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How to start on YouTube (where to get first views and subscribers)

November 11, 2019

When you upload your first video on a brand new YouTube channel you can see that no one is watching your videos, except of your friends and family. It’s because YouTube works by the principle of making rich richer, it gives views to videos which already have views. Later in this video I will tell how I make my videos work, but first I have to make a brief introduction to this video It is difficult to find useful infomation on this topic because YouTube mostly recommends success stories from top bloggers. Their success is often a matter of lucky chance, where they recieve large amount of subscribers and after that views just roll Most of them do not have any idea how YouTube works and what is Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO. What top youtubers are good at is delivering new materials to keep subscribers interested while real SEO masters know how to get the same million views without many subscribers. If you belong to the first category you will have to make people like your videos if you belong to the second category then you will have to make YouTube robot like your videos. Youtube is s highly sophisticated robot which is always progressing, so YouTube now and YouTube 10, 5 or even 2 years ago is a completely different thing, YouTube algorythm changes all the time, 6 month old tutorial videos on SEO are already out of date and useless. Artificial intelligence is million times smarter then we are, at least mathematically, so if you decide to trick YouTube or Google robot you will be engaged in a cat and mouse game and in this game you will not be the cat. There is a certain amount of time required by robot to catch a trick, but as soon as YouTube collects enough data it will deactivate your trick and punish you: all videos on your channel will be sent to the bottom of search. If someone wants to play YouTube, I advice such person first to try to play chess with AI at highest level. Internet is full of naive people who think they can fool AI, they buy fake views, likes, subs. YouTube gives them a little credit, so each of them thinks that the window of opportunity is opened and they finally broke though, but i can promise you that as soon as YouTube collects all data – the party will be over The amount of such people is overwhelming and no wonder the industry of fake views is thriving. All fake views sellers are crooks who will try to convince you that their views are real and they will be putting people in front of your video. In reality nothing happens and it is the best case scenario. If you send fake views on video which is already rated and receives YouTube organic traffic, bots won’t harm this video, it will still work, but for a brand new channel, a fake bot views is poison which will depress the whole channel and the more views there will be from bots on a new video the harder it will be to make it work and recover. Usually YouTubers who have no subscribers optimize their new videos for less cometitive long tale keywords,
after that videos grow very slowly. This process of gaining views can take many month or even years. When the video will reach some certain amount of real watch time one can rate it for more competitive keywords. In my case I prefer to skip this long lasting process of waiting for long tail keyword to bring visitors, I optimize videos for main keyword. I tag it with 3 keywords and make it the main video on my channel. Then I go subscribe to top channels on YouTube, turn on notification bell and I comment new videos. Some of my comments gather hundreds or thousand likes and stay on the top of comment section. Many people read them and some get curious from who is the comment coming from and theyl go to my channel. In comments I never leave invitation to my channel or any url. If people liked my comment there is a great chance they will like my content, and like, subscribe, leave own comments and this is what make my video and the whole channel work. Social activity of subscribers is a driving force of YouTube channel. Innactive subscribers are dead weight. I comment on top videos in trending section, on news channels, musical channels, beauty bloggers channels. When I receive new active subscribers many of my videos start rating for main keyword and what is more important YouTube recommend them. This is where traffic is coming, from recommending. If someone want to try this, take into account there is a river of comments coming on popular videos and you have to keep your comment afoat for a little while, for that you will need assistance of someone from your family or friend, who shall give a couple of likes to your comment, this will bring it up and there will be more chances that people will notice it. Never leave the same comments on different videos, never leave many comments on one video, YouTube will see it as a spamming. YouTube will start recommending your videos when least traffic generates most suscribers. For instance when I comment on top videos every fifth visitor from commenting will subscribe to me and this is very good ratio. YouTube start recommending my videos, but if I buy views from Google adwords I only have one subscriber out of 50-80 views and this is not not good ratio. Google adwords traffic is good for building watch time, for that you will have to see in analitics which countries watching your videos for longer, than you will have to target those countries. You can also target age groups and many other things. Google adwards is expensive, you will see lot of attempts to watch your videos, with very little social signals. This can be quite frustrating, because you have to pay for this, but still it is better than not to see any traffic at all. If you have money to spend on views, I’d advice not upload dozens of videos on new channel. Apload one, two video than start sending views on them. After videos will reach some certain threshold they will start recieving YouTube traffic. This threshold depends on different factors, like competition in this nieche, how video is optimized. If you apload only a couple of vides and make them work, they will bring new subscribers and the more subscribers you have the less costly will be make you other videos work. Don’t buy YouTube views on facebooks, or YouTube partners or any external sites, YouTube treat external traffic for nothing. YouTube wants to lock people in a system. One view from someone with YouTube channel with like and shares will outweight hundreds of views from people with no channels. YouTube is a game for people members of a club. I will see how this video will perform and if there will be interest I will make a series of videos about YouTube. I am a YouTuber for five years now and I have much more to say. To everyone who saw this video I wish success with your channels. They will tell you work on your videos and do not care for the rest, traffic will come to you. That’s true, work on your videos, but if traffic coming to you slowly you have to know how to bring your videos to people. Five years ago to keep above water on YouTube one had to be a video blogger with some SEO skills, but nowadays competition is so high that to keep above water one has to be a SEO expert with some blogger skills.


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