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How to Make a YouTube SUBSCRIBE WATERMARK in Photoshop

November 3, 2019

Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to walk you through how you create a YouTube watermark from scratch in Photoshop, so the one you see here, I’m gonna show you how to create it from a blank document all the way to exporting and I’m putting it on YouTube. If it’s your first time on this channel, I make easy-to-follow Photoshop, and tech tutorials five times a week, so please consider subscribing. So let’s start with a new project. We’ll go to file new and we want to create a file that’s 800 pixels by 800 pixels so make sure 800 pixel by 800 pixel is what you have here resolution 150 you want the background to be transparent and all these other settings are fine, and you could go ahead and name it YouTube watermark and press create. So once you have your document created here let me just go ahead and zoom in a little bit, so it fills the screen, we want to create a box first. We want to create a square basically, so let’s come to our shapes and we want to choose rounded rectangle tool here and up here for the radius you want to change the radius to be 15 pixel because that will give you this nice roundness I’m just gonna press command Z to undo that but you want 15 pixels here, and you want to fill color to be red. That’s the YouTube color that we want so I’m gonna just select red or you could just choose this I’m pic right here press okay, and Let’s go ahead and from the corner here all the way to this corner Let’s create that box and let go so this is the box that you’re gonna start with as your background box Now let’s create a second layer And if I go back here to the one I already created our second layer was subscribe text So let me go ahead and go back here and on this layer. I’m gonna press T to get the text tool I’m gonna put it here, and I’m gonna type subscribe And let me select it That was just a command a on the Mac I’m gonna select it, and I’m gonna make it white and the size should be probably 150 That’s too big. Let’s try 100 I’m gonna press ok, and I’m gonna press B to bring it right over here Let’s take a look at the other one the text size was about 100 which is what we have here So let me click it again, and I’m gonna just get rid of that Underline which I had here previously from a previous project And I spelled subscribe wrong So I’m gonna go ahead and fix that it looks like I gotta make it a little bit smaller here on this project I’m gonna press 80 and press ok So let me go ahead and bring it and now you could do Multiple different things with this like creating drop shadows and inner shadows the things that I’ve done here But let me just keep going on this creation so the next thing we want to do is we want to create another layer so if you look over here I’m just pressing the create new layer icon here and with the new layer I’m gonna go ahead and create another box rounded rectangle tool and 15 again But I’m gonna change this color to be white this time because we want to have a white box And I’m gonna put it somewhere over here And I’m just using my eyes here and there we go so if you go over here That’s stat box, so I’m just gonna press OK on that box. I’m gonna press V If I want to move it around I can and then we want to create a triangle inside of here for the play icon So let’s go to the shape tool and to create a triangle we need to use the polygon tool so pick the polygon tool and change the side from 5 to 3 so up here go ahead and change the side to 3 instead of 5 So let me go ahead and draw it, and we want to make sure It’s pointing this way like a play icon. I’m holding shift to restrict the movement and I’m gonna let go I’m gonna make a little smaller and let go and we want to change the fill color now to red And now I could press V to move it to the center of the page so now we have all the elements we need We just need to give it some dimensions and to do that we need to use some inner shadows so I’m gonna Use the rectangle first two in a rectangle the white one I’m gonna double-click it here, and I want to do inner shadow so I’m gonna click inner shadow here And if I click the actual text inner shadow it will bring me some of these options I could change the opacity to be at a hundred at a normal I could change the angle here to be on the side I want to I want it to be over here on this side and then I could start changing the distance to start coming in more and the size if I wanted to I Think I’ll leave it like this, and I’ll just bring the opacity down a little bit And I’ll press ok so you could keep playing with this if you bring the size up and then bring the choke up It’s gonna give it a little bit of a different dimension so play with these settings see What you like you could do it to taste but these are the settings? I like I’m gonna press ok here, and then I’m gonna go ahead and Control click and copy layer style and I’m gonna put those on my text layer here So I’m gonna go ahead and right click and paste layer style So it’s gonna have the same kind of looked at the text layer had and then I could double click and then choose inner shadow And I could reduce that so it’s not so significant like it was in our box here Let me go ahead and bring the opacity up a little bit And then I’ll put the size to somewhere like that and I’ll press ok you could also use another option here, which is Turning the bevel on and you could emboss so if you use the embossed setting in the bevel and emboss option It’ll basically create this kind of effect where it’s basically putting it against that red background So let me go ahead and turn this off So that’s what the bevel and emboss does and these are the settings I have for that so if you like this look better Go ahead and copy those. I actually like this better I’m gonna press ok And we also want to copy this one more time copy layer style and we want to put it on this triangle as well So I’m gonna paste it here So these two will have the same effect And we’re pretty much done now to save it for YouTube we want to go to file export and quick export as PNG That’s one of the options We want to save it as a PNG and then go ahead and pick a place where you want to save that YouTube watermark is fine press save and Now if I go to my desktop There is my YouTube watermark so now let me jump into YouTube I made this in the previous video But I just want to show you where you could find that if you go to your Creator studio You should see this option branding on their channel So if you go to channel and then go down to branding that should bring you to this page and on this page All you have to do is You should see this and you could add a watermark and to add a watermark. Just go ahead and choose your file it’s the PNG we created and go ahead and add it and Press save and press save one more time, and it’s gonna look. Just like this on all your videos It’s gonna be much smaller than you see on this preview, but that is how you add the watermark on YouTube I hope you found this useful. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel I make Photoshop and take tutorials five times a week Just like this one, and I really hope to see you on the next video. Thank you so much for watching this one


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