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How To Make Money From Home $500 – $1500 Per Month +Bonus

October 19, 2019

alright guys right here at the outset
I’m gonna straight-up tell you that if you leave this video without watching
the whole thing through you’re gonna miss out on two things that I’m going to
show you here one you’re going to miss out on how to make 500 to 1500 dollars
per month and number two you’re gonna miss out on the bonus that I have for
you towards the end of this video so don’t waste my time and don’t waste your
time you’re here already stick around so that you can get a hold
of this and bring some financial freedom into your life and I’m gonna get you
started on that right now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video my name is Kevin Lehner with Kevin – laner comm this video right here guys
makes the 167th video that I have on my channel bringing nothing but value and
ways to make money online to help bring freedom to your life so that you don’t
have to work a job or what I like to call it a just over broke alright
alrighty guys well if this is your first time to my videos or you’ve been here
before and I bring so much value to the table with you guys with all these
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okay alrighty guys well with that out of the way let’s get started on today’s
video it’s another website where you can become a tester and test websites for
well-known fortune 500 companies who need your experience in your opinions
and your thoughts and ideas and criticisms about their products and
services online okay alright so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna come over
here click on the good old up or a browser that I like to use mostly which
I do have Chrome as well too but I prefer opera and will come over to this
site this site right here is called a user zoom again just like the the past
two videos in the last couple of days or so and there’s another one now if you
stick around with me through this whole video because and you’re gonna want to
because I’m going to show you how you can make 500 to 1500 dollars per month
and make this a full time income for you and I also have a
for you at the near the end of this okay once I get through showing you about
user zoom here all right so just hang out with me we’ll get to it here in just
a little bit all right so user zoom here you see it up here in
the address bar it’s a user zoom dot-com okay come over here to this website now
again they do u X which means testing insights for better digital experiences
from for fortune 500 and big-time companies as you can see down here some
of the companies that they use are Santander news UK and everybody knows
about Sears right the Sears company and then just go down here this front page
right here is for companies to come so that they can see this and learn about
why they would want to use user zoom to test out their websites or products
online products right and you can see that they can discover and validate and
measure their wallet quantify and quality tests that they can measure
again on their products to see and get ideas on how to improve their online
presence or their products right and then so they’re asking they’ll out they
saw them lots of different things in here they tell them that they can do
they can source their their tests find the right users with automated flexible
participation participants sourcing access 120 million plus participants
that would be you when you sign up here right and through years resume software
and invite your own and participant sourcing caps are qualitative and
qualitative testing UX insights and metrics to triangulate your digital
experience and make informed decisions so you can see that these companies come
here to this site and they need to find out how to they can improve their looks
in the operation and the products of their websites and so
so forth and they need you to do that with okay all right and then of course
they can share that information among their different departments that’s what
this is all about over here shared collaborating and actionable insights
across their organization okay and then it tell them a little bit they asked
them why would they choose UX testing and it tells a little bit about that and
so on and so forth shows them a little bit of statistics here on how they can
get a good return on investment and the benefits to them over a three-year
period here and six months to get paid back on the investment and so forth but
that guys tell us a little bit about to the companies but that doesn’t help you
right you’re interested in how you can make money with this company aren’t you
yeah so am i all right so let’s go ahead another thing to here
I wanted to show you this because I thought this was interesting look who
uses this website look who uses user zoom here
it’s PayPal right everybody knows about PayPal which by the way you’re gonna
sign up here you need to have a PayPal account if you don’t go to
and use an email address a good email address and sign up with PayPal so that
you can get paid all right but nevertheless PayPal even uses the user
zoom here as well as monster and some of these other well-known companies and
they have case study of PayPal how that how their results came out using user
zoom to test their products and their websites and stuff right so all right so
then it comes down so what we’re doing now let’s get on with how we can make
some money right what you want to do when you come to this website here if
you want to come up here to the upper right and click up here where it says
join our panel you see that right up here to the upper right join our panel
you click on that that brings you over here to this site in Tellez oompe
which works with user zone and then it says your opinion matters and get paid
to share your experiences and make an impact on products that you love and
care about or use on a regular basis right such as PayPal right all right it
says here get paid quickly and easily saving up for something or looking for
that bit of extra spending money join the people all over the world so there
you go guys right there tells you that this can be done anywhere in the world
it’s free to sign up it doesn’t cost a thing alright and make additional income
by sharing your experiences influence product experiences make an immediate
impact on the products that you love and use every day by sharing your opinion
with the people that make and improve those products the company’s right then
you can do it in your spare time you got 15 to 20 minutes that says to spare
giving feedback is easy participate in studies remotely on your schedule from
home or on the go using your own device okay and then come down here a little
further get get feedback get paid says it got questions and we got entered
answers here all right so let’s go through these right here because it
gives some pretty good information about how to work with this site okay so it
says how quickly can I start taking studies well it says as soon as you
finish the registration process and answer three basic profiling questions
which have to do with demographics basically you know what devices to use
your experience on the Internet where you live at those types of things
okay and then it says how long are the studies going to be most studies take an
average of ten to twenty minutes to do alrighty
you know it says how old do I have to be says here all participants must be 18
years or older US citizens must be 21 years or older well that kind of
press here in the United States got to be 21 I guess we’re not as smart as
people in other countries here so they won’t want us to wait or 21 years old
before we can sign up all right I’m just having fun guys that’s okay but
anyways yeah if you’re over 18 or 21 you’re good to go here all right so says
here how many study invitations will I receive well the number of opportunities
you receive will depend on the number of a number of factors such as your
demographics and your quality rating so like the other sites I showed you in the
other couple of videos last couple of days or so about this places like this
you want you have a rating in other words the higher your rating gets and
the better you are at doing these testing for these companies the more
they will ask for you and the more better test that you’ll get in probably
the more money you’ll make us as a part of that process – okay all right so and
then down here says how much money could I make well payments depend on the
complexity of the study for studies that record think out loud audio and videos
or video you can expect to make on ten dollars on average now I can hear some
of you saying but Kevin you told us you that we can make 500 to $1,500 a month
and make this in before how’s that going to work on ten dollars well guys just
hang out there with me just hang in there with me I’m going to show you here
a little bit all right just hang out bear with me okay all right now it well
it says also says for standard surveys the payment is $2.00 on average okay so
hang out there with me I’m gonna get to this good part here in
a moment all right says what do I need to participate in these studies all you
need is a computer a tablet or a smart phone check that out you can even use
your phone with this company and a reliable connection to Wi-Fi well I’m
going to tell you what Wi-Fi is good but it’s not a stable of connection as a
cable connection so if you have a computer or a laptop that you can
connect up with an Ethernet cable will have a direct cable connection that’s
going to be a much better connection than Wi-Fi but Wi-Fi can be used okay
it’s it can be used that’s just something to think about
all right now in a quiet place and the ability to download user zooms certified
testing software and install it on your device okay all right and then it says
when do I get my money that’s what we’re interested in right all right
payments are sent out via PayPal within 21 business days after the completion of
the study once your results have been reviewed and approved most results are
approved within three to five days and it says you will receive the payment in
the same email you use to register so guys probably it’d be best to use it be
easier I would think to use your email that you registered with PayPal to
register with this company as well okay probably just make it easier in that way
you don’t have to think oh man did I put the right email address in from my
PayPal or whatever make sure it’s the same email that way you don’t have to
you don’t get confused or anything like that okay all right so we’ve gone
through the questions here and so what we do is going to come back up here and
this button right here where it says let’s do this I’m gonna click on that
button and that brings us over here we’re they’re going to ask you five
questions you’re filling out your registration here of course they’re
going to here to ask your first and last name and then probably you’re going to
your email address make sure you put your paypal email in and use
for less confusion tonight and then they’re gonna ask you other things you
know you’re probably your address maybe your phone number and so on and so forth
that’s just a register with the site and once you get registered then you just
log in and then you can work and you’ll get sort of like a back office in your
account there and then you can do other settings in there and set yourself up on
how you want to do maybe there’s certain tests that they have or whatever that
you can qualify for or take or you can get rated on certain different
categories and stuff then make yourself available to different companies for
different testing or whatever something you just have to log in and check out
for yourself okay so anyways that’s how you get signed up for this company here
now that brings me to the bonus that I wanted to take here I’m going to show
you how you can make that 15 500 to 1500 dollars per month that I was telling you
about right that you saw on my thumbnail that you clicked on here alright so
you’re gonna sign up with this site right here right that’s about ten
dollars then if you remember the last couple of days I don’t know maybe most
of you might not have seen my videos but I did videos over the last week here of
three other companies that do testing okay this one right here you want to
walk come to my channel and watch this video here this has to do with try MIUI
hundred dollars per week one percent free start today this one here you want
to watch as well this is make ten to fifty dollars per day from anywhere in
the world okay and then this one over here is earn fifty to a hundred dollars
per day easy these three places are all testing website and product testing
sites that you can sign up for for free and work at from anywhere in the world
now now I’m going to tell you how you can make this into a full time income
and make anywhere from five hundred to a thousand five hundred per month
let’s say you join up here with a user zoom right let’s say you join up with
the site I talked about here in this video make sure you come watch these
videos on my channel come to the freedom motivator
Kevin Lander freedom motivator channel and make sure you watch this video right
here 100 dollars per week 1 percent free start today make sure you watch this
video here about this company make 10 to 50 dollars per day from anywhere make
sure you watch this one right here earn 50 to 100 dollars per day easy these
videos were made in the last week including the one you’re watching right
now you sign up for all of those 4 and check this out I’ve got a bonus one for
you too this is the bonus I told you about in the beginning right here
another site called user testing you see the address right here
same thing they do testing on websites and products for big companies big
fortune 500 companies on this site you can earn up to $60 per test ok so that’s
the fifth site sign up with this site
and do the same thing you sign up for all five of those sites and work their
tests that they give you’ll be guaranteed to be so busy probably you’ll
be getting tests out the rear end you may not you might need to have some help
to keep up with it be my guest probably but anyways $10 and up with all five of
those sites and you’re making anywhere between five hundred and fifteen hundred
dollars a month it’s a full-time thing for you if you want and you can do it
from any where you want in the world with an internet connection and these
sites your accounts alrighty and a computer of course
alright guys that’s what I had for you today this is the climax to the websites
that I did videos on last few days alrighty
guys you can make some big money with this I hope you guys get signed up and
get some success out of this guys like I said before I put up nothing but value
for you all on this channel and show you ways to make money and tools to help you
make money and bring freedom into your life make sure to reach down there and
hit that subscribe button if you didn’t already and then click the bell so you
get notified of when I upload new videos also give me a thumbs up if you got some
value from this video and don’t forget to if you want to see my number one
rated business and get out of the rat race if you’re on a job or you have a
just over broke like I like to call it and you want to get a business of your
own where you can make big money and free up your life completely check that
link out down there that you see at the top of your browser their mentor with
keV com click on that link come over and get signed up and begin to build your
own business for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee and start setting up
yourself for financial freedom in your life today alrighty guys I’m gonna let
you go with that don’t forget to comment down there in the comments if you like
this video or you have any comments or ideas about it and also I’ll let you go
and see you again here in a few days on the next exciting video you guys take
care have an awesome day today ok bye bye now you

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