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How To Make Money With Clickbank For 2020

December 4, 2019

all righty guys welcome to today’s video
in this video I’m gonna show you how you can help other people get paid good
money to sell their photography and make a tidy sum of money yourself alright so
you’re gonna want to stick around and see this whole video and I’m gonna get
you started on it here right now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video and as I said before I’m going to show you how you can help other people
make money with their quality photography that they’ve taken and get
paid a nice tidy sum yourself in the process
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your life as well alrighty guys alrighty well with all that out of the way my
name is Kevin Lehner with Kevin – later comm and we’re going to get started in
on this video here today right now I’m pretty anxious to show this to you
alright so we’re going to come over here of course to our favorite up or a
browser that we use and we’re going to load up Clickbank we’re going to be
using Clickbank today and what we did is that Clickbank if you don’t have a
membership at Clickbank or an account it’s easy enough to get one just click
the sign up or create an account and sign up for free with Clickbank and when
you do that then you want to click on the marketplace that will bring you over
here to this page right here and you’ll look down and you’ll see all the
different categories of products that you can market or sell as an affiliate
as you can see here now what I’ve done all these have sub niches underneath of
them – all kinds of niches here they all have subcategories with different
products that you can mark it as well but for today’s video here we’re going
to be using I typed in if you’ll notice up here in their search engine I typed
in photos and just clicked on the little search
magnifying glass there brings us over here to this and what we’re going to do
is we’re going to come down here to this particular one right here it says
photography jobs online 2019 get paid to take photos right now you can make up to
two hundred and four dollars and eleven cents per sale with this and it’s a
recurring income in other words it every month this is a membership thing and
every month that someone signs up and pays their membership fee you get paid
again so it’s recurring every month you get paid from the same person as long as
they stay a member on the site okay all right so if we click on this link right
here it actually takes us over here and I’ve already done this pre video here
for you guys and this is the sales page that they would come to and where your
affiliate link is going to bring them to this page right here and if they can
scroll down and read this right here as well as we come down you’ll see that
this company they hook them up with companies that will pay them for their
photography and as we look down here which by the way guys this as you can
see here this is this is available worldwide it doesn’t matter where you’re
at you can sign up to sell Clickbank products worldwide and this particular
product that you’re selling today in this video is available world wide and
it’s free to do okay all right so if a person here joins up here they and they
just upload or submit online and their photos if they did a hundred photos per
month and they got an average download per day of five times per day at $1 per
photograph that could make $500 per week see that right there and they could make
$2,000 per month at that rate and they can you can it’s a little calculator or
you can they can come and you can see how many different photos that you
upload so forth and versus how much money
you’ll make and so on and so forth down through here so this is what they’ll see
this particular page here and then if we click on the photography jobs online
we’ll click on the affiliate link right down here as you can see that’ll bring
us over here and you can see how much you can make as the affiliate selling
this product right marketing this product here now if you got just five
sales per day that equal out to a hundred and fifty members per month
you’d make over two thousand dollars per month yourself marketing this product
and then you can see down through here what it says and I’ll try to zoom in
just a little bit here for it to help you out there and you can see what it
says here for a month two on this file five sales a day four thousand a month
three six thousand and you can see it goes up from there month five on just
five sales per day at that point you’d have about six hundred members plus 150
750 total and that would put you at ten thousand dollars per month
assuming that everybody stays a member an active member for this now on this
what will happen is is if I can find it down through here I’m not sure this is
the affiliate page here I said we’ll come back on this page here and scroll
down to the bottom how you make that recurring income if we click on the link
here to join it brings them over here and you see they select a membership
okay and then submit their photos and then what it is is they get a seven day
trial first for just one dollar as you can see here and then after that if they
like it and they continue their monthly membership to receive updates and
unlimited support it’s only twenty seven dollars per month to stay active in a
membership on this so and you get recurring income every time they pay
that okay all right so enough about that now so we
have the product that we’re going to market how are we going to market it now
okay so what we’re going to do is we’re going to come over here to a site and
this is just one site there are others that you can do this on and remember
guys I’m just going to tell you here at the outset that this is a numbers game
in other words the more you post the more chance you have for sales right
that’s the way internet marketing is the more you posts the more content you post
the more chance you have for sales well Pat that’s the way it’s no different
with this right here what I’m showing here today either so we’re going to come
over to pixabay I think most of you have heard about this site pixabay it’s free
photographs you can download any of these photographs for free it doesn’t
cost anything you can see how many times they’ve been downloaded and so on and so
forth and down through here and there are many pictures now I came here and I
typed in for example I typed in scenery up here which I’ll just do it again
scenery scenery photos because I like I like scenery photos like with pictures
of land and mountains and Sun sunsets and sunrises those types of things and
as you can see it brings up and look how they look at the good quality of these
photos these are all free photos guys so now how are we gonna make money with
this well we’re going to help these people because these people that are
putting these good quality pictures or photos up on this site are letting
people download them for free they don’t realize that they can actually make
money with this all right so what we’re going to do is well how you’re gonna
make money with this is one click on one of these pictures here it doesn’t matter
just pick one and click on it and then you see it brings over here where you
can see a little bit better shot I would show some more of their images here and
then talks a little bit about it down here
it’s been downloaded this petition this particular photo right here beautiful
sunset has been downloaded a hundred thousand one hundred and forty four
times and some people have come and over here on it as well now what we’re going
to do though is we’re going to click on the the person’s account name up here
that has this particular account and uploads these pictures on pixabay so if
we click on that it takes us over to the profile and you can see
Blizz niak is the name of the person that has this particular profile with
all the pictures and there’s the one we were just looking at and he’s got many
more and you’ll notice that the quality of these pictures are very good okay
they’re very good quality pictures you can see some of the stats on his account
here he’s had almost two hundred thousand downloads of his pictures and
likes and favorited and comments and then how many followers he has on his on
his account here for his pictures now how are we gonna help this guy make
money because he’s letting people download these pictures for free well
we’re gonna help him make some money with these pictures because these
pictures are worth money they’re very good quality as you can see well what
we’re going to do is we’re gonna come up here and you see up here at the upper
right or you can actually suck in so to speak buy him a coffee message him and
follow him as well what we want to do is click on message here so if we click on
a message we’re gonna message this person Lesniak okay now what we’re going
to do is we’re just going to type a nice message in here and we’re not going to
try to be to sales they were just gonna offer something to him I’m gonna offer
him this particular affiliate product okay that we’re talking about on
Clickbank alright you see where I’m going with this right alright so let’s
just put in here for example so what we’re going to do is we’re going to type
in here make 2000 per month selling your photos all right
guys and then we’ll just put it in down here we’ll put will say hi
Blizz niak go spell on that right now bears neck and then put another line
down here and I’ll say I really love your photos they are great quality sort
of give them a little bit of you know make it feel good about his pictures and
stuff they are a great quality the pictures will say okay and then next
line now we’ll give a couple spaces and I’ll say did you know that you can make lots of money with your photos question
mark another couple of lines down and we just simply say you really should see
this a couple of dots or so after that come down a couple more lines a couple
more dots and then click here to see this and then we’ll put a little coal in
there and then we’re going to come back to a bitly where I showed you before
right and we come over to bitly we’re going to put our Clickbank link you see
I’ve done this a couple of times already and put your Clickbank clicking into the
wall one and then after you get that remember we go back over to Clickbank
you just click on promote it brings this up make sure this your nickname is in
there and then if you want you can put photos in there so you know where your
clicks come from all right and then you click on generate hop links now I’ve
already done this all so so if I come back over here to bed
late and I’ve pasted that in there and then you click shorten there’ll be a
link up there for short and click on that you know we’re sorting that link up
so then we’ll copy that link and then we will test it test it out make sure it
goes to where we want it to go to right which it does as you can see all right
so then we’ll come back to our message and we will paste that bitly link right
there so and then and then we’ll come down here and I’ll click I’ll just type
in thanks comma and then my name okay and you want to make sure you check this
box here so this little gadget box here we’re not a gadget right we’re just
we’re human check that and get give you the check mark there and then you just
click on submit after that and then that will submit the message to him and
you’ll see it if I click on it you see up here at the top it says message has
been sent and that’ll go away here in the second there you go so you see guys
it’s just a matter of doing this more the more times you do it the more
chances you have for sales like I will say it right all right so then you just
come back and we’ll come back a page and we’ll pick another one a couple pages
here to get us back to the scenery photos where we type scenery and up here
and then you just pick another one and it doesn’t matter which one I mean you
guys could type in mountains or buildings or trees or cars or anything
like that that you can think of that you want to do this but but it doesn’t
matter it’s the more you post the more messages you send the more chances for
someone to click on your link and you to make a sale all right so let’s pick
another good one here for example this won’t be a good one right here to do and
so that’s a pretty good picture there so then again click on the click go over to
that click on that person’s account you see right there
and then that brings over to their account and then all you gonna do you
can see all their pictures that they’ve uploaded all down through here’s good
quality photos and then what we’re going to do is click again we’re gonna come
over here to the right click on message and then we’ll put in here will save
make $2,000 per month with your photos right same thing and then well down here
again we’ll say hi that person’s name is free photos so it’ll say free – photos
photos and then you just want to simply say again I really love your photos they
are great quality okay something along that line you guys can copy this or you
can make up your own just don’t be real salesy you just want to do it so that
there you know you just want offer it to them okay and then down here and then
say did you know that you can make lots of money selling your photos so that
right we’ll be in good shape in question mark and then down here and just click
here to see this and then : and then we will put our
Billy link right there again okay so that they can click on when they click
on it then we have a chance to make a sale all right so the more you do it the
more chance you have all right then just come down a couple of lines I’m gonna
say thanks comma and then put your name in there check the little on out a robot
box here the submit link comes up and then just click on submit as you can see
up here at the top message has been sent so you see guys that’s how you can do
this you can make lots of money doing this by the more times that you send
these messages to people the more chances you have for sales okay and this
is not the only site you can also do the same thing on Flickr calm as well
alrighty guys well that’s what I had for you today I wanted to show you this
really cool way to make sales on with Clickbank products for you so if you
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in one day possibility with this and have your own business up and running
within 15 days in affiliate marketing with all the knowledge you need to make
it successful as well alrighty guys well I’m gonna let you go with that and I’ll
see you again here real soon on the next exciting video you guys take care and
have an awesome day today bye bye now


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