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How to Make a YouTube Banner (YouTube Channel Art Tutorial!)

October 31, 2019

We’re about to run through exactly how to make a YouTube banner template, for your YouTube channel, just like the ones showing on screen now. In just a few minutes with free software and then how to make it look
good across all devices. In this YouTube Channel Art Tutorial. Hi, it’s Justin Brown
here form Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to
everything we’ve mentioned in this video you can find linked in the description box below. So let’s jump into it. Custom channel art for your YouTube channel is
an incredibly important piece of branding. One of the first things that
potential subscribers see and it’s a powerful way to
instantly capture their attention as well as communicate exactly why your viewers should subscribe. So right now we’re gonna
step through exactly how to create your own in free software and also throw in a few tips along the way to make sure that it looks
great on all devices. Make sure you stick around to the end, ’cause I’ll also show
you what you need to know to work in a call to action that’ll attract new email subscribers that’s baked into your channel banner. Now just before we jump into
the actual creating bit, you can use a range of
software, both free or paid but in this tutorial we’re
gonna be using Snappa, because it’s simple, it’s free and these same principles
we’re gonna cover, you can apply to pretty
much any software out there. Now, just before we get into it, there is a link in the
description box below, taking you to this page from YouTube which is talking about the the
sizing and the requirements and everything for your channel art. And if you scroll down here you can see that there is a downloadable
channel art template that you can use as a guide to help you create your template. Now this is gonna be really important if you’re not using the
tool that we’re using in this walk through, Snappa. Snappa actually has this built in. So if using Snappa you
won’t need to download it, but if you’re using any other application, it’s a good idea to download
this and use it as a guide while you’re creating your channel art. Okay, so here we are in Snappa. Now, you can start up
by creating your graphic and typing in the size, 2560 by 1440. Or you can actually come
down the bottom here and they’ve already got
one set up as a preset. 2560 by 1440, so we’ll select on that one. Now in here there is a
heap of different presets that you can use and templates and things that are gonna get you up to speed quick and if you like the look of one of these and you wanna customize up one of these then definitely by all means. You don’t need to start from scratch and you can see that if
you pick one of these it’s going to be really
simple to customize up and get it set up for you. So
you just double click on here and you can see that
everything is customizable. Now, we’re gonna close out of here, ’cause we’re not gonna use
one of these prebuilt ones for this walk through. Go create a graphic. Go back down to our YouTube channel art and we’re going to start from scratch. Now, you can see already because we chose YouTube Channel Art, we’ve already got that
template already showing here and we can toggle that on and off with the little button up here for YouTube safe zone overlay. So this is the whole image
that we are working with that we’re creating, but you
can turn on or off this overlay to help you see what’s gonna
be shown on each device. So you can see all this area at the top and down the bottom is only
gonna be displayed on TVs. This white area is gonna be
displayed on every device. This next area out here
to the side a little bit on either side is the tablet safe area. So they’re the things that
are gonna show on a tablet right through to this very edge here. Which is the maximum desktop safe area. So a desktop browser that is
stretched out or maximized to its maximum width this is
where that would display to. So the most important part
that we’re gonna be focusing on is getting all the
important content and text and everything inside this white box, because it’s gonna be
displayed on all devices. Now, I’ll turn this off and
if you’re not using Snappa, the first step to do would be to import that YouTube graphic template. So in this case we go to graphics, and we will go to upload, upload an image. And we would select that
template that we downloaded. Once it’s uploaded we can click on that to add it in, you scale
it up to the right size. Now you can see that we’ve got
those exact same areas there. Now it would be a good idea
to lower the transparency or the opacity on this so that it’s not actually
getting in the way of your creation but you can just see it as a guide there in the background and then before you save out your image, you’ll wanna delete or turn this off. So it’s not visible and not gonna show in your channel art. Alright, so because we’ve
already got it built in I’m gonna delete this
layer, I’m gonna select it, press delete and then we’ll get into creating our channel art. So let’s go over to background. We’ll pull in a background image or a pattern or something first to add some color into
it, a bit of texture. So you see there’s a heap of photos that you can use in here. There’s patterns and those
sorts of things as well or you can upload your own. I’m gonna go with a pattern,
and I choose this wooden affect that you can scale them up and
reposition it if you need to by selecting reposition background. You can move it around. I think
it looks pretty good there for what we’re going to use it for. I hit apply. Now, I’m wanna come over to affects. Make sure we got this selected. And we’re gonna add an overlay color. Now, our branding is primarily blue so we want our branding
here to look pretty blue. Something around that. Obviously we can come in
here and change the color. We can pick out Primal Video blue. And then adjust the opacity
or the level of the color that we’re overlaying here. Probably want it as a point
where it’s not distracting, but just something as a bit
of texture in the background. Now you can also add a little
bit of blur to that as well just to soften it off a little bit. Next up you’ll probably
want to add some text in. Now this is where I would
turn that overlay back on so that we can see it. And again all your text you
wanna have in that blue area, that center area and we’re
gonna add in some text. So for us our font is Oswald, bold. Let’s type in PRIMAL
and if we select on that we can come up the top to duplicate layer and that will give us a second copy of it. And we can type in video in this one. And I’ll probably make both
of these a little bit bigger. So let’s go on 85, 85. Move it off to the side here. And we’ll make these look
like our Primal Video logo. So I’ll change the color
to white for both of these. And I’ll also add in box
around the background of each of them. So do that, we’ll go to shapes. We’ll choose a filled in shape. Let’s make this one here black. We’ll resize it down
til it fits behind it. We’ll move that layer
back behind the text, so you can see now the
text is on top of it. And I’ll reposition the text so that it fits in there. And adjust the size of
the box so that it fits where we want it. And we’ll do the same,
we’ll select that box and we will come at the top to duplicate, so we’ve got two of them,
let’s put video back. And let’s make this one
here our Primal Video blue. Let’s go to popular. There it is, saved down the bottom there. Pick up our background. Again we’re gonna drop
it down below the text, so we’ll keep pressing this. There we go, til it’s behind our text. Change the scale, change the sizing so that it all fits and reposition. That’s pretty hard to
see there at that point. So we’ll probably darken this
background a little bit more. So I’ll select on the background,
come up here to affects and we can probably
darken this down, cool. So you still have a see a little bit of that texture in there and if we turn off this layer and that’s currently
what we’re working with. Doesn’t look like much so far. Alright, so we got our logo in there, so people know where they
are but they need to know what they’re actually going
to see on this channel, so it’s a good idea to write
some text about your channel, and what people can expect on there. So we’ll come back over here to text. Actually we’re gonna duplicate this text, select our text box here,
hit copy or duplicate layer. So we already got our fonts
and everything in there. So we’ll start with that. Amplify. And then use a separate
box, duplicate that one. And you can also use
your keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste. So control C or command C to copy. Control V, command V to paste. You duplicated your layer that way too. Your business and brand with video. So that’s our tagline. So we create a lot of video around. And we can resize some of
these to make it stand out. Something like that to move
that up over to the side. Amplify your business
and brand with video. I can create to make
some of this stand out. We can add some more of our branding. Which our branding is
typically like you’ll see here. This is our logo with plain
text with a background color in a box behind it. So create another shape, box, drop it in and select it change the color,
we’ll go to our blue again. And let’s move it over
here behind amplify. We will push it down behind our text. And resize it up so that it fits. And we use the keyboard
arrows to move that around. Amplify your business brand with video. Actually might move these across here. So it’s just a matter of
picking these elements up, moving them around to
see what works for you and for your brand or the
branding that you’re looking for. Maybe I’ll center these. Alright so someone that’s viewing
this on their mobile phone this is what they’re going to see, this little section here. They can see our channel
name and bit of a tagline around what we’ve got. If they’re viewing this on
a tablet or other device, they’re going to see a lot more. If we turn that off, this
is what it would look like if they were looking at this on a TV. So there’s a heap of extra area in here that you can get more advanced with and do more creative things with. And specifically in this
area here on desktop. You can actually add a more
advanced call to action. Now, I’m gonna cover that
little bit later in the video but you can have clickable buttons that are displayed on your
YouTube channel around here that are only visible or
only work on your desktop. So by knowing where these safe margins are you can make sure that you’re only including
those clickable buttons or references to those
buttons in those areas. Again, I’ll show you
this in just a minute. That looks pretty good, but it’s still probably
a little bit plain. So we could actually add
something else in here. Another shape. Let’s go another square, drop that in. Make it really big and
let’s put it about here and we drag it down, and
we get this rotation too, let’s drag that around so we’re able to create an angled
line and make it bigger so that it fills our entire area. So this is what we’ve currently got now. We’re gonna move this behind all our text. So it goes right to the back. So now we’re able to do
something a little bit different that stands out a bit more. So we change the color on this. Dark gray is another one of our colors. Let’s go custom and go across to gray make it a little bit darker. Something like that and we
can also drop the opacity on that as well, so we’re able to see some of that background
come through a little bit in there as well. Okay, so if we were looking at this on TV, you would see this entire area. And on the different devices you can see that you’re now cropping in on that. So super simple, just using a
couple of different elements to pull this out and to
make it look more engaging for the viewers and all of
this is just super simple. Obviously if you wanna add in other photos and those kinds of things you
can come up here to graphics and you can import them and
maybe even photos of you depending on the type of
channel that you’ve creating. It might be a good idea to
get your face on here somehow or show pictures or images of things that you cover on your channel. But for this tutorial we’ll leave it here. And I’ll turn off that safe zone. And we’re gonna export this. And I’ll show you how to
upload it to your channel. So go download. And here you can choose
either web optimized JPG or High-res PNG. I’d probably go High-res PNG to get the better quality image. Go through, it’ll generate
it and let you download it. And you wanna save it
somewhere on your computer. Let’s go, YouTube banner. Save it on the desktop. Now you wanna go over
to your YouTube channel, I’ve just got a test account here. Once you log in, go over
to customize channel and then at the top of the channel here, you can choose channel
art, add channel art. Select a photo from your computer, find the one that we just
made, YouTube banner. And this gives you a preview
of what this looks like on desktop, on TV and on mobile. Now if you do wanna crop in, which you probably don’t need to if you followed this process,
but you can also resize and reposition things in here as well. So back out of that and hit
select and then you can see we’ve got our channel art added in there. Now if you’re using YouTube
to grow your business then your channel art can be a great place to work in a call to
action to a lead magnet or even to an email subscribe button. On desktop mode and only on desktop mode, YouTube lets you add in a
custom link with a title. Right under the channel art. So if you get a little
creative you can work in a simple call to action that’ll draw a lot more
attention to that call to action, but the key to remember when doing this is that the links only
appear in desktop mode. So you wanna make sure that
your call to action fits inside the range for desktop but outside the range
for mobile if possible. Now if you stuck around for that last part then you already know the
value of growing an email list for your business. And YouTube is an
incredibly powerful platform for growing an email list. Our email list grows by over 30% of our new YouTube subscribers each month, completely organically. If you wanna learn how to
maximize your email list using YouTube we’ve put
together some free training stepping through how to
set the whole thing up which is linked on screen right now. And I’ll see you soon.


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