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How to make an animated gif in photoshop (FAST!)

February 2, 2020

hey guys and welcome to another Photoshop
tutorial this is Rabii from www.retutstudio.Com and in this video I’m going to be showing
you how to make an animated gif to Showcase the process of your work using the timeline’s
frame animation in Photoshop So here we are in Photoshop and this is the
image that you were going to be working on, this is from a project that I did a while
ago, if you want to learn more about how I created this image check out the card right
now and I’ll put the link in the description, so what we’re going to do is create an animation
that shows the process of putting together this image from the start to the end and to
do that we need to show the timeline by going To window timeline first we need to create a frame animation
by clicking on this button, now yours might say create video timeline change it from here
to create Frame animation and it will create the first frame for us so this frame represents what is visible in
the layers panel and what you see on the canvas over here and if I make a change and hide
all these groups you can see it updates over here and basically what I want to do is hide
everything and start from the very beginning and create the first frame, next I’m going to click on this button to
create a new frame then I’ll make my change for the next step and you can see it updates
in the selected frame which is the second one , you can also click on the frame to see
how it looks , im going to create another frame again and make my changes , and basically
you need to repeat this process until you finish the composition But If you have a large PSD that requires
a lot of steps like this one it can be a tedious process of going back and forth with the mouse
between clicking on the new frame button and making your changes in the layers panel that’s
why I added a keyboard shortcut for create a new frame that way I can go much faster and keep the
mouse in the layers panel and if you want to know how to add this keyboard shortcut
go to edit keyboard shortcuts then from the drop-down menu select the panels
menu then go to the very bottom where you see timeline frames, new frame and you can
see that I added the f8 shortcut for new frame Select it and press the key that you want
to add as a shortcut click okay to accept the changes and now I can just press f8
to add a new frame make my change, press f8 again to create a new frame and so on, and
you can see that I’m going much faster now so now I’ll go through the rest of the layers
and add the rest of the frames and this is going to take a little while so I’m going
to skip this step and I’ll be back when I finish All right so I’ve gone through all of the
layers and created the rest of the frames you can see that it’s 53 frames in total and
now you can click on this play button to play the animation you can also change the looping options from
here you can set it to play once, three times or you can set a custom number from here,
and in this case I want it to Loop forever next you can change the delay between the
frames from here in my case .2 seconds is good for me but as you can see we have to
change the delay of all of the frames and don’t worry if you forgot to change it from
the very beginning because we can select the last frame hold shift and then click on the
first one to select them all, and now when I change the delay to 0.2 seconds you can
see that it updates all of them now I can play it one last time to see my
animation and you can see that it when it reaches the end it starts all over again Ok now that the animation is complete it’s
ready to be exported so go to file, export, save for web one thing that I recommend is that you resize
your image before you go to this menu because it will slow down Photoshop if you have a
large file. I’m going to resize it to 800 pixels and first
of all we need the format to be gif, next 256 is the preferred number of colors but
you can reduce it do 128 or 64 if you want a very small file size, leave the transparency unchecked because we
don’t have any transparent pixels in this image definitely converted to SRGB if you’re
going to upload it to the web next choose your looping options from here
I’m going to change it to forever of course, and leave the quality to bicubic, you can
also see the estimated file size over here while you are changing the settings before
you save, and click on this preview button to see how
your animated gif looks like in a browser you can also see the file information over
here before you save it, and now when you are happy with the sitting click the save
button Alright so that’s how you make an animated
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and I’ll see you in the next video

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