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How to make a THUMBNAIL for Free with pixlr

November 2, 2019

hey guys today is a collaboration video
with my friend Patrik.exe so make sure to give him a follow my Instagram
so yeah enjoy the video hello guys TechHub back again with another tutorial on
how to make a thumbnail for free that will look professional so what you want
to do is go to scroll down click on the editor and launch web app
that will take you to this little window program or software then you’re going to
click create an image we have presets how big you want them to be but I like
it 1080p and you’re going to click
transparent which is really important then you’re going to click OK which will
make a canvas so you have a platform to work on next thing you want to do is
find a background I found this background after you download it you
will go file open image select the background open it it will open another
window where you can click CTRL + A which is select all and then CTRL + C we just
copy the things that you selected then you can exit that and CTRL + V to paste
it on here so then after that you can can add text defense let’s have some
text so let’s add how to make a thumbnail then you can select everything size can
be big font can be like that you can upload your own fonts but it seems that
they don’t have my preset fonts which I used before but that’s ok we can use
the regular fonts that they give you so
fonts don’t really matter if you don’t
really care so this is for purposes only so then you can select
your color we’ll make this one white you can change the text I mean put it in
order or however you want like that will make it a little bit
bigger or that bigger doesn’t really matter so then you have layers you can
make it pop out you can have layers here you can go to you can rotate it you can
move later up which will make it like pop out then under edit you can free
transform like this so you can transform the picture or the text so now we have
to do a search of transparent YouTube which is a button like this so you’re
going to select this one we’re going to save it
so when you save it I don’t know where did that go okay so after you say that
you go open image again click on this select all copy exit this one open it
and then you can move it where you want so we’re gonna just put it like this maybe
put it behind the text so like it goes behind we gonna like the fishes form
maybe I’ll twist it a little bit it seems good then yes we want to save
changes then you go and search pointer I mean this is all up to you I’m just
giving you an example of what I like to do so we found ourself a pointer with a
shade we’re going to go on open file again cursor CTRL+ A , CTRL + C
, CTRL + V to paste it then I’m going to go through this form you’re going to
flip it if you want you can do that so like it it looks like it’s being clicked
so yes you can say that and this is pretty much it like you can do um
adjustments you can select a layer which you want to edit so adjustments um exposure you can like make it pop up it’s up to you you can change it as much as you
want no one is holding you back so pretty much this is thumbnail that we’re
going to keep for now and this is pretty much the thumbnail so what you gonna do
now is go to file save and then you’re going to save it where you want you can
make the quality to go to 100 okay and thumbnail yes that is it which will make
us go right so here’s your thumbnail it looks pretty decent keep in mind we made
it for free with no extra problems or anything so this is a pretty good
software you can use I mean it is online so it’s all free you don’t have to login or
signup and it’s free to save and you can really play around with the thumbnails
and make some really good ones but anyways this was it check out check out
our other videos and see ya next time bye


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    TechHub you are best.

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    good one 🙂

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    Nice video I've pixlr on my Android 🙂
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