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How to shoot glass and create rim light with studio setup

November 7, 2019

Hi friends
You have seen in my last video how to shoot perfume bottle with the help of water splash. In this video, I would like to tell you how
to create rim light and shoot the glass. As you know Glass has highly reflected surface. In this video I will guide you how to control reflections
of the glass. This is a glass that I will shoot in this
video. I will also discuss in this video the equipment I’ll use and the lighting setup for this glass Equipment I am using in this shoot Any reflective black surface Black sheet for the background
Wireless trigger, Strobes and flash light stand Soft Box You can use pepsi glass for platform I am using square softbox it will be better if you have strip softbox Adjusting two soft boxes both sides of the black sheet so all light will not spill on
the glass. Hiding major part of the softbox so I can
create rim light both of the sides Also taking care of both sides should be in
same proportion Now I will put the glass here Now I’m sticking clay on glass bottom so that the glass does not move accidentally. for composite shots. If the glass will be moving slightly from
its place, you will be very difficult to composite in Photoshop. As I on light of soft box, you can see the
light is spilling on the glass. As I am increasing the shutter speed, you
will see the spill is decreasing and the rimlight is being created on both sides of the
glass. Now it looks like this in live view Hiding more part of the soft box to avoid overexpose Strip box is a best choice for creating rim light but we can do best what we have. Now this is final setup
Camera is already on tripod and I shoot first in model light without flash to see how rim
light created. Selecting Live View Camera is tethering with Adobe Lightroom This is first picture that I shoot without
flash Flipping by CTRL + [ You can see the beautiful rim light on top of glass but bottom is underexposed because
it is black In second picture, I decrease one step of
shutter speed but no rim light created Using Using flash now, first, we need to check no
available light enter to camera Black picture means no available light, is
not being entered in camera experiment few shots with different speed
to find my perfect shot This is perfect shot for me and has taken
on F/8 ISO 100 I am going to zoom this image so that you
can see the rim light. You can see the perfect rim light on both
sides of the glass. Added liquid in the glass and click this picture
only to record foam on liquid, Because after some time the foam will end during shoot. In this picture shoot with bare flash to highlight
the liquid I added before, you can see even minimum flash power it was overexposed. Now I have added a grid on flash to reduce
more power to get better results Next shot I placed the flash on top of the
glass. It gives an amazing result but only for liquid Later it will use in photoshop to composite This picture I selected for rim light. perfectly exposed image need little corrections Using healing tool to remove finger prints, I recommend to use gloves while putting glass. To avoid finger prints Selecting images that I need to work and delete those I don’t require. selected this image to work on it, just little
exposure correction where I need with the help of brush tool in Lightroom. This image is ready for composite in photoshop Now I am selecting all images those I need to work on them after selection click the
right menu of image and select Edit in>Photoshop After opening photoshop you can see all images
are opening in different layers. So I can easily work here by using mask option
that I discussed in my last video Behind the Scene part II I am inserting the card above, you can check
that video also how to use mask option in composite the multiple images in one image Analyzing the Images that I need to work on
it This is my key image start with it And this is for the foam of liquid In the last this for liquid Keep watching this video till end and learn
how I composite all images


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