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How to Make Moving Pictures on Your Phone! (Plotagraph & Cinemagraph Tutorial)

August 14, 2019

– If you’ve seen posts on
Instagram like this animated photo and you’ve thought, how do they do that? Well no matter what you
call them, cinemagraphs, plotagraphs, or the much
more technical name, I like to call them moving pictures, in this tutorial I’m
gonna show you exactly how to create moving
pictures, or plotagraphs, or cinemagraphs or whatever
you wanna call them. (upbeat music) Hi, it’s Justine Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here then
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you can find linked in the description box below. So, let’s jump into it. If you’ve been on Facebook
or Instagram at all lately, you’ve most likely stumbled
across some amazing posts that are essentially moving photos. Some of the image is frozen, like a photo and other parts are moving like video. What? I’m sure if you’ve seen one of these, then it definitely grabbed your attention. So the next logical thing
I’m sure you asked yourself was that’s awesome, how can I do that? Well the good news is
they’re not hard to make and there’s some great apps that let you do it right on your smartphone. That’s what we’re gonna be
covering off in this video, exactly how to create your
magical moving pictures right on your iPhone or Android device. It’s incredibly easy. To start, we actually
have to go back and look at that whole naming thing
again because there actually are two ways to do this, we’re
gonna be covering off both. To put this issue to rest, what exactly are these magical animated
picture things called. Well, you might have heard
them called both plotagraphs and cinemagraphs, and in reality
both of them are correct. It actually just depends
on how you actually create your final image. A cinemagraph starts
off with video footage where you’re freezing
an element of the video and loop the movement part around. Whereas, a plotagraph on the
other hand, is the opposite. You’re starting off with a still photo and you animate things
like water or clouds to make it look like video. So, one starts with a photo the
other one starts with video. But, in either case it’s
important to know how to do both so you can create moving
picture awesomeness no matter what files you’re working with. Now that we got that out of the way, let’s jump into how to make them. We’re gonna start off
looking at cinemagraphs which is where we start with video. There’s an absolute heap of apps out there for creating cinemagraphs
on both IOS and Android but without a doubt, the clear standout, the absolute best app, is
called Cinemagraph Pro. Cinemagraph Pro is currently
selling in the app store for $139.99, so it’s definitely not for someone just dabbling in this, it is definitely aimed
at the professionals. If you’re gonna be creating
a heap of this type of content, then it
might be a fit for you. Don’t worry, because
we’re gonna be showing you a much cheaper app
that will work on both IOS and Android and still
get you great results. So, the app that we’re
gonna be looking at, again on both IOS and
Android, is called Loopsie. The app itself is actually
free but it does put a small watermark on your finished product unless you pay to remove it
with the in App purchase, which is around $4 U.S. Just before I show you
exactly how to do it, my number one tip when
you’re creating cinemagraphs whether you’re doing it on your phone, which I’m gonna show you,
or whether you’re using your DSLR video camera
and you’re using software like Adobe Aftereffects, all cinemagraphs you need to make sure
you’re camera is on a tripod or as stable as possible,
wherever possible, to give you the best results. That’s because we’re actually
recording video footage to be looped around and
around so you don’t wanna have any motion or movement in
there from the camera itself. Once you’ve got the app
installed all you need to do is point your phone at
whatever it is you wanna shoot, press and hold the camera
button down at the bottom as you normally would
with the Facebook camera or the Instagram camera, and
you wanna hold the button down until it finishes capturing your scene. Once it’s done it’s
gonna open up your video and then all you need to do is to draw out the section of your video that you wanna have the
motion brought back in. Now you got two really
simple drawing modes. Of of them is to animate and
the other one is to freeze. By default you’re entire
image is set to freeze, so it’s a photo and you’re
only using the animate tool, the animate pen really,
to draw out the section that you want to animate. If you do too much and you wanna undo it then you can just draw back
over it with the freeze tool or with freeze enabled. You also pinch to zoom in
and out to get more detail to really dial this effect in. Once you’re done all you
have to do is hit Export and then you just need to
choose where you wanna save it. So whether you wanna directly
share it to Instagram, whether you wanna just
save it to your phone or whether you wanna share it out direct to any other app on your phone. Now while this will give
you really great results and it’s such an easy app to use, if you are looking for something on IOS that’s gonna give you a bit more control, then you can check out the app called Cinegraph Living Photos. Currently sells for
around the $3 price point. This ones very similar
in the way that it works. Again, you do your video recording, you then draw out the
sections you wanna animate. This ones got extra things like filters, and color correction, and a
few more advanced controls if you really wanna dial in the look of your finished product. So next up we’re gonna
take a look at plotagraphs, which is where we’re gonna
be animating an actual photo and making it look like a video. For this, whether you’re
on IOS or Android, there’s really two main apps
that I would suggest looking at and both of them are very very similar. The first one is called Plotaverse which is probably the most
popular app in this space. And the second one is Zoetropic. Now while the creation process
for creating plotagraphs is almost identical
between these two apps, Plotagraph does have a fair
bit more in the pro version of the app that will
let you add in filters and other sort of effects,
and video overlays to really take your
plotagraphs up a notch. But as for the actual
animation or creation of the actual plotagraph itself,
the two are very similar. Now at the time of filing this video, the Plotaverse app
itself is actually free. You will need to sign up for
an account, a free account, to be able to get in and
create your plotagraphs but they will be watermarked
when you go to export them. To remove that watermark then
you will need to pay around $5 to upgrade your version
so that watermark is gone. The Zoetropic app is a paid
app which is currently selling for just under $4, I think it’s $3.99. Which obviously being a paid app, doesn’t include any watermarks when you go to export your image. When you open up the Zoetropic
app you just swipe up and choose a photo. Next you’ve got a heap of
tools down the bottom here to really dial in and
create your animated photo. To start to add some
animations in click on motion, and then come up to your photo
and you can actually start to draw arrows on your actual photo. The idear is that you’re drawing arrows where you want the motion to be. Tap where you want the motion to start and swipe across in the direction that you want the motion to happen. Now creating a really short arrow will create a really
small amount of movement, create a long arrow will create
a huge amount of movement. At any time you can
preview your animation, just by hitting play, and
you can that straight out we’ve got some animation but everything is looking a bit warped and wobbly. The idea then is once you’ve
got your movement happening you can then start to select
elements of your scene that you don’t want to move,
so you can fix them down. You can lock them down two ways. You can either use a mask
and draw out the areas you don’t wanna be
effected by the movement. Or, you can add these
little stabilizing markers and everywhere that you drop these on, then it’s gonna stop the
movement in those areas. Now, if you make any mistakes
or you wanna remove anything, then come down to the select
tool and draw out a shape around the markers or anything
that you wanna remove, they’ll then be selected, and then you can hit the trashcan button
and that will be removed. If you wanna zoom in to get
more accuracy on your animations then you can just click the
zoom tool down at the bottom and then you can pinch to zoom in and out. And you can also tap to
drag around your image. Once you’re done you
go up to the three dots in the top right hand corner to the menu and hit Save/Export Video. In here you get to choose the actual speed or how long it’s gonna animate for, the default is six seconds. You can also set how many times you want this animation to repeat. You can see that we got six
second, repeating one time, the total video time is six seconds. You can obviously customize that up. Keep in mind that if
you are gonna be posting these to Instagram, the
videos will automatically loop themselves so you may not actually need to increase the repetitions because that will autoloop on Instagram. You can also customize
up the video resolution there as well. What I recommend is that you
just leave that on ideal, which is the best quality. Once you’re done, hit save, select MP4, that’s gonna save the
file out to your phone. And then, when you’re in Instagram or wherever you’re gonna post it, you just post it as you
would a normal video. One really quick bonus app
that I do wanna mention in here that I just came across,
which is really cool as well, it’s not for creating
plotagraphs or cinemagraphs this one will let you
create 3D moving pictures from your existing photos. It’s very similar to a
plotagraph style video, except this is making it 3D. The app that you need to
do it is called Viewmee 3D and again all the links are
gonna be in the description. All you need to do in
this app is open up one of your existing photos, tap on the section that you wanna have in the foreground and it’s automatically
gonna cut it out for you. I was pretty blown away with how accurate and how well this actually works. And then it’s gonna
create a parallax effect where it’s gonna separate the
foreground from the background add some movement to your
photo and make it look 3D. So, super simple, really quick way to create some awesome, different effects for your still photos that
you can post on social media. So now that you know how to make awesome, animated moving images for
Instagram and social media, directly from your
phone, if you are looking to up your video game
as well then make sure you grab our free PDF
download linked on screen for both iPhone and Android
where it covers a heap of tips and tricks to help
you tannex your results while you’re creating
videos on your phone. There’s also a gear list in there as well of all our recommended gear to help you get the best results
from your smartphone. I’ll see ya next time.


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