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How To Make YouTube CHANNEL ART With Photoshop

November 12, 2019

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can make a Youtube channel art just like the one I have here in Photoshop. And I’ll show you all the different steps it takes to get to this final result. I’m in the process of making a new Channel art just like this one, but it’s going to be called Howfinity eats for a new YouTube channel that’s just on howfinity food related videos, and I’m going to show you how to do that from scratch, so this is going to be sort of the final result on that channel just to keep everything uniform and if you look here into my layers, if I turn this layer on and off, you could see I use the template, because depending on what platform you’re watching it, if you’re watching it on TV on desktop, tablet, it’s all different sizes. So you want to make one that works for all the different sizes that you have. So let’s start from scratch. So I’m going to go over here to this page. This is basically the template that I downloaded for YouTube and I’m going to use this as my Template to get started. Next thing you want to do is you want to organize all your assets. So I made a folder and I have all my different assets here, all the different pictures, my logo, everything that I’m going to use for this. So make sure you do the same. I have all your pictures ready. Basically, I just took my pictures from my video by pressing command shift 4 on a Mac, and I just basically did a screen grab just like this, and then that’s how I have my pictures on here, and I downloaded a couple more from a royalty-free website, so make sure you have all your assets ready then go back to photoshop. So you want to start with this template, link in the description, go ahead and download it because creating it is going to take a little bit of work, but if you don’t want this template, and you want to start from scratch, these are the dimensions. So just go ahead and make a file with these dimensions up here file new, and you could type in those dimensions from here. Make sure it’s transparent, press ok and then you could start. But if you have this template, you could just start from there. Once we’re done, we’re going to just turn it off basically and all these are going to go away. They’re all in this folder that came with this template, so we’re going to turn it off. Alright, so now step number one is we want our background picture and the background picture is going to be used on TVs mostly, so if people are watching it on TV, they’re going to see this full picture. We’re going to focus really on this banner here for Youtube. But we’ll start with the background picture, so I’m going to go to my finder here, and this is the background picture, I’m going to use. I’m just going to go ahead and open this in photoshop and you could just kind of drag this down and bring this into this page and I’m going to make sure I could resize this to my background, so to do that, I’m going to on a Mac here, I’m going to press command T or CTRL T on a PC. I’m just going to stretch it to fit my canvas right here, and I’m going to press the checkmark to say okay. I’m just going to bring this down this layer one here down here, so I could see the specs on top. Again once we were done, we’re going to turn this off just like that. Next I’m going to make that rectangle that’s going to be laying over here. Let me go back to my other channel art, you see that rectangle that I have here? So I’m just going to create that and that’s the rectangle tool, and again over here, I’m going to always create a new layer. So everything is going to be on their own independent layer, and I’m going to grab and drag here. And there we go, if I let go. Again, it’s going to create it based on this color here. So if you didn’t want it in red, I’m just going to go ahead and delete this to show you, I’ll create a new layer and go ahead and change this to whatever you want, so here let’s say if I wanted to make it gray, go ahead and drag and then end it here. There is the area where my channel banner is going to show up on YouTube and I’m going to lower the opacity here. I’m selecting this layer and lowering the opacity to 50. Next, I’m going to create these circles. I want the same kind of look so I’m going to create the circles here, and that’s just going to the shape tool again and creating a elipse tool and again, let me make sure I create a new layer. Go ahead and drag and if you hold shift it’s going to make it a circle. If you don’t it’s going to just kind of be whatever shape you drag out to be. so I’m going to press shift. I’m going to drag out. I want it to be about this size. And I’m going to press V to just move it in place. Again create a new layer, do the same thing, press shift, the color doesn’t matter right now. I’m going to change that in a second. But I’ll put that here and then I want to do one more and I’ll put that one over here. I’ll just walk you through doing this side, and then you could do the same thing with this side. Again, you could create any shape you want and then do the same kind of thing, so if you want that to be the shape, do that. Alright, now that we have these shape layers, we want to put a picture inside of these shape layers, so to do that, I’m going to go back to finder here. And I’m going to open up the few pictures that I want to put inside those shape layers. So I’m just going to go ahead and open those with photoshop. I’ll just drag this into this project real quick, and I’m going to press command T to reshape it and I’ll put it over here for example. Let me just make it a little bit smaller so it’s going to fit this picture a little bit better. I’m going to press ok. Whichever shape layer is going to be going into, I’m just going to drag this picture on top of that shape layer. So if you do this one at a time, it’s a little bit easier. But in this case it’s going to go inside the very first shape I made. Let me just turn these other two off, so it doesn’t get confusing. Now we have the picture right over that shape, you have to go to layer, create clipping mask. Boom, we have a right inside. We could still move it around if you want to shape it a little better. We could still press command T and resize it a little bit better. So I’m just going to go ahead and do that and resize it. If you want your image to have a border or anything like that, I could come back to this layer. I’m going to double click this layer, and press stroke right here. And that’s going to give me a stroke around that. I could change the stroke color for example, if I click stroke, I could just click the color here and make it red, just like that, press ok. Let me just show you this on one more image and then I’ll fast over to when I have all my shapes. So the next shape was I’m just going to turn this layer on. This is the next shape. If you want this to be under this shape, you could always grab this and bring it down. So it could be underneath this shape. It’s okay right now where it was. I’m just going to put it back, and again, let me go back to finder and go ahead and open a different image. In this case, I’ll open this image, open photoshop. Again, I’m going to bring it down and bring it into this picture and let me go ahead and resize it to make it smaller. And put it right on top of this. Again when you resize, if you press shift, it won’t change the aspect ratio. But if you don’t, you can just drag freely and just like before, I’m going to make sure the shape is under and the picture is on top of that shape directly. Go to layer, create clipping mask, and that’s going to put it right in there. And if I want the same stroke that I had on this image, I could just go ahead and right-Click or control-click here, copy layer style, and then go over here to the shape, say paste layer style, and I’ll get that and if I want to change that stroke color for example to make it blue like my other channel I could do it just like that. And then reduce the opacity a little bit if I want to and press ok. Now I’m going to fast forward to where I have the rest of my pictures and shapes. Okay, so I’ve created all my shapes, and I’ll put the images inside each shape and I created the borders around each shape and again, make sure every little thing you create is on an individual layer, so you could edit it individually at strokes, add colors, whatever it may be and the last thing I want to do is I want to add my logo right in the center. I got my channel logo as a separate Photoshop file, so in this case, I’m just gonna go ahead and drag all these layers as my logo, but if you have a logo, you could just bring it in just like any image and here because I brought them in as individual layers, you could see I could turn the text layers on and off, so I could we edit. This is going to be the food channel, Howfinity eats, so I need to re-label both of these, so if you don’t have it like this, the easiest way to create a text like this is here. I’ll create a new layer and just press T. I’m going to go to this new layer and here, I’m going to press T and it’s going to turn this into a text layer, so I could type in Howfinity eats. I’m going to press ok. I’m going to move it over here. It typed it in grey, because when I created the text, it was set to gray. But if it’s set to any other color, you’ll make it that color. But you could always come and select some of them and change the color, so I’m going to change this part to red. I’m going to change this part to blue for example. I’m almost there. I just need to replace my description, healthy recipes each week. I’m going to select that. I’m going to change the color to this dark blue again, so you could see it and if I press V, I could just go ahead and move this around. It’s still a bit hard to read, so I’m going to work on this a little bit more. Let me just show you what the end result could be. I’m gonna go down and remember how I had those specs over here. I’m just going to turn those off now. So this was the specs that let me use this as a template and once you’re done, go ahead to file, you could do a file export as and this is the dimension for your TV. You could basically upload this dimension to Youtube and you could export it here. You could change it to a hundred percent quality and go ahead and export that. So after a few tweaks, this ended up being my final result. I changed some of the colors. I’ll put some borders, I changed some of the strokes and again, if your text is hard to read, you could either put a shape behind it. That way you’ll create a nice separation. What I did is I selected that layer that image layer behind, and I just used a burn tool and I just started going behind it to make it a little bit darker. Just like you see here. I can make as dark as I want to make this text pop. I’m just going to undo that and that’s basically how I got to this final result and you could upload this to YouTube. I hope this helps you make your Youtube banner. Please subscribe to this channel for YouTube tutorial, photoshop tutorial, and a lot more and give this video a thumbs up if it was helpful. Thanks for watching and see you on the next video.


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