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How to make a title screen like Guy Ritchie 🔥(Freeze frame and Parallax effects)

October 31, 2019

Hello to everyone out there! Let’s start this episode with an epic freeze-frame! My name’s Dasha and today we’re going
to show you how to make these film-like transitions with the help of the freeze frame effect! Freeze frame is the effect you get when the
video freezes for a few seconds. It’s a professional look! With the help of freeze frame, you can make
an funny transition or draw the viewer’s special attention to particular details, a
character, or an important scene in your video. It’s an effect that’s commonly applied
in the work of such notable directors as Guy Ritchie and Quentin Tarantino; it’s a classic
way to open gangster action movies, as it’s how we get to know the characters in the movie. Another frequent application of freeze frame
is for the titles at the end of a movie. You can also use freeze frame in your video
blog! Want to learn how? Here are our step-by-step guidelines. Only on the Movavi channel! Upload your video by dragging it to the video
editor timeline. We’re using Movavi Video Editor Plus. First off, choose a shot which seems to you
to be the most interesting, entertaining, dramatic, or just plain gorgeous. Right-click on the video and select the “insert
freeze frame” option. It will be automatically added to the timeline. Right-click on the shot we froze and select
“Show in folder”. To transform this freeze frame into an epic
transition, we’re going to switch to a photo editor. Now upload the freeze frame into the photo
editing program. We’re going to use Movavi Photo Editor. In Movavi Photo Editor, we have the perfect
tool: background replacement. It’ll save us a ton of time! Use the brush to outline the character in
green. Now pick out the background to be removed
in red. Whenever dotted lines appear, go over the
edges ro ensure nothing unwanted is marked. Click the “Next Step” button. We may add some interesting effects to make
our freeze frame really stand out. It’s important to save your image in png
format so that the picture has a transparent background. Have you ever heard about the parallax effect? It’s quite an interesting and handy technique! The idea is that the background image moves
more slowly in relationship to the foreground elements. This lets you create the impression that static
pictures are actually moving. We’re going to need an animation tool to
do this. Time to go back to the video editor. First, decide what exactly will be in your
epic freeze frame. We’ve downloaded an interesting background,
picked a logotype and inscription and saved it all in png format. Now let’s place all the elements and the
background behind our character’s picture. Now move on to the animation tab. Keep in mind that the objects in the foreground
have to move faster than the background. Let’s keep our character where he is, while
the elements and inscriptions will be animated so that they are flying out from behind the
photo…. and getting larger as they get closer. We’ll animate the background just a bit
to create the impression of smooth movement. Let’s have a look at how it turned out! Parallax, freeze frame, animation… with
each episode, we learn more and more and our videos get even cooler! Make sure you share your awesome freeze-frames
in the comments! If you feel like adding some magic with special
effects in your super-hero movie, watch this episode about the super power of chroma key. Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel
and click on the notification bell to become a real master of Kung Fu! Oops! I meant to say a real master of montage! Best of luck to all of you! See you next time!


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    Hello, there! Do you have a favourite director? Who are they? What are they famous for? 🎬🎬🎬

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    Oky thank, but i havent hot MVE 14 plus….only MVE 14 😕

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    That’s cool ! Go and check up my YouTube channel if you want, I do a lot of tutorials on Your editing software !!

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    "Just plain gorgeous", well stated.

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    That's super fancy! I'm gonna have to update to the latest software so I can do this

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    Hello I can't export my video in movavi 12.5.1 can you help me pls?

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    hey there, so I bought the movavi video suite 17, and I'm editing a video right now. but I noticed the Motion Blur option is missing. I just checked on your website and it does show a motion blur option. I'm kinda annoyed because I LOVE your software and I love motion blur. is there any way you can help me?

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    coloquen la traducción es que no hablo ingles por favor

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    i have like 62 videos on my channel and every video is edited by movavi .check out how good this editor is

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    ♦ It would be worth mentioning that the higher you place a video-piece in the working area of the program, the more priority it gets to be displayed above (over) the rest of video-pieces competing for the same time and place of the clip.
    ♦ Is it possible to move Titles (text) beyond (not above) certain piece of video, but still above the background?

  • Reply Greg Fox September 21, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    I'm ever-so-happy with Movavi. I make music performance videos with two cameras and being able to synchronize the sound is quite easy with Movavi. With crop and zoom it looks like I'm using even more cameras.

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    OMG I love using Movavi because its simple and the instructors are the most beautiful ever:)

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