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How to make a Valentine’s Day video greeting from photos 💜💙💚💙❤️

October 31, 2019

Hey there! Today I’m going to show you how to say a
special hello to your beloved on a holiday or just lift someone’s spirits for no particular
reason. I’m Dasha and this is the Movavi vlog. St. Valentine’s Day, International Women’s
Day… There are a bunch of holidays coming our way. Are you sick and tired of giving shower gels
and other bath goodies, candies and flowers? If so, this episode of the Movavi vlog is
for you. If you want to give a gift that’s a little
different,something that’s personal and expresses your warm feelings toward someone,
why not try making a video greeting from photos? Like this one… We’ve selected a few photos from a personal
photo collection, applied some filters and effects, added some romantic music, stickers
and subtitles. And hey presto – a cute video made from photos. Unlike a box of chocolates or shaving gel,
this present will be unique and memorable. Just picture yourself and your beloved watching
it over and over again in 10, 20 and 30 years’ time! Hmm… Someone on the Facebook has just offered me
the opportunity to order the same video greeting made of pics for what….. 20$? No, thanks. You don’t need to spend that kind of money. Making a beautiful video greeting is really
simple – and you can do it too! No-one can express your feelings towards someone
better than you. I’ll be delighted to show you how to make
a romantic video postcard for yourself. First off, we need to select some pics for
our slideshow. Before we turn them into a video greeting,
they can be edited in a photo editor: we can get rid of any imperfections or add some special
effects. I use Movavi Photo Editor. Try out the “Magic Enhance” button in
the tab on the right-hand bar. You can also modify the white balance manually,
change the contrast and other settings. You don’t want to see imperfections like
red eyes, pimples, or other skin problems, or some object or people accidentally grabbing
the spotlight. All these things can be quickly and easily
corrected in Movavi Photo Editor! You can even apply some digital make-up. If the photo looks fine the way it is, check
out the “Effects” tab, as you can apply any filter you like for extra atmosphere,
or even let the program choose one for you. Now we’re getting down to the video making. I ’m usingMovavi Video Editor, because it
has a so-called “Easy Mode”; it is capable of making a video or a slideshow literally
in 5 minutes! Let me show you now how it works. Choose “Create a montage in Easy Mode”. This takes you to the Montage Wizard. You need to add the photos you’ve edited
– you can simply drag them to the program window or add them as separate files or even
as whole folders. Click “Next” and that takes us to the
“Music” tab, where you can choose from the suggested tunes on the left or add your
own file. Now we turn to the “Preview” tab. Here we can modify the length of the complete
video. Well, let’s see how it turned out. Looks great! The Montage Wizard sequenced the photos randomly,
added a smooth zoom in and zoom out, and added some music. Did you notice that the pictures don’t just
switch at random, but instead keep time with the music? You didn’t even have to set the transitions
manually, the program did it by itself. At this stage we can save our video greeting
and send it to our nearest and dearest as a gift. But this time we’ll go beyond that! We’ll keep on editing, this time in full-feature
mode. Here, it’s up to you to decide in which
order you place the photos; you can set their length, change the speed and the trajectory
of zooming in and zooming out. Let’s have another look… Let the last photo stay there for a while
to create a fabulous ending for the slideshow. My video greeting still lacks words. I’ll open the subtitles tab and add this
wish to the final slide. Then I’ll add a couple of funny stickers
from the program’s built-in collection. There are plenty of stickers to choose from,
so it’s hard not to get carried away with the decoration process! The program also includes effects and transitions,
which can also come in handy in a video greeting. For example, instead of simple transitions,
smooth ones like these can be applied. Or we can add a super-cute effect Hopefully, the greeting you put your heart
and soul into will be just fabulous! After all, memories and emotions are the best
present! I recommend you also watch our most recent
episode on how to change a voice in a video. You might want to add this effect to a video
greeting. Subscribe to our channel, click the notification
bell and make that special someone happy for no particular reason or occasion. Until the next time!


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    Hello! What is the best present you've ever recieved?

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    Movavi. Please help me. I have sent 2-3 support tickets over the past couple of months and have gotten no response. It has to do with the bug in Movavi Video Editor 17.2.
    How can I get support to take a look at my concern?

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    good information..

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    Nice video….especially for this love season. check out my channel to see how I've used Movavi film editor to edit my videos.

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    Sir please Help me …..I can make the lyrics song on movavi video editer 14+plus but my video are not save….??

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