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How to make a Youtube Banner WithOut!! Photoshop

October 9, 2019

All right, what’s going on YouTube today, we’re gonna start a Video about something that’s very different. Somebody asked me how do we change the channel our on our channel and Actually, it’s really really simple. It’s really really simple but I’m gonna go ahead and do the video for him anyway, so Shout out to the sons family, you know, they got a nice little channel over there I’ma show them exactly how to make an 8 channel art. And this is this exactly how I do it myself Like I said, it’s really really simple to do so what you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to find a Template And I wish I would have saved it but that’s okay You don’t want to find a template Channel art right Okay, you’re gonna look for something that’s very similar to this right here and you want to right-click it save image I want to save them and our pictures folder Hopefully this one works Okay, and then what I do And this is what my channel are actually looks like I made this muscle But what I use to edit all my channel artists Pixlr editor And I will put that in a link in the description. So you guys can check that out Pixlr editor it’s real simple to use You just go to create image YouTube banners sighs. I think it’s 1280 by 720 Hold on let’s see here. I have to look sometimes cuz I’m not too sure YouTube Banner I was way off So 2560 by 1440 so you want to put that here and you 2560 By 1440 okay. You also want to click on transparent And you can name it if you want. I usually don’t cuz it really don’t matter you can use it in the trailer way But you should get a box like this I know it looks really really confusing to use this layout but it’s actually more simple than it looks You’re just adding layers on top of things Let’s do something really simple. So first you want to start off with your YouTube banner So, let’s see here, so let’s go to File Or no you want to open the image? You want to go to layer and then you want to open image as layer? You find your image Which smiles saved many pictures? I did not say Let’s go bag to Google And see if you got fine while McCoy to say Save Let’s go back here Lair open image as lair And hopefully it saved And there it is so you open this up Okay, and it should be the exact same size if you need to resize it for whatever reason just go Here open the image first so you do like this open the image first and Then you would click on edit oh No, you would go to image and image size and that would allow you to change the size of any picture to the correct size to the 2560 by 1440 If you needed to and I’ll show you why you might need to in a minute But uh, let’s go ahead and exit out of that if you don’t need two of them But so we’re working on this you’re gonna have you your first layer, that’s empty So I’ll be layer zero your second layer layer one You’re gonna want to be on layer 0 It’s not gonna change but it will in a second. So you take your drawing tool That’s here This is exactly what I do take your drawing tool to the edge make a line once it comes up Take it all the way to the edge and try to get the lines more precise some kind of speed and almonds I see Okay, we’re going the wrong layer so you want to actually be on the layer layer 1 You want to line it up a little bit better, I’m Flying about to build but you want to put these black borders around here. That’s at least how I do it and Then let’s see here. Let’s see what type of images we’ve already enough to use Then you go back in and you kind of do the same thing you go to Your Players open image as layer And this is where it gets fun because I love doing these parts of it You choose a background I’m just gonna use this background just for the sake of using it and you see how it’s way too small That’s way too small so we can’t use that right? Wrong so you can go here to Open image Select the same image You can make it to 2560 by 1440 and sometimes it stretches out the pixel so it doesn’t look as good But you could still use it because you’re using it just for your background Let’s see here this will edit Let’s go to image size will be P 565 1440 and it automatically generates to the correct exercise so you could Down it a little bit, but it’s gonna change it So a bit so I just need 2560 and whatever number it generates and Then I’ll save the image. So then you want to go file See name it something else And save it here So after you do that, you can go back close the image No, you already say it once so I’m gonna remove this layer, right? This way Anyway, okay la is gone. So let’s add another image as layer And the one that we just resized let’s use that one, so let’s see here That’s this So bam, it’s resized to correct size, but you can’t see your block So what you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to move this over It Did I not do that, right? Okay, I see what I did wrong I see okay Well, then when a duplicate Slayer Let’s delete this layer delete this layer Let’s start over real quick It’s a kind of mystic So you were supposed to use this layer Let’s add a new layer Let’s take Image is layer Oops Go channel aren’t simply so there’s the channel art template This is where I fail the first time, but that’s okay. So let’s go back to layer Five, I think it is the one we just created So currently we’re layer Bottom of this up Okay Currently we’re all layer five and this is where I messed up, but that’s okay. You’ll see why it makes a difference in a minute Drawing tool See where I made the mistake was you have to have a layer Underneath in order for it to look right? So then once you drop Let’s say you drop this here So then you get that that look you see what I mean So now you got that look I didn’t stretch the box all the way. Just make sure you stretch the box Holy over, so /on image But Okay, so now we got our background right like I said, this is my favorite part of making the templates so you open another image as layer and It’s creating the layers for you. If you get a little confused, I do a fortnight channel So I’ll use fortnight characters Or a fortnight character and you see our oh she’s like actually passed Even the black borders so we gotta fix that as well so you just moved the layer up and now she’s behind it and Everything’s behind it if your character image is too large, for example Just make sure you’re on the layer select it Go to edit and Go to free transform Hold shift And the reason I say hold ship is because if you don’t it would like so won’t It won’t It distorts it. You see what I mean? Like you could stretch it and it’s not gonna be quite the correct size and you’ll have to play around with it Whereas the least if you hold shift shift keeps it in the right proportions, and there’s won’t Stretch the wrong way It’ll always stay looking and correct. So you can move the character to the left or right whatever whatever you want to do Then you can add text So I also use another website it’s pretty awesome I think imma put that in the description as well. I Forget the name right now, but it’s a font website where you can download all kinds of fonts and That’s where I downloaded this font Grove old that I’m gonna use and you’re not gonna see this so you can use whichever font Did you much prefer but just go ahead and add some text? I’m just gonna do fortnight For a second Add some text make it bold Make it big enough for people to see Center it I Always use white as a color cuz wait actually looks pretty good on the eyes so you got your Your Text now Or your name of your channel would go here and whatnot, but you got your text Once you add your text, it’s a little flat, right? So you’re gonna want to add something to it. So go over here to Your right? on the layer that you just created the letters click layer styles It’s gonna bring up this little window right here in this window. You’re gonna go ahead and hit Drop shadow and as you can see once you hit drop shadow It changes And it gives it some like little little shadow in the back So you go ahead and I set mine to a hundred Set this the five And so this is a five as well and it gives it a nice clean Like look in like, okay, for example, this background is like a oranges color. I Sometimes will change it according to The background make it a little darker so that you didn’t kind of give it that same glow and that huge so now You can also do a inner glow If you like that bevel It looks kind of cool. I like that. I use it a few times outer glow which we kind of already did the same effect I don’t really use them airglow. I don’t leave that one either but Looks pretty good. So we’re gonna go ahead and leave that like for tonight BAM So now that you have your text your image your background You can go ahead and export this image and Use it as a template and Your a banner and any questions about this Need thing that you guys need help on Just go ahead and leave a comment in the video. I’ll definitely answer you guys right away. I’ll help you guys out I know this was very very confusing for me when I first started I was looking for all kinds of ways to just add banner Templates to our ad banners to my channel and make it look cool Like everybody else’s you know, and I didn’t really see a video about Pixlr out there. Well, I did end up finding one so that’s all I found this but I Didn’t see anything at the time and it was hard for me. So Suds family. I hope this helps you out. If it does not help you out. Please don’t hesitate to email Me or contact me through the comments. I’ll definitely try to walk you through it the best as possible Then what you want to gonna want to do is Come back to your channel and you’re gonna see a little icon right here in the corner that has like to call it a picture logo you select your Photo from your computer that you just created and that’ll be your new background image so once you Me I have mine stored in a different spot. So The image that you just created you’ll hit save you’ll hit close I’m not gonna do that because I don’t want to change my channel art Y once you’re done you here and everything you hit file save You can name the image. I’ll leave it as a JPEG format quality You’ve been set it to a hundred percent. I’ve never done anything higher than what it was normally set at But if you set it to a hundred percent, I guess the file size gets bigger, and I’m not too sure I don’t think it will harm anything, you know But just go ahead and set it to a hundred percent Just who wouldn’t want a hundred priscila quality Hit okay save and close it and then like I said go back to your channel In your right hand quarter There should be a icon somewhere here Where you can change that and it’s real simple is to drag and drop drag the image drop it save it. Close it. Mmm. Damn There you go And as always, thank you guys Hit that like button subscribe. It’s much appreciated and until next time See you

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