seascape images one that I took back in
November at Penman and Blackpoint on anglesey
okay and as you can see the images is fairly wonky okay so the year that the
horizons not straight at all I have altered this by the way I don’t usually
have wonky reasons too much these days but for the purposes of demonstration
I’ve actually altered this picture so the horizon is is slightly wonky okay
I’m gonna show you both methods I’m gonna show you Lightroom and I’m also
gonna show you Photoshop as well on how to straighten in both both both of these
tools okay so what we’ll do is we’ll very quickly go up to the crop overlay
tool here in in Lightroom we’ll just click that okay and below it what we’ll
do is we then brings up this tool here which is the straightening tool okay
looks like a ruler and then what we’ll do is we’ll go to the very left of the
image again this is my workflow there’s numerous ways that you can straighten
the horizon but this is my workflow okay so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna send
to my cursor where the sea meets the sky okay the horizon I’m just gonna click
and I’m also going to drag that ruler right the way to the right hand side I’m
gonna basically do the same again and just get the horizon and the sky
in that circle to the right hand side and let go of my cursor let go of my
mouse and there is straightened perfectly straightened horizon in
Lightroom okay let’s just do that one more time okay so there we have it I’m
gonna click the crop overlay tool and I click the horizon I’m gonna go to the
left click once holding down all the way to the left all the way to the right get
it centered and release the mouse and there we have it
press Enter you’ve got a perfectly straight horizon shots or horizon now
okay so if we’re going to Photoshop okay again I’ve slightly exaggerated the
horizon here it’s really really wonky okay and what we’ll do is we’ll go down
to this tool here which is the crop tool okay and again much like photoshop much
like Lightroom should I say it brings up a little straightening panel here a
little straightening tool okay so what we’ll do is we’ll click that okay it’s a
little bit different than than Lightroom and we’re just going to send to that on
the horizon and again he actually tells you the degrees by which you were out
okay and I’m gonna send to that there 1.5 degrees which is the the amount that
it was out by press ENTER and it’s perfectly perfectly straight okay let’s
just do it one more one more time make it really wonky this time it does
actually crop in once once you actually straightened it so you will lose some of
your picture okay but if you’re out by you know half a degree or one degree
it’s not going to be too much okay so we’ll click the crop again click the
straighten tool and we go and I’m gonna Center on the far left hand side of the
screen on the horizon click once holding the tool down on the horizon she’s out by 7 degrees
now and it’s gonna crop in want you there we go perfectly straight shot once
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