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How to Message a Podcaster on Anchor

November 8, 2019

Hey guys it’s your girl Ms. Ileane and
in today’s video I want to share with you a really exciting update to the
Anchor podcasting app this is an update that’s going to benefit you as a
listener or you as a podcaster so that’s what’s coming up so stay tuned because I
really want you to hear this so the latest update is an enhancement to a
feature that we’ve already been able to take advantage of inside of the anchor
app know for years we’ve been able to leave each other messages right within
the app well the enhancement is that now anyone can leave a message for their
favorite podcaster and you can leave that message on any app that you’re
listening to the podcast as well as from your desktop so this is a really cool
feature that’s going to really put all of the podcasters and their listeners
and much closer communication so here is a demo of how to use this feature
now I’m overall my friend Abe Martinez his podcast page from anchor over on
desktop and Abe Martinez is a really talented voice-over artist and he also
is a very creative artist he runs something that’s a community driven
event every Saturday it’s called hashtag sing song Saturday #SingSongSaturday and the reason why I wanted to use this as an example is the premise of
sing song Saturday is that anyone can call in and it doesn’t matter if you
know how to sing if you know the words if you’re on key if you’re not on key
doesn’t matter but one Saturday it’s a community building event known as sing
song Saturday so in the past I always had to leave my sing song Saturday
contribution through the app that was the only way I can do it but now I’m so
happy that I can contribute to my sing song Saturday’s through the desktop so
here’s how it works you go over to the podcast and you’ll click on send voice
message now when you’re on desktop it may pick the wrong microphone and you
notice there it picked up as my Logitech BRIO oh well I don’t want to use that
I’m going to use this mic that I’m on now the ATR 2100 and you just make sure
that you’re using the right mic then you can go ahead and start your sing
song Saturday or leave your voice message for your favorite podcaster so
here we go I’m going to leave my sing song Saturday contribution for Abe
sing sing a song sing it’s simple to last the whole day long if I want to
preview that recording singing sing a song no I actually don’t like the way
that turned out but that’s ok remember sing song Saturday is about just having
fun and singing with your pals it’s not about trying to do an audition for a
recording contract ok so I’m going to go ahead and send
this message now I want you to see what it says there will email you if this
voice message gets published in a future episode of AM radio I just love that I
was able to do this from desktop it just makes it so much easier for me because I
may even want to have the words to the song here right up on my computer as I’m
leaving that message for Abe and I just use this example of sing song Saturday
but any topic that you’re passionate about that you’re listening to a podcast
about you want to go ahead and have your voice heard contribute to that podcast
so that you can be part of the conversation so this benefits the
podcast and the podcast a listener as well as the community so go ahead and
leave a voice message you can do that for me as well over at so if you want to leave a voicemail for me to be included in my
podcast just go to and click on the send voice message
button we’ll get it included in the next
episode of the podcast so with that be sure that you’re coming back for more of
these tutorials and I love to know what you think about this new feature and if
you plan on using it so I’ll talk to you in the next video bye for now


  • Reply ADVENTURES OF HAMMAD ASIF May 22, 2019 at 3:31 pm

    WOW mam, that was a really awsome technique, but till sixteenth Jun i have ban on liv

  • Reply Abe Martinez May 22, 2019 at 3:57 pm

    Thank you so much for using #SingSongSaturday as an example for this tutorial Ms Ileane

  • Reply Destiny May 22, 2019 at 5:11 pm

    I’m so exited about this feature

  • Reply Excelencia Personal May 23, 2019 at 2:47 am


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