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How to Make a Stretch Effect in Adobe Photoshop

February 11, 2020

what’s up everyone and welcome to red
crafts in today’s video we are going to create pixel stretch in Photoshop the
pixel stretch effect uses pixel samples on your image and stretch them to create
an artistic approach of colors I hope you liked this video and let’s get
started Music let’s create a new file, set the resolution by both 1080 pixels and click
create go to adjustment layer and create a solid color rename the layer to
background now let’s place our image go to file and place embedded with the pen tool choose mode – path
selection and trace the image I will trace the image and speed up the video now after tracing the image right-click
on the screen and choose make selection and click OK select the image layer go
to quick selection tool right click and choose layer via copy delete the original image create a new layer converted to smart
object click the single column marquee – to create a source hover to your
selection click Control + C to copy paste into the smart object click save click Control + D to remove the
marquee selection move the stretched layer below the model now go to filter
click distort and select polar coordinates click OK now thick Control + J to duplicate rename
the original to backup right click on the new stretch layer and click
rasterize layer’ adjust it for your best selection now create a clipping mask to the layer
select the eraser tool to remove some excess pixel duplicate your model layer by clicking
Control + J rename it to main and rename the layer below eye shadow now double
click on the shadow layer and click color overlay adjust it to great color
and click OK arrange the shadow go to filter choose
blur and click Gaussian blur set the radius by 10 and click OK right click and select rasterize layer’
select linear burn now create a clipping mask and go to eraser tool now erase
some excess pixel to the layer now let’s group it now let’s create some
light tweets go to believe in the lasso tool to create some selection click the
adjustment layer and select curves adjust the RGB selection now go to
filter choose blur and select Gaussian blur adjusted by 47 select lighten now duplicate your layer
by Control + J move it to lower right now go to edit choose transform and select
flip horizontal right click on the layer and select create clipping mask try
screen to see if it’s better for your image adjust also your lighting to see if it’s
more great with the image that’s it guys if you enjoyed this video
please be sure to smash that like button and be sure to subscribe I hope you
enjoy it this is redcraft see you next time Redcraft

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    Awesome! Keep it up! Would you like to be YouTube friends? :]

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