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How to Remove ANY thing in a Picture using Photoshop CC 2017/2018

August 16, 2019

In this video i’ll show you how to remove objects in photoshop now the good thing with Photoshop is there’s no one way of doing things. there’s a few different tools you can use and i’ll demonstrate some basic ones so yeah let’s get started so here’s a picture let’s say i want to remove myself the easiest way to do is select myself and once you have the selection are going to edit fill some of your content aware normal hundred percent and click ok and you guys could be for sure we’ll do the rest for you and now I’ll go back and show you another way of removing the same object for this example I’m going to use this part hearing too and i’m just going to take over what I want to remove an unfortunate that the rest for me now let’s look at another picture let’s say I want to remove this port right here and i decided to go with the spot healing tool all i’m going to do is click over what I want to move and you’ll see for the shop does the rest for me and for the most part it did a pretty good job for any imperfections i can go back and manually 67 now depending on the situation you might not be able to use every tool to get the fact you’re looking for so just play around until you find something that works for you as Louie you’ll be better able to just for the right tool now another tool we can use this the closed down tool lets do not remove this poor right here and all i’m going to do is I’m going to go in and i’m going to select an area that I want to replicate and i’m going to press option and i’m going to sample the area and now i’m just going to fill it in over here i’m just going to template from a few different areas just to blend things in and I usually try to keep my softness as low as i can and it will put everything in pretty good alright so here’s another situation let’s remove this pole right here but for some reason I don’t want to go anything about the concrete and if i try to remove it like that you’ll see it kind of messes up at the corner soul the way to fix that is going to make a selection and now once we have our collection whatever i do that will only apply within the collection and i’ll show you guys how that works that’s why sample this area and you’ll see the corners are done just within the area selected and i’m going to use this technique a little bit more in the next picture and you’ll see how it works so let’s look at the picture here’s something a little more complicated let’s do not remove myself the person in the back some of the buildings now you’ll see if I try to use the Spot Healing to lure the content of their tool it will really do the job so in a situation like this you need to manually workaround try to fill in things using your clone tool now for the rock I’ve made an outline and close the other side and then i use the Spot Healing tool to blend it all in and the necklace both sides of the grass mixing it all in using the controls for the most part i’m using the smooth brush it just works better blending in after that i selected the other rock and cloned it once again i decided to get rid of the black cross just because it would have needed more time getting the right and the picture looks just fine without it at this point i decided to switch back to spot healing tool just wanted to see what the software can do playing around with sides and hardness foremost party government of what I wanted but it didn’t make things a little underlined so to think that I’m going to use the clone stamp tool for a little more detail i made a solution and use the paint tool to blend things in all of good i’m just going to blend into concrete using the Spot Healing to once again next up I’m going to remove this guy and all this can be done using the spot healing tool so i just made a selection of what i wanted to move as Photoshop that the rest for me and again for a little imperfection I could use the Spot Healing to once again to moving the manual alright so we’re almost done for removing the buildings i’m going to use the Spot Healing to display around the sides and hard managed to find a good spot I’m doing this very rough but you can spend as much time as you need to get it has the size that you want but I’m not going to focus on the bathroom to was just because the most imperfect shins is barely visible and yeah after playing around a little bit she is the end result so we started from this tutors and it looks pretty good if you like this video and want to see more videos like this let me know in a comment below and feel free to share this one


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