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How to make a video meme – video meme generator in any video editor

September 6, 2019

hi im Steve from Mills motion your video
marketing experts and in this video to show you how you can make your very own
video meme that is those videos that you see with the text at the top and at the
bottom of your video is extremely effective social media specifically
Facebook because they’ve got the text at the top and the bottom but you see
without even having to play the video creates like an open as just scrolling
through facebook you read something about the video at the top and the
bottom of it and you don’t get the punchline unless you hit the play button
which i think’s kind of brilliant I mean when you’re posting a video you want
people to hit the play button on it and and with these videos in particular you
can say something and your view on the other end of the punchline unless I hit
the play button which is really really cool facebook actually preferences
people who create content that people engage with so if your making engaging
content Facebook will preference in your content meaning you can get in front of
more people and that’s why it’s so important to create content that people
enjoy and that people engage with and these these are one of those pieces of
content so today I’m going to show you how to do this into programs the first
program will be Final Cut Pro X and you see how quick and easy it is when you’re
working in a program that has lots of flexibility and lots of control and then
I’ll show you some workarounds to be able to do it in iMovie iMovie comes free with every
match and you will be very similar to a whole range of the lower-cost it is
being sweets so this is true options there and one of those options are sure
will work for you on your computer and your editing software jump straight into this what are we
trying to achieve this video in the top right corner of the goal is the goal is
to create the video with the text at the top and the bottom and the Blackbirds so
you can see that text clearly let’s jump into it so what I’m gonna do demonstration say I’m gonna stand me
project good just let this percent based on the face clip I can now have a blank
slate down the bottom some said dragging me all the stuff we want to be out in
video but this video may stop right shows us what the video looks like him
what will ultimately be in it as you can see it’s taking up the full screen as
the river at six to go over black bars on the clip that I just post put them in
the timeline and then but no he so the inspector added this will bring up all
the different parameters that I can edit on this video we just want to go up here
to scale and too happy back that was easy there I’m just gonna get a basic
total from inside of the tunnels area the whole video title change the position of it they do the
same thing over again I’ll copy and paste that ended up trying to text and
Laura down to the bottom of the page and they have it there you are ready to
export that into its final files that was really really easy you can play
around with it a lot of the savings quite easily have the prettiest you what
did but the in goal and the text was right there movie movie movie is a much more limited
programs you need to do some workarounds to get the save a bit of flexibility and
I think this is the same with a lot of other free programs like moviemaker and
things like that in just a bit limited much to create new project he just
wanted to be like so here we have good a time line down the bottom here again video already loaded so drunk that in
here I come up against a problem because it is a cheaper more basic program I
cannot I cannot cut off those tops and bottoms of the video dropping things
body constantly fills up the whole page is nothing there’s nothing we can do
they have a dilemma in the video filled the screen and there’s no way to scale
it down because it’s a TV program and the responsible program it doesn’t give
us the opportunity to scale the video down by in so you need to do work around
and the two options the first option number of my website and downloads in
PNG files with some black bands the final folder called me a text was
and and they have it you have some space to put your text over time that I really
really quickly to the gym but there is one problem you do end up cutting off
the tops and bottoms of your video is there a way to get around that and have
the same flexibility of scouting and Daniel video as in Final Cut as we did
in Final Cut Pro X is over to the next and backgrounds section of background
into the bottom of your time on dry out of it and instead of putting a goat
beard and the very bottom to the top of the list let’s do something interesting
so now it’s at the top of the set as a cutaway as you can see the drop-down
menu that over and over and turn to the picture in picture it turns it into a
small picture this visual design safely put it inside of your picture the lies
that the images and things like that but it gives us the opportunity to scale up
there really good only whether you’re able to scale up and down but look it’s
doable its words and that we had about by the top to bottom out cutting off
fuel video at the tops the problems which is really really cool we had some other limitations you can
only do one line of text as this text and control them individually in our
movie you can only do one line of text so I use the center and I just used the
ENTER button in the middle by six overshoot above one that there’s
a strange thing where pulls them back together pics video and we have a video me ready for upload
to Facebook if you’ve got any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comments
section I hope you found this video helpful if you did like and it’s just
like this one hit the subscribe button I’ll be making more in the coming weeks
im Steve from Mills thank you so much for watching and the best way of
creating video


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