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How to remove background from Image simply by using Powerpoint without Photoshop

February 4, 2020

hello everyone today I am going to show you how to remove unwanted information or parts from an image in other words remove background from an image using PowerPoint 2019 so I have PowerPoint open here in this window we will use this image and try to remove this dark background from this image so that only bird remains after editing for this we will go to the PowerPoint click insert press pictures and go to the location where we have saved the image in this case I have saved the image on desktop I will click that and click insert as you can see after we have inserted the image the PowerPoint gives us different design ideas we will not be using this functionality of PowerPoint in this video but you can use it to prepare your part who are beautiful presentation slides after you have selected the picture you can see the format tab being activated after you click the picture you will be able to see the format tab is activated then you will need to go to the remove background click on it and you will be able to see four icons over there the first icon is mark areas to keep if you click these icon and click anywhere in the image you will be able to keep those parts similarly if you click mark areas to remove this will remove those parts car all changes will discard all the changes that you have made and restored the original image keep changes will keep all the edited tasks that you have performed on that image as you can see after we click the background removal tool the PowerPoint used its artificial intelligence to guide us and helped us determine which parts to remove and which parts to keep because you can see we want to keep this part as well as the bottom part so we will be going to do that in the next step first I will be clicking markers to keep and I need this part so I will click over here this part as well I will perform this task until all the areas that I want to keep is selected then I will play skip changes you can see in this video we have successfully edited the background image and removed it but you need to remember PowerPoint is not very accurate for example if you have an image which contains lots of background information it will be difficult for PowerPoint to distinguish between those colors and hence the editing will not be that accurate for that case you would need to seek help from other software such as Photoshop I will show that in a future video if this video helped you don’t forget to Like comment or subscribe

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