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How to make a YouTube intro and add text to your video

August 9, 2019

Hello and welcome to the Official Movavi channel! My name is Alina and today I’d like to show
you how to add text and titles to your video. Often, a video alone is not enough to accurately
communicate your ideas. You need to comment in the form of a narrative
or to clarify those parts that may be unclear for your viewers. In these cases, it really helps to add text
to your video . And in this video tutorial, I’ll show you how. Do you want to add an intro to your video? Or maybe you want to craft a literary introduction
to your slide show presentation? The best way to do this is to add a front-end
title, and Movavi lets you do this two ways – simple or animated. Today I’m going to show you examples of
how to create an amazing intro for your video using different approaches to titling. Do you like cooking? What do you think of this intro for a cooking
tutorial? Or what about this intro for a work presentation? What do you think of this animated title on
a blue background? I created all these different intros with
Movavi Video Editor – my favorite video editing software. If you are new to the world of video editing
and you want to start creating your own videos, Movavi Video Editor is the program for you! So, let’s start our tutorial! Step 1.Open Movavi Video Editor program. If the software isn’t already installed
on your computer, click here and download a free trial version. The program is available for both Windows
and Mac users. Install the software according to the instructions. Step 2.Add files to the program. Add the video clips, music, and images you
want to use to create your film by clicking the ‘Add Media Files’ button. The files you’ve uploaded will be automatically
added to the Timeline at the bottom of the program window. You can also choose backgrounds or videos
from our built-in footage collection – just drag them to the appropriate place on the
timeline. Step 3.Add titles. Click the Titles section to see our extensive
collection of titles. There are two main types: Static (basic) and
animated (artistic). Once you’ve chosen the style you want, just
drag it to the timeline. You can move the titles around on the timeline
until they’re in the desired positions. To add text, double-click on the inserted
title on the timeline, then on the sample text in the preview window, and type or paste your text. Change the size and position of your text
and move it along the video frame until it is as legible and appropriate for the video
as possible. Step 4.Adjust the Title properties. You can edit your titles by double clicking
on them and make adjustments using the preview window. Click the Clip properties button to change
the duration and the speed of the title animation. By clicking the Font properties, you can select
a different font family and specify the size, appearance, and alignment. Click the Color properties button to set the
desired color for the text and outline. Just click the text box in the preview window
and choose the color you want. You can also adjust the outline width in the
field above the preview window. If you’ve chosen one of the artistic titles,
you can change the decoration color if you want. When you’re happy with the result, click
Apply. Step 5.Save your video Click the Export button and choose the appropriate
tab in the upper part of the pop-up window. You can save your video specifically for Apple,
Android, and other devices. Then, choose the desired format and specific
mobile device. Click the Start button and that’s it! You’ve titled your first video! Did you like this video tutorial? Leave your thoughts in the comment section
below or just give this video a thumbs-up. For the next video, I’ve prepared something
really exciting for you! I’ll be showing you how to play your videos
backwards with Movavi Video Editor! I’m sure you’ve seen the famous reverse
effect in movies, on TV, in vlogs, maybe even in computer games. Oops, I almost forgot: if you’re not already
subscribed to our official YouTube channel, do it right now. I’ve got tons of video tutorials for you! See you in the next video! Bye-bye


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