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How to Make Pixel Art from Photos – Photoshop Tutorial

November 4, 2019

Hello. In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert photos, into a pixel art effect, in Photoshop. Also, you can use the same technique, to convert vector shapes to pixel art like this! Let’s get started! After opening your image, Grab any selection tool, and start selecting your object. You don’t have to make a precise selection! In my case, I use the Quick selection Tool! After completing your selection. Select your main layer, then, press CTRL+J to take what you have selected to a new layer. Now, the cup is in a separate layer. With the cup layer selected, Go to Filter, Pixelate, and choose Mosaic Filter. Add the Cell Size, this is to determine how big the pixels will be! I will keep my value at 25. Please remember this value. we will need it later. Now, press CTRL+J to duplicate your layer 2 times. Select all 3 layers, then, right-click and choose Merge Layers. Now, Hold the ALT Key, then, click on the layer thumbnail to make selection. This is to select the opaque pixels, and neglect the very transparent ones! Now, Create a mask from your selection. Now, I need to make these areas completely solid, Not transparent! With your layer selected, Press CTRL+J to duplicate it 6 times! If you still have a transparent areas like this! You can create a new Fill Color layer below them. Choose a grey color. then click OK. Delete the layer mask. Hold CTRL key, then click on a mask thumbnail, to load the selection! Select the Fill Color layer, then click on the mask icon. Now hold SHIFT, then click on the first layer, to select them all. Right-click and choose, Convert to Smart Object. Great. Let’s create the pixels grid! First, Go and check your Image resolution! From Image Size, you can find it here. In my case, the Resolution is 72. Just Remember this value! Now, create a New Document. Add the Cell Size in both Width & Height. and change Resolution to your main image resolution. which is 72 in my case! With this little document, we will make a pattern to help us creating the pixel grid! Press CTRL+0 to zoom in. Double-click the layer to unlock it. Then, Double-click again to open Layer Style. Click on Stroke. Then create a 1 Pixel Stroke. With Inside Position, and black color. Then click OK. Make Fill 0 to leave the stroke only, and to hide the background. from Define Pattern, you can make a pattern from this stroke. Give it a name, and click OK. Get back to your main document. Now, Select the cup layer, then press CTRL+J to duplicate it once. Double-click that duplicated layer, then choose Pattern Overlay. Choose the pattern that you made. and keep the other values like this! As you can see, the pattern fits the pixel squares very well! Now, make Fill 0, to keep only the grid visible. Right-click it and choose, Rasterize Layer Style. Now we have the grid on a separate layer. Double-click the grid layer, to open Layer Style. Click on Drop Shadow. then, add these values. This will add a 1 Pixel depth to the grid, and give us a great effect. You can control the shadow opacity as you like. Also, You can decrease the all layer opacity from here. 30% will do great for me. Select both layers and drag to group them. Now, go and create a Hue & Saturation layer. Clip mask it. then change Saturation to 20%. That’s it! Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Please don’t forget to LIKE the video. and SUBSCRIBE for more tutorials. Thanks For Watching!


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    nice video !!!but Why do I still have transparent pixels?

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