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How to Paste Into Function in Photoshop

February 2, 2020

Welcome back to uLearn Tutorials What if you are creating a mock-up for a movie database, portfolio or an e-commerce site, and you want to make sure your images are the same size. Hi, my name is Michael Chow, and you will learn how to set the size of an image and use it as a guideline to ‘paste into’ the selection. So, what I have done here I started to create a mockup for my movie database What we have done here under my new guide layout a 1920 as my width 12 columns a gutter of 20 pixels with a margins of 10 pixels all around I have set to ‘Centre Columns’ the measurements for my the poster size is 300 pixels by 450 pixels as we had said here for me to go ahead and select this image here for example am going to take my take my Command key on a Mac or a Control key for a PC and click on my layer thumbnail zoom in (Command Spacebar-Mac or Control Spacebar-PC) a bit here and have the marching ants and what’s going to be paste into so let’s go ahead and select image here so am going to go am going to Command A (Control A on a PC) to Select All and Command C (Control C on a PC) to copy go back to my movie database and still see my go back to my movie database and still see my marching ants and go ahead and say Edit>Paste Special and Paste Into is greyed out because I have nothing selected even though I have marching ants selected there is nothing selected in here in my layers so what you want make sure you do is make sure have that layer is selected and now go back, Edit – Paste Special – Paste Into and its inside here and anything that is in the black is being hidden and anything is white is going to be shown and because of this and I need transform this and Edit – Free Transform and resize it. and resize it. Because and 2019 and above, you do not need have to hold the shift key (while transforming it) and once you are happy with that, click on the check mark and you are done. so its also good about, for the layers to name your layers properly Am going to select my bottom one here as an example here and again am going to Command Click (the thumbnail) to make sure it’s selected am going to select my next image here, Command A (Control A-PC) to Select All and Command C (Control C-PC) to copy Go back to my image here my movie database and make sure I have it selected (command click on thumbnail) Edit – Paste Special – Paste Into and voilà it goes inside Make sure your have that layer is selected and select on the thumbnail that’s Edit, free transform, Command T (Control T-PC) to resize it. when you are done, double-click on it, or check on the checkmark or any of the tools either or works If you click off it, and there you go. There you have it and nicely resized. its good for layers to name your layers properly Fast Furious 9 If I want to go on the next one I am going to use this as my my guideline and am going to select the bottom too as well and basically what am going to do here move it over. I could use the Move tool or could just use the (arrow keys on my keyboard) and hold the Shift key to make sure everything is in alignment use the guides here Thank you for watching. If you enjoy the video, please like it or share it. And also tell people about it.

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