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How to make an HDR image in 2 minutes!

August 21, 2019

(shuttering camera) (laughing) – That’s not advised, but don’t, I just, I had to do it. I had to show you. It’s completely unrelated
because it’s Two Minute Tuesday. Let’s go. (motivating rock and roll music) What’s up everybody? Peter McKinnon here, and welcome back to yet another Two Minute Tuesday. Today’s episode we’re
talking about HDR photos. Last week we talked about shooting in log format, picture profiles, and using flat profiles
to get more dynamic range so I figured this week, let’s tackle kind of the opposite within
the photography world and getting that same dynamic range to really get incredible-looking photos using what photographers and we call HDR, which is high-dynamic-range. So that’s today’s topic, we’re
gonna dive right into it. Let’s put two minutes on the clock. And, let the games begin. So once you have Lightroom open, you’re gonna want to import the photos that you’re gonna use for that HDR. Now like I said, an HDR is made up of a set of photos taken
at different exposures. So there could be three
shots, five, seven, in this case we have five. So we have one that’s underexposed, a little less underexposed somewhere in the middle, overexposed,
and then completely blown-out. But we’re gonna take all of the values from all these different shots through these different exposures and smash them into one super-photo. So I have the first photo clicked, hold Shift, click on the last photo, right-click, come up
to Photo Merge and HDR and you’re pretty much done at that point. Lightroom makes the HDR
at this point right here, it auto-aligns it, it auto-tones it, it makes that preview and
there you go, it’s super-fast. The best part is, you’ve
taken RAW pictures and it’s made a RAW HDR, so there’s no quality loss whatsoever. Deghost is if anything was
moving in those frames, people, cars, birds, what have you. If you’re taking multiple exposures and something’s moving through that frame, that Deghost is gonna help eliminate that. But in this case, we don’t need it, so we’re just gonna hit Merge. And Lightroom then generates that HDR and will drop it down
here into the Timeline as a new photo and there we go. So you can see the shadows
are exposed perfectly, the sky is exposed, we can see the sky, we can see the clouds,
it’s not too blown-out. It’s really nice. At this point, you just
edit it as you would any other photo because it’s
still a RAW picture. We can add new black
points, new white points. If you want Lightroom to suggest where it thinks the best black point
and white point would be, just hold Shift and double-click on Black. Hold Shift, double-click on White, pro tip there, you’re welcome. (chuckling) That’ll set both those points where it thinks they work best
and you could export at this point, or you
could run some presets. You guys know I released
a pack of 15 the other day so you could roll down here
and choose your favorite. Mine is Red Crush so
I just click that once and then boom, there we go,
photos edited to my liking and you export, good to go. So that’s it for me guys, I
hope you liked this video. Hit that Like button if you liked it, smash it if you so desire,
I won’t hold it against you. Subscribe if you aren’t already and, and I’ll see you guys next week. So this is the photo, hang on a second. (casual offbeat music) Okay, so this is the photo we’re gonna use for this demonstration. I took this in New York seven, eight, a boat-long time… (casual offbeat music)


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