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How To Make Money Online For Beginners Simple Method

October 30, 2019

hey guys welcome to today’s video in
this video I’m gonna show you a simple method that you can do from home to make
money for free so stick around we’re going to get started on that here right
now all righty guys welcome back to the
video as I said in the beginning I’m going to show you a simple method to
make money from home for free and this is available anywhere in the world you
can do this from anywhere it doesn’t matter where you’re at long as you have
a computer and internet access right alright so first of all let me say at
the outset here particularly need to stay and watch this whole video because
there’s an important part or an important step to this to make this work
right okay so I’m in tortilla and I’ll explain that to you and show you how to
do that okay so for right now what we’re going to do for this easy method we’re
going to come over to a site everybody’s familiar with called right
everybody knows about fiber pretty much right and what’s going to do is come
here and talk we’re going to type in for example up here in their search engine
up here I’m going to type in transcribe video and then just press ENTER and you
see that brings us over to where you see oh there’s a lot of folks here that are
that do this and it’s a very easy I’m going to show you a very easy method to
do this you could do one of these in about 10 minutes and about 10 well I’m
about 15 because you’re going to have to upload the video to your YouTube channel
to make this work okay and there’s a portent step to that that I’ll show you
here a little bit all right so anybody’s going to come over here to fiber you’re
going to click up here to either become a seller or join if you don’t have an
account on fiber and you’re going to become a seller you’re going to start a
transcription gig on fiber here for transcribing this like you see some of
these other people have done now for example how would you get your gig
because there’s quite a few people doing this right how would you get your gig to
rank up high on fiber and in the search engines well when you click when you
create your transcribe or transcription gig after click
become a seller you’re going to click on find some of these that are that have
got a lot like this well here’s got like a rating of 5.0 and it’s got 937 jobs
done they’re charging $5 to start now for example for clicked on that that one
there and you can do this on any of them that you want and you can see that for
the basic they’ll transcribe transcribe anywhere from one minute to an hour and
a half of audio in so on and so forth now this one’s just doing shows audio
here and then for five dollars wouldn’t Entenmann’s to have a standard package
for 30 or they’ll do for the same for video and audio and then a premium
package at 100 where they’ll do a whole lot more stuff here for that much money
so you can set yours to however you want on your gig you know you can start it at
five and then work set your standard package up and a premium package as well
and make more money and so anyways you want to come to one of these that’s got
a reasonable amount because that means that they’re doing good and there’s
ranks up pretty good in the search engines and on Fiverr how they do that
well what you’re going to do when you create your gig and click on one of
these these ones that have a high amount here you’re going to come down to the
bottom of that video let’s go all the way to the bottom and you see down here
where it says related tags you see these are the tags that this particular person
is using on their gig to help them rank on fiber ok and get up towards the top
on fiber and in the search engines eventually it’ll take time to get into
the Google search engines on this but on five words should happen fairly quick
other thing but you’re going to use their tags just copy their tags that
they’re using and use their tags on your gig or your transcribe channel here on
fiber right so that’s a first of all you want to set up your gig on Fiverr for
transcribing because the world transcribed videos and audio okay this
can be done both video and audio books another thing is is if it’s audio you’re
going to need to convert it into an mp4 file and upload it to your YouTube
channel so so we’ve created our gig already on fire right so then we would
come over and we would upload that video to our Channel and then take that video
link for example I’m just going to use one of my videos right here it doesn’t
matter which one and if I click on that you’re going to pick on the video that
you upload now when you upload it you wanna you want to set it to unlisted
because this isn’t going to be a public video for anybody right when you upload
the video for example if a click on upload here in to upload a video to
YouTube it comes here and you have the choice right here to set it as public
unlisted private or schedule if you want to set your video to unlisted because
this is not going to be a public video someone else’s video right so you want
to set it make sure that you uploaded as unlisted and then just click upload
upload the video on the YouTube on your YouTube channel okay all right so then
coming back here then what we would do will take the video I’m just going to
load up the video here turn it off so don’t play here right now I’m going to
come up here after you’ve uploaded your video on YouTube you’re gonna upload
come up here at the top click on the link in the address bar oh that’s the
link to this particular video or the video that you upload right and you’re
going to copy that link it’s right click and copy then you’re going to come over
to another site called content Baer dot Co content bear dot Co then press enter
and that loads up this little this little website right here now this is
where you’re going to transcribe your video
to text for the customer that asks you to do that right so you take your video
URL that you uploaded on your channel of the person’s video your customer and
bring it over here and then you’re going to right click and paste it in and then
just click on fetch and you see see it’s taken all the words out of my video or
the video that you uploaded it’ll take all the words out of that and give you
those words and then what you want to do is just simply copy that to the
clipboard down here you can click on that copy the clipboard here or you can
just highlight the whole thing and then just click right click and click copy
copy that bring it over to open up now I’m running Windows you may be running
Mac it doesn’t matter if you’re on Mac you’re going to open up your file editor
or a notepad or something along that line or you know a word processing
program like Microsoft Word or something like that but anyways on on Windows I’m
going to open up notepad here okay and then open up notepad so we take and we
copy that to the clipboard write text successfully copied to the clipboard it
says up here to write and then bring it back off into notepad and then we’re
just going to paste it in there and then what you’ll do is just click and save
the file as save that file onto your hard drive all right and then after
you’ve done that you’re gonna you’ll take and just take that file and bring
that file back to fiber log back into your account for now already and go to
the person that that signed up for your gig right they continued and signed up
for for your gig and you’re going to mail that file back to them as
transcribed and that’s all it takes and you can make money like that that’s just
that’s all there is to it it could be done probably in about 15
minutes per order you can do this over and over and over and make quick
and easy money for free now here’s the important part that I needed that you
need to know this is why I told you you need to stick around for this whole
video this process will not work unless your videos are set to your videos are
set to subtitles automatic or closed captions as automatic if you forget to
do that and you bring that video over to content bear and you put it in here in
it in and try and try to fetch the words out of it will transcribe words it’ll
pop up here if it’s not set to subtitles or closed captioning it’ll pop up with a
message up here and say this video can’t be fetched because it doesn’t have
captions set okay so how do you do that alright so back on your YouTube channel
alright you uploaded your video now YouTube here lately in the last couple
of weeks or so has switched over and has everybody using the new use YouTube
studio beta here but I find that that is is I’m still getting used to it and it’s
still in beta and it runs it’s very buggy yet so we don’t we’re not we don’t
want to use that what would have to click on it anyways to get the world we
need to go here so click on use YouTube studio beta and that’ll bring it over to
the new studio beta and what we’re going to do is we’re going to come down to the
bottom here on the Left column you see over here where it says creator studio
classic you want to Swit click on that remember this is the important part that
needs to be done or this won’t work and you’re going to come up it’s going to
bring this up here because YouTube is wanting people’s opinions of what they
think about the studio the new beta versions of the studio and right now as
far as for me I don’t know how it will work on your computer for me it’s very
slow so I would check this box here and give them a reason why I’m switching
just type in like this for me or something but doesn’t matter
for our example here we’re just going to click skip down here at the bottom right
so we click skip and it takes us over to creator studio the old version right and
let’s say that this is the video you uploaded using my channel here of course
as an example what you do is you come over to the next to that video that you
upload in convert creator studio and you’ll under unlisted remember you
uploaded it as unlisted but it’ll still show here and you come over and next to
the video click the little drop down box here and you come down to subtitles and
CC which is closed captions and click on that and then that brings over to here
and then you want you can add you can add subtitles or closed caption over
your own if you want by clicking here but you want to make sure that it says
in English is what I’m usually can use it in any language you can set this in
any language you want but English it’s set to automatic you want to make sure
that it’s set your subtitles and closed captioning up here are set to automatic
on the video if not you just click on here and it brings you over to here and
it should tell you here whether it’s turned on or turned off or what right
here subtitles right here source set to automatic on my video here if it’s not
you come over here and click on edit ok and in the Edit opens up and you can
choose actions here come over here where it says actions and click auto generate
see that auto generate the subtitles click on that it’ll say Auto generation
completed then you just click publish the edits ok and that sets it in there
and now your now your your subtitles are turned off subtitles are published C in
English so if it makes up make sure that subtitles are turned on and published on
the video that you uploaded from your customer right
okay and then once that’s done then you can come back to your channel and come back to your channel click on the
click on the video like I said reach up here grab your link right click copy
then bring it over to content Bearer paste it in here click fetch and you can
get all the words that were spoken in that video or audio out of here copy it
posted to your notepad or something like that give it a file name and then simply
take it back to fiber and put it into your customers and give it back to your
customer and get paid it’s just that simple
this can be done in about 15 minutes for one video request one video order or
Audio order from a customer alright well guys that’s what I wanted to show you
today it’s a pretty simple method to make money and show you all the ways and
the important thing that needs to be done here to make this simply work for
you ok well guys if you want to see it my
number one recommended business so make sure you reach down there below in that
description and click where it says mentor with keV comm also and there’s
plenty of other videos or videos down in the description there that will help you
out too check that out and I’m going to let you
go with that and I’ll see you again here in a couple of days on the next video
alright you guys take care don’t forget to subscribe to the channel and click
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next video right you guys take care bye bye now


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