September 4, 2019

i am going to show you how to make neon
glow text stay tuned for this easy and quick
photoshop tutorial hi guys welcome back, Tom here with
another graphic design tutorial today i will show you step-by-step how to create
some really cool looking neon type in adobe photoshop it is actually very
simple and I guess you’ve seen whether length of this video you will not take
very long at all you first we need to source a background
image i suggest something back with a texture maybe breaks or word just
something like that once you have the image you can then select your color
right here i will use a vibrant pink my design you then we want to type out your text
try and choose a typeface that is rounded such as the 1 i’m using yeah police attacks wherever you like and
resize it to however large or small you want then you must duplicate the layer
you can do this by either right-click on the layer here in the window and
clicking duplicate layer your head up to the top and click layer duplicate layer
you add an inner glow to the top layer selected and then in the lair window at
the bottom head down and click layer effects you will see in a glow to click
inner glow this setting will be different from mine because it would
depend on the size of your text choose a light color either white or a lighter
shade of the color for your original text play around with the settings until
you have something similar to Maine yeah great now we want to add an outer glow
on the bottom layer so again select the layer and click the effects when do like
we did before but this time select outer glow one important point to remember
here is that the blend menu you will want to select vivid light this would
ensure that the glow blends into the background making it seem more realistic
if you see the difference between a normal blend and then back to live your
life you will notice it looks much better again play around with the
settings because they’re gonna be different from mine it depends on the size of your texts
you’re working with and they have it simple quick amazingly
effective hit the like button if you think this has been a good tutorial and
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of videos and much more into the next time design your future today

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