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How to make an Instagram collage theme 2019 (Photoshop Tutorial)

November 4, 2019

Today we’ll learn how to make an Instagram collage theme, open a new document that should be a square Go to view new guide layout write 3 for columns and 4 rows Choose two similar colors and with the gradient tool make the background With the polygon lasso tool split
the background in 2 Duplicate the layer with ctrl + J. This will create a new layer that represents the half made with the polygon lasso tool Now click right on this layer go to blending mode Choose Gradient Overlay and make a gradient effect with two similar colors Also check bevel and emboss if you want the same aspect as mine stop here the video to see my settings Now is time to put the pictures if you choose the size of the college as me 3000 by 3000 try to make the height of each photo around 1000 pixels Go to image image size then just move it to the collage file Make all the adjustments needed if it needs to be cut cut it with the crop tool In case my photos promote accessories try to use pictures that can show something in 2 posts repeat this steps with all your images for start you need around five nine pictures Now it’s time to make some Polaroid to complete the look, create a new layer and make a rectangle with rectangular Marquee tool and fill it with white with the paint bucket tool Now after you make adjustments to a photo move it over the white rectangle Click right on your photo blending options check bevel and emboss And now click right on the white rectangle layer Blending options and check drop shadow change the settings there if you think it doesn’t look as good as you want Repeat these steps a few times follow me to see my ideas for this collage When the white rectangle is bigger than your photo click on its layer and ctrl T to adjust it Hold on ctrl while selecting your photo and the White rectangle click right and choose merge layers And now all ctrl + T click right and choose rotate We make some basic moves in Photoshop for this collage after you get them it’s pretty easy to create a collage The most important thing is having imagination when it comes to an Instagram collage theme Now it’s time to split the collage So you have as a result nine pictures that will create an Instagram collage theme Explain more this step in another tutorial for my channel I will leave the link in the description and in the right up corner If you want to see more subscribe and leave a comment to let me know

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