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September 6, 2019

hey guys welcome back to the channel I’m
Kevin later the freedom motivator and today got a pretty good video for you
gonna show you how you can make twenty to sixty dollars per day as a mock jerk
of all tanks check that out so stick around right back in just a moment hey guys welcome back to the channel I’m
Kevin Lightner with freedom motivator and if this is your first time here
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is your first time here what we do here is we do entrepreneurship videos how-to
videos affiliate marketing videos once in a while a motivational video and
sometimes we’ll throw in a few of those not as often as we do the money-making
ones but anyways often generally just how to videos and value videos that will
help you in your marketing and your business endeavors okay alright well
with all that said and we’ll get on with what I wanted to show you today today
I’m like I said earlier I’m gonna show you how you can become a mock juror of
all things and get paid twenty to sixty dollars per day to do this now some
people may be asking what is a mock juror well does that mean I have to go
to court or whatever and not an answer well did you do anything wrong now you
don’t have them just messing with you you don’t have good quarter nothing and
you don’t and you don’t even have to go there to to see if you can become a
juror and like that No so what most people is asked to probably what is a
mock jurors okay well I did a little searching around here we’ll get right on
in this and I come up with a little definition here for it says
what is a mop juror amount juror doesn’t have to go to a mop courtroom or any
courtroom for that matter in here a mock case
or render a mock opinion a mock juror just gets a bunch of documents in the
comfort of his or her own home and gets paid for your opinion of feedback legal
teams need this as a trial run for their big cases and you can get paid to read
interesting stories and see fascinating evidence all without going anywhere okay
so that’s pretty much it so you can do it right from the comfort of your own
home all right so now what I want to show you is what I found is this website
right here you can go to it’s called online verdict calm end up their online
verdict calm and you can sign up to be a juror in a mock juror with this website
here and some of the benefits of that are right here I mean they’ve got course
attorneys come in and says the attorneys have to be in this system on off this
site and you get jobs based on that through your email address okay so let’s
see what some of the benefits are of being a mock jury here with online
verdict oh so it says right here it says that you get paid to review and respond
legal cases extra money earn extra money by becoming an online verdict jury you
will review interesting legal cases from the comfort of your home provide
feedback through online questionnaires and be paid well for your time online
verdict provides online case review and through or feedback services to
attorneys case information is summarized and presented to qualified jurors in the
venue where the case was filed and feedback is then used by the attorneys
to discover the strengths and weaknesses of their case the they can’t see that word Hurley their
name is something settlement value in general attitudes and opinions about
their case this information allows attorneys and legal professionals to
make better decisions about trying mediating and settling their legal
disputes okay it says that yeah the possible settlement value and general
attitudes I’ve got something on my other monitor here that keeps me from viewing
it’s my monitor has been bleeding lately anyways but so you have anyways no talks
about intellectually stimulating opportunity to be a mock juror and
decide real cases earn additional money working from home
students housewives retirees self-employed and professionals are
needed and there’s minimal minimal prerequisites to qualify such as argue a
US citizen over the age of 18 18 or over and you can choose which cases you want
to review and there’s no long-term commitment okay alright and let’s go
over here to see how it works how it works is you can earn income and says
again for your opinion provide some basic information on sign up demographic
information to qualify as a juror in your county and/or federal district now
that says you just review and respond and then one an attorney post an
eligible case in your county or federal district you’ll receive an email
invitation from online verdict to review the case at your convenience and as was
that word once enough responses are received the case will close and no
additional participant participants are needed my screen is blocking here
since after accepting the invitation to be an online juror be asked to agree to
the confidentiality possibly pop up policy okay and then review the case
materials and then answer all questions about the case there are no right or
wrong answers attorneys benefit most from your honest reaction to the
information that was presented to you in the case and then to get paid juror
payment is made by check once per month alrighty so if we come over here to how
it works pretty much that we pretty much covered
anything here but we’ll check it and see here I’m already on how it works okay my
bad I mean frequently asked questions slipped in here today all right so
there’s some things here a juror process fees and payment so I think that’s one
we want to see right how much we’re gonna make right all right so it says
down here and one of the questions are there any sign up of participation fees
for the jurors answer is there are no fees to sign up and participate as a
mock during online verdict we pay you to review the cases for us and then of
course the neck that brings up the next question is how much like it paid well
each case review may take anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes to complete depending
on the length of the case summary and the number of attorney provided
questions juror payments amount amounts between 20 and 60 dollars reflect the
amount of time we estimate that takes to review the case the amount of payment
for each case will be noted in the email invitation that you received and that
says checks were mailed one to two weeks after you complete the
case review okay can I get paid by paypal or some other
method their answer was the only way we pay our jurors is by checks and through
the mail to your and this occurs that the participants are who they say they
are and that they live in the correct venue
county or district of where the case the actual case is being held and no taxes
taken out unless you make over 600 here they’ll send you a 1099 five men
inspected caseload it depends on I’ve already been through most of this it
depends on where you live at and how I suppose how large the population is now
this probably wouldn’t serve me too well try this myself as I live in a small
farming town of a population of about seven thousand people so probably
wouldn’t get many invites there’s there’s a little bit larger towns in
this particular County that I live in but probably wouldn’t be as good as if
you lived in like you know around the Chicago area or Detroit or or New York
or you know some large metropolitan area like that where you can you know you’d
probably get more opportunities to make more money so if you live in a I’d say
if you look somewhere in a population that’s you know fifty thousand and above
you’d be good to go with it you’d probably get you probably get a few
cases to review form and stuff so and then in creator cancel your account and
this shows off some other things down here I’m not going to go through all of
it here but if you guys want to see it it’s it online query com frequently
asked questions okay alright so basically that pretty much they’re in is
what I wanted to show you you flip over to the about us to a little bit about
them here I guess and basically it’s about about what they’re doing feedback
from qualified jurors online verdict was created by experienced trial consultants
well what’s a trial consultant I think that’s just a fancy way of saying
attorneys my experience is that I was called in years ago for to be a jury for
subpoenaed for jury duty in a county that I lived in in a large town before
years ago and so that just depends you know I suppose like that
it you don’t get paid this much I know that you get paid better here than going
in and actually being an actual juror I think they only get something like what
is it you know 16 dollars a day 13 somewhere in that range something like
that and but anyways and online jury focus groups and quick affordable and
reliable alternative to live jury research in the case if the case value
does not want a traditional focus group or mock trial if attorneys are debating
whether to take the case or not or if they are looking for preliminary
feedback on case issues before they conduct other research online very focus
groups can be a helpful resource for so yeah they’re looking for people and
obviously if you’re interested you can then of course sign up right here on
this page right here so once it loads up your internet run little bit slow but so
yeah they’ll they’re gonna ask you for some information here and so on and so
forth down through here but yeah I’ll let you guys check that out this is what
I had for you guys today I wanted to show you on like verdict Kombi a mock
juror make anywhere from twenty to sixty dollars per day possibly okay depending
on the amount of cases that you get in the district and county you live in
population and amount of amount of cases that the attorneys have and so on and so
forth okay all right well hey if you like this video and reach down there and
click that thumbs up button for me if you would appreciate it and then that’s
all I have for you today hope you got some value out of this hope you enjoyed
this if you did we’ll see you again in a couple of days on the next video okay
all right you guys have a great day today

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