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How To Start A Clothing Line From Scratch | Design and Branding Tutorial

August 29, 2019

(ringing doorbell vigorously) hey! come inside guys you don’t have to
be ringing up the doorbell that much but thank you guys for coming in to my casa
today well we’re actually gonna be walking you guys through the entire
process of designing a clothing line from scratch this is a question that
I’ve been getting a lot so I figured hey why not bring you guys through behind
the scenes and actually design a line from scratch right from the very
beginning from logos to the designing to the brand direction and I thought
what better way to actually display this information and give these
resources and these tips to you guys then collaborating with a creative
artist who is a part of this YouTube community so in this video what we did
is we actually collaborated with Mendo who actually owned the design agency and
he builds out a lot of different clothing lines meant to dude last year
or two years ago at MAGIC and I said dude let’s collaborate on something and
this guy really came through with some amazing and powerful information that
you’ll be able to use to actually design your brand from scratch all right so the
very first thing that we had to do in order to pull this off is we obviously
had to come up with the design direction right so the very first thing that we
did is we went directly to you so what I did is I actually surveyed it out to the
communities tab and in the community tab we had close to a hundred and fifty of
you guys actually vote for the design direction and with that information we
actually sent it out to Mark in order to take full reins on a design process but
as we were actually designing the brand and coming up with this entire video
concept we realized that we could go a little bit further by making this a
two-part series with this video focus on the designing and the sourcing and the
initial steps that it takes to actually design and actually launch your brand
and the second video focusing on the printing and the options that you have
to actually making and launching your products all right you guys so this is a
two-part series and we’re super excited to bring this to you guys so if you’re
visitor to this channel make sure you hit that subscribe button right now in
that notification belt to be alerted of the latest videos that will be dropping
on this channel to continue helping you build your brand in business from the
ground up welcome to Salt Lake City I’m Mark Mendoza aka Mendo first of all I
want to thank John for giving me the opportunity for letting me be in this
video but for those of you wondering who I am in short I’m a designer so over
the years I’ve had the opportunity to work in the apparel industry
specifically the sportswear niche but I’ve had the opportunity to work on
things such as product design Tarot learn tech tags as well as things like
sublimation screen printing and I even had the opportunity to design my own
sneaker I’ve also gotten the chance to work with different entrepreneurs and
other creatives helping them build their own brand and today we’re gonna talk a
little bit about the creative process I’m going to show you how I take an idea
and turn it into a final product which in this case would be a little a couple
of designs for some apparel and my process is actually the same for
everything that I do no matter if it’s creating a logo credit graphics or
website whether it’s designing cutting so apparel or sneakers or whatever it is
that I’m designing I take the same approach for all my projects so my
design process consists of four stages number one being my understanding phase
number two is what I like to call my research phase number three is when I
actually go in and start exploring designing and number four is refining so
let me take you along with me as I take an idea and we start a brand and how you
can apply it for yourself as well so this is actually going to be the
foundation of my brand so this is where I’m going to get my idea for my logo for
all my graphics even for the name if I didn’t have a name so what I want to do
is I want to start writing any words or any phrases that I want people to
associate with my brand once I have that taken care of I start
writing things that are gonna make my brand different and what kind of things
and aspects I really want to focus on after that I start naming my competition
writing down some of the people that are gonna be in the same niche as me so the
next thing that I do is start writing information about my audience start
writing down the demographic which is where they live
male or female or anything like that then the psychographic which is gonna be
more like their mentality what habits they have and what not and then from there since I understand
that I am building a brand I’m gonna write down what specifically my audience
wants and needs and how I could kind of help them with that and then I also
write down what they’re familiar with so that way I can see what ecosystem they
are gonna be in and then once I have that I take the information from both
what I want and what my audience want and kind of see what things they have in
common and I start writing what words would be able to describe the brand and
between what I want and what they want and then my challenge next is finding
how high to communicate this so as we were building this line we had
to decide which t-shirt blank we wanted to go with
and we chose BELLA+CANVAS and we actually chose their Fast Fashion
Collection as well as some of the fleece items that they have available and and
the reason that we chose them guys is they have a very consistent print when
it comes to whether you decide to do DTG which is director government printing or
whether you decide to do screen printing you know how the end product will look
very great quality feel and obviously the the cuts and silhouettes will really
accent what mark created and is creating when it comes to the designing of the
line so now that we have our t-shirt blanks we’re one step closer to actually
launching this brand so now I’m actually going to jump onto my computer and start
the research process of this project I’m gonna start off by researching my
competition I’m gonna take a look at some of my competitors what it is that
they’re doing and I’m gonna write down every little thing that I notice about
them so everything I’m like what kind of photography they’re using what kind of
pictures what kind of colors kind of what kind of words what their videos
look like what their website looks like so every little thing that I notice
about them I’m going to write down and then I’m gonna also repeat the exact
same thing with the brands that they are familiar with as well so the next thing
I’m gonna do is actually jump onto Pinterest and start saving some images
some photos anything that really depicts a mood or really encompasses the ideas
that I had when I was writing down the words that I wanted to describe my brand
and the words that my audience would also want my brand to be associated with
so in the next part of my research phase I’m actually gonna take a look at color
and so I’m gonna jump onto Adobe color and start taking those same exact words
that I was using on my list and start seeing what colors are associated with
them and then I’m actually gonna create a new a new file on illustrator and
start saving some of these colors and kind of title them what they are
associated with once I have all my colors picked out I kind of start using
different combinations I actually start checking out the balance with certain
colors because not every color should be divided equally some should have more
presence than the other and so I play around with that to kind of get an idea
and then once I have that done I actually jump back onto Pinterest and I
start taking those pictures that I saved and putting them all together in one
place that I can reference back to and this is actually what I call the mood
board so my mood board is really gonna depict in a visual way with everything
from colors to fonts to imagery of those exact same words that I used in the
beginning so now I’m actually gonna get to the creation part of my process so
now that I have my mood board I’m actually gonna continue to reference it
and those same exact words that I had I’m going to try and depict them in a
visual way and more of an iconic way through the logo so I started sketching
different ideas I don’t really have a limit to how many sketches I do I always
just sketch sometimes I even come up with ideas that shouldn’t belong but I
will take them out later once I have my sketches done
that’s gonna be my foundation for what I’m gonna create when I go on
illustrator so I actually take my sketches
I start creating them in a vector format by using Adobe Illustrator and I will
continue to do this with all my different ideas once I have my idea set
up I picked the best one and I actually start refining it so I refine that
specific design I start messing with it until I get a design that I am happy
with once I have that design I start retouching it a little bit making it a
little bit more compositionally strong and then I start making variations out
of that same logo and then once I have those variations done I actually jump on
to the design part of the t-shirt the apparel which is taking the idea from
the logo and it’s also taking ideas from my mood board and and everything that
I’ve saved and coming up with different designs that I would be able to visually
communicate that once I have my designs done I will start putting them on
mock-ups so some templates kind of sizing them up playing with them I start
changing the colors based on the color of the shirt I also start or using
different things like positioning things in different areas different sizes just
playing around with it so my goal here is actually to have
something that looks cohesive so I know that I’m trying to communicate an idea
but in that communication part I also want everything to look like it goes
together I want my line to be a whole collection so that is one thing that I
really focus on and then I do that by using very similar graphics I do that by
using a similar color so there’s many ways to kind of do this I really want to
do is make sure everything looks cohesive so now that I have my graphics
mocked up on my apparel the next thing that I got to do is actually have the
files ready for print and once I have my files ready to print sent them out and
get them printed and I could start marketing my brand
with the survey results in guys we are now ready to begin sampling the designs
of our products so it’s gonna be super important that you guys actually go out
and you survey your designs that you’re thinking about sampling because that’s
gonna kind of give you a nice gauge as to what people may want to buy and
what’s going to be even more important is to sample those designs in order for
you guys to actually show a physical product and be able to do some marketing
before you go out and actually buy in bulk alright the last thing you guys
want to do is buy in bulk a bunch of designs that you thought people would
like and then they don’t buy them and then you go out of business that’s
really how this industry works a lot of people go with their gut feeling but
they don’t realize that gut feelings don’t pay the bills alright so you got
to make sure that you’re strategic about it and what I want to do is I want to
take you guys into a print shop where we’re gonna go into covering a lot more
of this process as well as a lot more of the printing process for you guys to
really know and get information of things that you really need to consider
so as we said this is a two part video series where we’re actually going to go
and in the second video I’m just starting right now we’re actually going
to go and take you guys to the print shop and show you everything that you
need to know to launch your brand you guys are a new visitor to this
channel I highly encourage that you hit that subscribe button and turn on the
post notifications to be alerted of the latest drop in the second video we’re
gonna dive into so many amazing details that I know you guys will enjoy but if
you have any further questions or perhaps something wasn’t very clear make
sure you check the video notes right below the video in order to get
additional resources and information that we may have missed in this video
huge shoutouts to Bella Canvas for being for being a sponsor of this channel and
of this video and helping us get this information out and if you guys need
additional training or any additional resources or tips make sure you download
the video guides the PDFs that we have available on the online academy which
are available to you guys for free so see you guys on the next video


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