How To Reframe ANY 360 FOOTAGE In Adobe Premiere 2019

October 6, 2019

Oh my God I just found the best Adobe
Premiere plugin ever made for 360 video! I kind of want to keep this one a secret..
should I keep it a secret? Hmm.. I’m gonna tell you guys I love you guys too much to
keep it a secret but I think it’s going to really amaze you because it allows
you to reframe your 360 video footage regardless of the camera you own into
tiny planet, inverted planet or any given viewpoint you want, best part of
all is it’s completely FREE and it’s going to take your tiny planet and
reframing game to the next level! Now a warning goes out to you Premiere
editors, by the end of this tutorial you will want to hug and/or kiss me so
please refrain you will need to get my girlfriend’s permission and the answer is
most likely going to be no.. but it’s worth a shot. This plug-in was made by
our friends at GoPro they made an awesome camera in the Fusion and they’ve made an awesome set of plugins too you can find them by doing a quick google search
I will also put a link down in the description to where you can download
them for free just go ahead and open the file follow the prompts by the way these
are compatible with both Premiere and After Effects so now go ahead open Adobe Premiere as you normally would start a project and import your files again it
doesn’t matter which camera you’re using and to prove that I’m importing footage
from 7 different 360 cameras here I took exactly the same shot with the
Insta 360 One, Theta V, Mi Sphere, Yi, Garmin VirB, Rylo and GoPro Fusion
outside my favorite landmark in the entire world the one and only Sydney
Opera House so I’m going to select the first clip on my timeline which was shot
with the Insta 360 One in the effects panel you’ll want to go to video effects and
you’ll notice we now have GoPro VR open that up and the plugin we want is GoPro
VR reframe I’m going to drag it over to our clip and there it is in the effects
window and instantly you can see the point of view has changed already it’s
already reframed our 360 video so you’ll notice there’s a bunch of variables here
within the plug-in that change a whole bunch of different things first we have
field of view so zoom in really close or really far then we have yaw, pitch, roll
and smooth transition so depending on what kind of effect you’re going for you
will want to play with these I think you guys can guess what I’m going to go for
yep that’s right the good old fashioned tiny planet and there we have it I’ve
done that there with in premiere in seconds I’m gonna play that this is my
Insta 360 One footage it’s now a tiny planet in Premiere I didn’t have to go to Insta
360 Studio to reframe that lost tourist bumping into me I did it right here in
Premiere how cool is that all you need is an equirectangular 2 by
1 360 video and you can apply this effect it’s not GoPro Fusion only and if
you thought that was cool i’m now going to show you something even cooler before
we reframed our effect changing these variables but that can get a little bit
fiddly making all these changes and ending up with the wrong frame and you
do have to tinker with it quite a bit well the reason I love this plug-in so
much is if you select GoPro VR reframe you can now go over to your program
window and click and drag your tiny planet this makes tiny planet
manipulation so easy and intuitive you can get the exact right angle in seconds
you will need to go back over here to change your field of view if you want it
close or far but everything else you can click and drag remember you must be in
the program window and you must have GoPro VR reframe selected so what if we
want to add keyframes within the one 360 video clip so we can move between
multiple parts of the 360 all in one seamless movement here I have the video
I included it in my GoPro Fusion sample pack which is a free download I’ll put a
link down the description if you want to play with some GoPro Fusion footage but
I took this video in the Queen Victoria building which is a famous old building
in Sydney and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to move between
several points within this grand old building so I’m going to go ahead and
drag the effect over and there we can see it’s reframed I’m going to start at
the very start so you want to make sure you’re on the first frame and we’re
going to click the stopwatches to create our first keyframe you want to make sure
all 5 of them are selected so say we want this as our initial viewpoint it
starts on me and we wanna do a grand sweep over say to the other side of the
building to create a new keyframe all you need to do is just drag the video
and you’ll see over here it’s created three new keyframes for us
so we want to get that nice and straight and automatically it’s going to
transition between points A and B straight away
all right let’s create another movement I want to pan down and look at the
people walking on the floors beneath me so as you can see we have three
keyframes here and if we just move back a little bit we’ll see we now have one
grand camera movement it’s going from A to B and now it’s going B to C I think
I’m gonna add a slight zoom to that so we go in a little bit closer and we see
the details right on the bottom floor there if you want to make changes to
your keyframes you want to zoom in really close in the effects window and
make sure it’s lined down with the existing keyframes and then you just
change the variables so say I want to go in even closer [Music] how cool was that it felt like you were
leaning over the edge and that was really powerful that really shows up
what 360 video can do I’m going to include my entire reframe sequence at
the end of this video so stay tuned if you want to see this masterpiece [Music] if you
want it to hold on a single viewpoint for a few seconds all you need to do is
let it play until you’re ready to move again now we select the razor tool and
we cut the clip in 2 at the beginning of our new clip you’ll want to hit the
stopwatches again it’ll tell you that this will delete existing keyframes you
hit okay and just do that for all five of these variables now we’re going to
add them back 1 2 3 4 5 and now we’re going to move to our second keyframe and
I think I want to change the perspective to be something like this so if we move
right back we can see it holds on the tiny planet view and then suddenly it
initiates that movement after the pause [Music] if you want to keep your editors
clean-cut without any animation at all we’ll drag the effect back over to our
clip and you want to timeout your cuts so say you want to cut there you want to
cut maybe 2 seconds later hold that one to say 4 seconds another cut there and
so on and so forth so we have 5 different shots there now we go to our
first shot we change the field of view to what we want our opening shot to be
and I think we’ll start on a wide shot of me looking over the balcony then we
go back to our second shot and I’m going to click and drag to see what I’m
looking at so 1 shot 2 shot in this 3rd shot I turn my head and I look at
something else so why don’t we cut in our 4th shot to this thing that I’m
looking at so we’ll reframe over here and I’m
looking at this storefront [Music] so I’ve just cut together an entire sequence there from the exact same 360
shot can you believe I’m operating the camera myself
it doesn’t look likely but I’ve just created a cinematic sequence from 360
footage by reframing and using simple cuts instead of animation how easy was
that guys I did that in minutes and best of all it’s free and easy to use I’m not
someone that’s confident at all at After Effects and knowing I can do awesome
tiny planet animations within Premiere gets me really excited because it means
I can take one step out of the workflow and not have to rely on Insta 360 Studio
as much I love that program but I also like fewer steps in my workflow and I
know this plugin is going to save me a whole bunch of time going forward when I
make tiny planet videos for YouTube speaking of tiny planets if you want to
master the art of tiny plans I wrote an ebook is called a beginner’s guide to
tiny planet photography and it’ll teach you all the best effects that will get
your work and notice on Facebook YouTube and Instagram all the links you need can
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comments below and I will see you in the next video [Music]

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