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How to make a sell sheet for licensing

September 13, 2019

what’s up world this is Sef I’m going to
go over how I put together my own sell sheets to license out my ideas out to
companies the past few videos I’ve been going through the steps that I take for
myself to go and license out my ideas out to companies or potential licensees
and the idea that I’ve been working on and sharing with you guys is this bubble
gift wrapping paper it’s essentially a bubble wrap with Christmas wrapping
paper or birthday gift wrapping paper texture and design printed on to the
bubble wrap and in the last few videos I went over the research so I did a market
research for this product online and I also did a market research for the
bubble wraps in the stores the the link to the videos are in the description
down below so if you guys haven’t watched that yet I encourage you to
check that out but right now I’ve kind of hit this little an obstacle and I I’m
debating whether or not if I want to go past this obstacle but that obstacle is
that the idea already exists so if I if you watched actually the the product on
market research online you’ll find towards the end of the video which is an
hour long so kudos to you guys that watched all the way through but towards
the end of the video I ventually found my idea out on the world now it was a
little bit difficult finding this idea but it does exist and that product or
company is called bubble pop and I believe it’s under the company called I
Star Entertainment but the product itself is called bubble pop and it’s
pretty much the same idea they have designs of the of stuff so this one is
confetti and it’s on bubble wrap and there’s another one that they made with
pineapples and and there’s a few other designs that they
made and also I found my different version of maybe not the bubble wrap
just a wrapping paper but like bubble wrap bags or envelopes with these
designs on it and it seems like it already exists like this image or
product I found but the weird thing was that this product it only exists on eBay
at the moment or I could only find it on eBay I wasn’t able to find it in any of
the stores when I was out there looking for the bubble wraps so I decided well
there’s actually two options that I could go and that is either pushing the
concept and seeing if there’s something that we can add on top of this idea to
differentiate from this existing product or just kind of ditch it and after doing
a little bit of research physically at the stores and online it seems like
bubble wraps aren’t as high of a commodity as we all hope our product
idea is to be, but it’s just not that big of a selling product so it’s cool that
there’s these the fun options but instead of me completely ditching the
idea I asked a few a few of you guys what are your currently struggling with
in your product licensing ventures and a few of you guys said sell sheets putting
together a sell sheet don’t know how don’t know what goes into it so I’ve
decided to continue with this idea I’m not gonna be presenting this product
over to companies but what I’m going to do is use this as an example and let’s
say the product I needed doesn’t exist but I’m gonna use it as an example to
create my sell sheets which then if I was pursuing it used to sell sheet to
hit up companies with but in our case we’re just gonna use or create a sell
sheet of this product but not contact companies if there’s an idea that comes
to mind that could elevate or evolve this level then yeah I’ll let you guys
know and we’ll push further on that and pursue it together
but for for demonstration and sakes I I’m just gonna put together a sell sheet
and this is how I put myself sheets together I can’t speak for everybody
else but this is gonna be how I put myself together so let’s start and I
also want to give you guys a heads up that this video might be a long one like
the other few videos because I’m just going straight at it I’m trying to show
as much of it as I can to you guys so I don’t miss anything but I’ll try to do
it as soon as I can but prepared for a long video ok so let’s say the bubble
wrap a bubble wrap wrapping paper is does not exist yet so we will pretend
we’ve never seen this before and again I’m not pursuing this idea I’m just
gonna show you how I put together cell sheet so what I do is well the first the
tools that I use is Photoshop I I love Photoshop if you guys aren’t familiar
with it it’s a great way of to edit photos and there’s a lot of things that
you can do with it people could paint using Photoshop I
like to use it as photo manipulation and photo editing and let’s create a new
document on Photoshop so this is Photoshop CC the Creative Cloud and you
could go and get Photoshop on a subscription model through Adobe CC
Adobe Creative Cloud and I do want to let you guys know it is kind of
intimidating in the beginning to learn but that’s fine it’s gonna be something
that’s definitely useful if you take the time to invest on how to use this
software and create stuff create images ok
so what I like to do is create a new document but not in a traditional
eight-and-a-half by 11 kind of format because of my advertising background we
love to make tabloid size which is eleven by seventeen when we present
concepts and then most of the yetze that we see print ads specifically is in the
magazines that you know it’s so it’s like usually around an eight and a half
by eleven or letter size but I like to do 11 by 17 so actually the width would
be 17 inches 11 would be height and just there’s a resolutions in dpi I’m not
gonna get too deep into that but I’m gonna keep it at 150 dpi or Pig I forgot
what dpi it was it dots per inch I think it’s dogs per inch but I don’t
quote me on that I’m gonna do 150 usually we do 300 if it’s printed but
we’re gonna do 150 PPI so we have this format right here which is tabloid size
or 11 by 17 and the reason for that is yeah traditionally we would send so she
sets letter size but now everything’s done by email and when we sell send cell
sheets to potential licensees we use email and what are they most likely
looking at looking on the device wise when they’re viewing your email it’s
most likely gonna be a computer and if you look at your computer screen it’s
got this horizontal wide rectangle format and 11 by 17 where you could
print it 11 by 17 but when they actually view it on the computer it kind of gives
us a full view or uses as much real estate on the monitor and it’s just a
lot easier to see you can have images big there’s a lot of real estate for you
to move around your image and your text and your call to action your logos and
all that fun stuff that goes into it but so that’s why I do 11 by 17 you just
have a lot more real estate and also visually you have a lot more real estate
if they want a print it they could still print on 8 out of 8 and a half by 11 but
it’s just gonna be printed horizontally and probably not the entire image or the
paper would be printed on but that’s if they do choose to print it most of the
time I believe they just go and view it on
as computer screen so let’s start with putting together the cell sheet and if
we look at this bubble gift wrapping paper would let’s use that as a
placeholder for the text so I like to think of of these as print ads so let’s
take the elements of a premium we’ve got an image of the product we’ve got the
name or headline which headline copy which would be the name of the product
and then a sub headline could be just a one-line benefit statement that is a
term coined over by the lovely folks that event write and one-line benefit
statement is just kind of think of it as like a Twitter character cow esque line
of explaining what your product does what benefit does it offer other than it
being just a new product idea like what is it that’s benefiting someone’s life
but trying to keep it under one sentence is the goal so I like to think of as a
Twitter copy and then sometimes and there are body copies but in our case we
won’t go into that yet but and then one of the last pieces is the call to action
and call to action one there’s logos and there’s a website if you’ve got one
but in traditional answers web site sometimes there’s a phone number most of
ten there’s a phone number sometimes there’s an email and this there could
also be social media profile handles but that’s not really necessary in our case
but we want to have all those elements within the cell sheet so we got bubble
gift wrapping paper let’s put in the headline but for us is going to be our
name of the product so bubble gift wrapping paper and then let’s put in the bubble
wrapping paper for gifts that’s will have that be our one-line benefit
statement and I just want to just say that it’s not it’s not a fully
fleshed-out benefit statement or any of this the name the the the one-line
benefit statement these are just placeholders we could always update it
and change it and refine it make it more clear later on but let’s just put it in
for the elements so a bubble wrapping paper for gifts
terrible terrible line but let’s just put it in there so we have a bubble a
bubble wrapping paper for gifts okay so keep it like that okay now let’s
just go and put the image together so usually you want to have one juicy image
of the shot of the product so they understand what they’re really looking
at and I like to call it the money shot so let’s go and create the money shot of
this bubble gift wrapping paper and how I do that is actually through Google
Images and just a bunch of images that I can find online then I Frankenstein with
them together and make a concoction of all these different images that I find
and I try to create a new image which is the bubble wrap in our case so let’s go
and dig around the website and see what kind of images we could find so let’s go
to and we will go to bubble wrap okay then I go over to images and
because it’s a little bit of large size 11 by 17 11 inches by 17 inches I want
to get the highest resolution image that I could find so if you go over to
settings here search settings Oh nope not search settings maybe a ton
of tools okay it’s under tools then you go over to size then I like to go larger
than so 1024 and then it’s just gonna find me the largest size is it could
find so let’s do something similar like this where I’m gonna have it actually be
a full bubble wrap and actually make it like Christmas wrapping paper so it’s
very long and it’s a tube so just imagine there’s a wrapping paper but
it’s with bubble wrap but we’re gonna need to cheat it a little
bit because it seems like the size of these are its stockier and not as long
as we would like so let’s see what images can we find you this one’s kind of interesting and this
one’s interesting because I like the layout or how this bubble rep is laid
out but let I’m just opening these on a new tab let’s see if I could find a new
find some more what I like to do is just use you know open click on links on a
new tab so I could close them out if I instantly don’t like it okay this one’s
a good one okay so we got three options here we got one two oh let’s see come on
three hopefully it’s there okay three all right let’s actually use this one
because it’s really good so I’m gonna just try to find the best way for me to
get the highest resolution possible on this image so let’s see if I could just
copy image and how big let’s see how big it gets on the eleven by seventeen paper
okay not a bad size so I’m not gonna get too far into depth on how I use
Photoshop and get into layers and all that stuff so let’s I’m just gonna dive
in so I’ve got this image right here and we got this text I’m gonna turn off the
text right now I’ll just write copy and we got this image okay so what I want to
make it look like other than it just being a straight-up bubble wrap is to
make it look like a wrapping paper first so wrapping paper if you think about the
buying wrapping paper there’s a tube and they’re long and they’re all rolled up
and we want to make it look the same because visually it’ll give them a clue
is like okay it’s wrapping paper but what’s that texture oh it’s bubble wrap
then then the idea will click so we got this image and we’ve got this white
background here I like to use a magic wand tool
and select it but sometimes if it’s a white image like this or there’s white
in it it’s gonna select everything so I’m gonna deselect that I’m going to
actually do this is you’ll be seeing a lot of my own little tricks here it’s
not special but I think not too many people not that many people really know
how to go about doing all these little editing tricks so right now I’m actually
just distinguishing the white background from
the thing from the bubble wrap so I lowered the contrast I lowered the
brightness and it made the bubble wrap look a lot more gray so I could go and
click the background now and it gives me a click clear masking of of the white
background and I just delete okay see okay and I’m actually going to turn that
into smart objects because that’s just a smart thing to do and let’s put this
white background here and I’ll out too and now it’s time to make it look like
it’s a wrapping paper so I’m gonna do something like this
and so I made it okay to do that I do placated the wrapping paper now I just
got to I’m going to connect it real quick make it look all seamless right
here okay and then I am going to select one make a little mask and then erase
the bottom of this top wrapping paper to make it look like it’s all just one boom
okay okay so if we look at it now it kind of
it kind of looks like a longer kind of does let’s do one more let’s do one more
actually let’s see if we could add you you okay okay now it’s starting to look like a
long tube and the lighting is a little bit it’s not quite right but that’s fine
and I’m gonna just do a little quick touch-up right here erase this part okay
you paper here the lighting personally for
me isn’t quite there yet let’s see if I could actually do a little bit more
fine-tuning you okay call this bubble wrap okay so we
got our really quick and rough bubble wrap here let’s let’s make it a little
bit brighter too cuz it’s not clear enough you can’t see those textures so
I’m going to do this real quick okay now the next thing to do is put the design
on so I want to make it look like a let’s do Christmas wrapping paper just
because it’s clear so let’s get a Christmas wrapping paper let’s see what
kind of designs there are and then we’ll photoshop that in Christmas wrapping
paper you okay there’s some fun looking ones but I
want to make sure that it’s really clear so let’s get something that’s simple oh
and I got to do the the settings so size larger than 1024 and let’s see what type okay let’s okay well use maybe this hahaha wine maybe will you
yeah you this is probably the for me I think the
most time-consuming part and that is finding the right images to work with
but if you spend enough time and dig around you’ll discover some pretty
decent images to use this one looks fun let’s just do this one if there’s a
better one no there’s no better way there’s no better way and there’s a few
that have like watermarks on them from stock images and you could put them in
there if you want I choose not to because it just looks cleaner and it’s
it putting extra visual elements takes away from what your message would be so
I try to keep it as clean as possible let’s do let’s see this one this one
looks kind of fun let’s see so open this and I will copy okay I’m just going to copy from here
directly or okay open imaging you tap and I’m gonna copy it and I’m going to
paste it above the bubble wraps turn that into a smart object we’re gonna
rotate it make it big and this is really cool tool called masking so one or a
clipping mask and clipping mask is just cutting out the rest of the image and
it’s masking it or putting it into the same shape as the image down below which
is the bubble wrap and a little cheat multiply so let’s see boom it already
looks real okay so we got the design on there I’m actually going to link this so
we they don’t move around let’s see Christmas trees okay so we’ve got this image here now
the thing is it’s not looking like a bubble wrap again because we look we’re
losing a little bit of the information on the inside here so let’s see like the
shadow and what I like to do is just duplicate it and then multiply maybe
darken you know let’s try we got it sometimes you just have to experiment
with some of these filters let’s try it overlay I don’t think yeah okay multiply
it is and we’ll lower it just a little bit and boom and four let’s see I’m gonna reverse this to for layout why
so when we put bubble-wrap back Christmas trees let’s
link layers and I want to rotate it the other way so I flipped horizontal just
because layout wise we got this copy here okay
bubble wrap gifting gift wrapping paper all right no so this could this could be
the money shot but it’s not feeling quite there yet just because it’s not
money shot esque yet let’s see what can we do to make it look more clear that
this is bubble wrap let’s put that image see maybe this oh yeah lowering the
opacity a little bit definitely helps I’m actually gonna try something I’m
gonna move around this Christmas tree and see if there’s a way for it to make
it look more clear cuz I want to get these little shadows in as you guys can
tell I’m getting really deep into the the art direction and we call it art
direction because that’s what I do but the this is it’s getting to a very
familiar territory for me if you can’t do it on this level that is totally fine
and I don’t think it’s that great of a level I do have to admit well let’s just
keep on going I’ll stop talking that much let’s link the fly link the bubble
wraps and glares got the copy let’s put a image in our colored background let’s
see let’s try something kind of festive maybe maybe I don’t know that’s not the
right color let’s try this you you okay alright so there’s there’s a quick
bubble wrap and let’s see it’s still not clear yet
maybe I’ll add a little shadow you you you you you you you you you okay all right so we got a little
shadow there but it’s still not quite there yet I’m sorry if this is set if this sounds
boring or if I’m taking long you know these things does take a little bit of
time to make but that’s fine okay I’m gonna copy that turn that into
a smart object make a silhouette of it make a new layer and I’m gonna black it
out still leave that so what I’m doing really quick is just making the shadow
of this the light is so the lights come in from let’s say the bottom so it’s
going kind of that way so let’s try to mimic that does feel a little bit
awkward when the light is that way so well first let me just make it so this
is how I make shadows for objects say I created a silhouette of that image I
turn that into a smart object if you guys know what I’m talking about
and then I blur it and or Gaussian blur and it adds a really nice little soft
texture and I lower the opacity just a little bit and that’s how I create my
own little shadows let’s write shadow okay and I’ll pop that in that folder so
this the orientation isn’t feeling quite right so let’s see if I can rotate it
that way maybe I could do it this way boom okay a bit too strong I’m gonna move it just
a little bit so which way is that it’s going this way yes
and I’m going to just lower the opacity a little bit more it’s a little bit
strong and I’m also going to add a little bit of saturation just because
it’s not quite it’s it’s not looking bright enough yet okay bubble wrap okay
now so we’ve got our bubble wrap here boom so let’s let’s say that’s the money
shot it’s it’s rough it’s still not quite there yet it’s probably gonna take
a little bit more time for me to clean it up but let’s let’s just use this as
as the example for the money shot put on to the side this way and let’s mess with
the layout real quick of the type so I think I think the typeface that you know
the typeface that you’d use it definitely gives a good tone of what the
ad is supposed to look like or the cell sheet ooh actually just looking a little
better when it’s cropped in a little bit like that so you get to see you don’t
get to see the bottom of the of the bubble wrap but that’s fine so maybe
maybe you do something like this maybe there’s something here there’s a lot of
messing around and kind of feeling for this for the layout of where the images
would be with the typeface so maybe we could do something like this
maybe shadow a little bit stronger boom okay and then maybe it would help for
them to get a clear shot of what this is so maybe we could make a copy I’m gonna
actually zoom in and let’s see how far we could get into this without it
distorting or making it look pixelated it’s already starting to look pixelated
but what I want to do is make a close-up shot image of the bubble wrap to kind of
to make sure that it’s clear that they’re looking at bubble wrap
okay so boom let’s make a circle do it like this I’d say maybe this spot I don’t know Oh clip it this needs to not be a stroke
let’s put it in as a fulfil okay and it gets No
I know you okay let’s try this would be bigger
wouldn’t bigger help does that is that looking like a bubble bubble air bubbles
– you guys I’m not really sure I think I gotta make it a little bit more clear
but okay all right
put a little stroke around the circle to make sure that it’s clear that it is okay and
let’s do a little call-out maybe let’s see what’s the best way to do this call
out of this zoom up shot maybe a triangle so gets a polygon that’s not
bad let’s make sure that’s and that’s not yep okay boom you you you you okay you
okay so let’s put this into its own folder
boom-boom close up and we can rotate it make it a little bit smaller if we need
to or where is this where am I looking at well maybe here
you you you know because we’re showing a little
bit of the holiday kind of wrapper on this maybe I’ll put a holiday color so
let’s just put in red that’s kind of intense
maybe I’ll just make it not as red okay all right that’s it that’s all
right so and then from here let’s I’m going to turn these texts into white and
might look better when it’s white and I’m also going to like the quotation my
gift bubble gift wrapping paper bubble gift wrap
maybe bubble gift wrap just sounds better yeah let’s do that
bubble gift wrap and let’s finesse this type a little bit make it a little bit
smaller yeah let’s just do this one okay okay so there’s our placeholder copy I
do want to note again it’s not it’s not exactly the right wording that I would
like but that is fine we’re just gonna put it in as a placeholder for now
let me just get this little make sure that it looks like it’s connecting cuz
it doesn’t look like it to me boom okay boom money okay I’ll make those layers – all right so we
got it close up here and I’m the bubble wraps so let’s do that I’ll do something
like this and we’ll do all right nope get the copy and move it in make it a
little bit bigger if you guys if like if you’re really serious into design if you
know how to use type well it’s one of I think one of the secret sauce to good
design it’s well type and layout these are all really good things to know if
you’re really into designing or if you want to do stuff you know know more
about design it’s just good things to know okay if I get a little bit too I might get caught up in the design a
little bit or the type wise too but that’s fine I’ll just try to do it as
fast as I can okay so let’s let’s keep it at like that for
right now just make it a little bigger actually and if you want to put a I’m
not gonna write it now but sometimes you could put in a little description and you know I I like to keep it as short as
possible like for for good praying ads it doesn’t take that much that long for
them to look at it and understand what they’re looking at but sometimes they
need a little bit of explanation I’m not gonna I’m not gonna put in the body copy
but I’m gonna put it in a placeholder so this is called greeting
or and Greek King is just putting in Latin and it doesn’t mean anything this
is all just as a placeholder to kind of give them a sense of what it looks like
so you know this is something that it helps but not it isn’t necessary okay
maybe this could go and become bold and if I make this smaller cutting that out
I look a little bit nicer maybe I’ll cut yourself – maybe I’ll make this smaller
and carry it out – yeah okay this smaller and then out just a little bit
maybe I could do that so just imagine there’s copy in there if you need a
little bit more explanation and one thing that I would now like I think for
image wise there could be a little bit more things that could be clear that
it’s gift wrapping paper I’m not gonna go too crazy into
photoshopping another set of images but what I am gonna do is put a little
placeholder image just so you guys could understand what what I mean so I want to
I want to put a presence here just to kind of put a context like okay this is
for presents this is gift this is bubble wrap – so we got the money shot of the
product with the close-up shot now I want to put a little of maybe a few
presents right over here I’ll just put the presents there without putting the
bubble texture on it but let’s put presents and let’s just use this one for now okay
maybe I could put the bubble wrap on it I don’t know white masking again to take that out
this make a little bit bigger you maybe I could probably copy you you okay I’m not sure if they’ll work let’s see
if I could get the let’s see if I could find a bubble wrap image or a texture
and then just put that over the presence who actually I like this one mm if
there’s actually a few good few good images of presents ooh this one’s
actually really good let’s use this one instead I’m gonna copy this image I
might delete this one Oh wrong one this one and then I’ll paste this up mask out
the white boom do this and let me go and clean it up real quick
doing some of that reflection down there so I I’m going to do this real quick I
use a magic wand tool then I use the quick selection tool and I’m just gonna
get those little reflections that the magic wand is missing you you
okay you okay okay now it looks like you know
it’s just sitting on there let’s pick it a little bit bigger I love this
bubble wrap a little bit more to the right let’s put the clothes up in there
as well put this up higher yeah I’m just gonna copy this again just
to make it look like it’s a body copy okay you you make that a little bit smaller – okay
boom all right so we got these presents here all right and where’d you go okay
let’s make it a little bit smaller we don’t want to get it in the way of the
money shot but we want to just make sure that it looks like it’s you know give
give them context and there’s a lot of like visual hierarchy which I’ll talk
about in another video if you guys want me to this is really getting into the
design of things but what I’m doing is creating hierarchy I want to see it have
them see the money shot so image then I want them to see the copy so the copy
looks a little bit large it’s taken away some thunder from the money shot so
let’s make it a tad bit smaller and we’ll move this body copy up this thing
is okay and I’m gonna try to get the bubble wrap texture and see if
if we could just use that texture on top of these on top of those presents to
make it look like it’s bubble bubble texture let’s see I’m not sure if it
would okay this one I stock image a watermark on it but that’s fine you’re
not gonna see it later on so I’m gonna just put it right above it make it a
little bit smaller and then let’s see if I could mask it or clip Matt clipping
mask and then put a multiply okay maybe like you know maybe overlay yeah okay
overlay so it’s a little bit large I’m gonna make it smaller okay and I’m just gonna put it over all
these presents you and it already looks like it’s kind of a
bubble texture on top of all these on top of the presents so let me lower them
just a little bit that’s fine okay and I will make this a little bit okay I do
also want to note that we originally we wanted designs on them but in this case
just for times sake I’m just putting on over images with solid colored wrapping
paper on it ideally it would be better if they had the designs on it but that’s
fine okay and I’m also gonna put presents as the folder and I am going to
add a little shadow on the bottom do this make a new layer put it down black
on it smart object filter Gaussian blur and you okay so that I just put a little shadow
on there so it doesn’t really look like it’s floating maybe I could do bigger yeah okay so it just doesn’t look like
it’s floating in in the middle of the air and so we got our presence there we
could always call it out we could you know just sometimes if there’s a little
bit of calling out a certain thing what I like to do is just put a line and and
then I put text over it so like in this case look at this text right here and
then we’ll just call it lorem ipsum so something like this is what what I
usually do I’ll be back okay where happened to my little line okay so
you know we could we could have multiple call-outs like this if you want you okay this is just for example lorem
ipsum doesn’t mean anything it’s just a placeholder copy but later on if you do
choose to call out you know you could you could do something similar to this okay all right so we got our money shot we
got a headline which is a product name we’ve got a little sub headline which
would be a one-line benefit statement we have the option to put the body copy
which be a little blurb or description about the about the product idea we’ve
got contact shot so in our case it’s just presents wrapped with the bubble
wrap wrapping paper with some call-outs and now it’s time to add our call to
action and what call to action is what do you want them to do whoever is
looking at this what do you want them to be doing after like they decided okay we
like this idea now what and it also kind of puts in you know it lets them know
that this is your idea when you have other so you got call to action and the
branding elements to it so I’m gonna go in and put in my logo so let’s put in
our little confetti cloud logo for EM FSF studio all right boom doesn’t have to be big these logos
don’t have to be that large okay so I I like to just keep them kind of tiny it
just lets them know that you know it’s my it’s coming from
mm FSF studio let’s borrow and then I’m gonna just type in my name or the the
studio the name let’s make this black boom okay
and then now I want to put in my call to action like my phone number and email so
let’s put in those elements I’m gonna make this medium let’s make it smaller okay let’s say email at MSF
and then phone number is one two three four five six seven eight nine zero okay I’ll make that a little bit boom that’s me kind of in a little bit we’ll
make a little bit smaller regulator and we you know at MFF okay it’s kind of rough it’s not exactly
what I would do actually let’s see if I could change it up a little bit maybe that’s fine okay so we got we got
we gave their the company mf6 to do that is presenting the idea gave them their
contact info which would be email phone number and it sometimes helps to add in
the website so I’ll just write here WWE MSF studio calm okay I don’t like the
layout of this text so I’m gonna just change that real quick okay now again the logos don’t have to be
that large is a little running joke in the ad industry clients always ask for
one thing if there’s nothing bad to say about the campaigns or any of the things
that we’re presenting to them they don’t have anything to say for some reason
there’s always one guy that says well can you make the logo bigger and because
their client and we kind of have to and it makes sense from a branding
standpoint they want to make sure that there’s brand awareness but we won’t get
too crazy in the logos here let’s just listen tone it down a little bit
boom okay so it’s kind of like a little business card down there I probably
would spend more time finessing it if I if I really want to timewise again I’m
not going to now there’s one last thing that you can add if you if you done it
already and that is or have if you’ve done it which is putting your patent
pending on it so if you got patent pending after filling out a provisional
patent application you could do that boom maybe you put it on the top to give
it a little bit more presents yeah maybe about him yeah maybe bottom
actually I think it’s top sorry you know that’s a lot of finessing when you’re
designing and creating things that they always take some time they gotta you
know it’s experiment and play around with it and see what feels right there’s
a certain intuition when when it comes to good design it’s just like and it’s
also with art and a lot of things it’s something that there’s a feeling to it
that it feels right so layout wise and probably felt feels a little bit better
up on the top and I think the close-up shot is a little bit too big or a little
bit too close to the top so we’re gonna do it like that okay all right so that
is how I put together my excel sheet it’s rough but this is this is how I do
it and again I don’t I I don’t speak for everybody that puts cell sheets together
like this this is this is how I do it it makes the most sense especially coming
from advertising wise and then thinking about cell sheets as print ads it works
and if this is something that you know they are viewing on the computer most
likely but they could also be viewing on the phone and if you think about the
phone is that you get to you know they you have they just turn it sideways and
they could see everything and they could zoom in if they need to but this is how
I put myself sheets together I put it on a photo ID use Photoshop and on top of
that I use InDesign I’m not gonna get too in-depth on on the difference of the
program but in designs another program that’s offered by Adobe part of the
Creative Cloud suite and there’s good and bad there’s good things that each
program does that’s like really good for so Photoshop is great for photo editing
and manipulation and also painting and drawing in design is great for layouts
so a lot of magazines and book designs they use InDesign to do the editorial
designer lay design and what I usually do is do all
my image making on Photoshop then I move or I export it as an image or JPEG PNG
and then I place it into an InDesign document and I type in all the
information so a bubble gift wrap bubble wrapping paper for gifts and right you
know that and then I get to move around the text and move around the images and
try to get the right feel for it so that’s like the real in-depth on how I
do it but I think you’ll be able to achieve the achieve the same thing just
by using Photoshop Photoshop is very powerful I do encourage you guys to
check it out if you’re willing to learn but there is a little bit of a learning
curve and it is intimidating at first but I love playing around with it that’s
how most of us I think learned it how to use Photoshop is just by playing around
with it and I I encourage you guys to do the same but if not you could always
hire a graphic designer if you know somebody that’s a graphic designer
or you could find somebody on Fiverr or upwork there’s also great programs and
services offered over at event write with their design studio and we’ll talk
about that later on as well but there’s a lot of resources that we could tap
into especially in this day and age of Technology and websites and online the
world wide web and you you know you give them the elements of what you need in
this cell she’s like alright let’s put in the image the money shot of the
product and all right so let’s let’s change the typeface let’s put in the
call-to-action the logo and all this stuff so that’s how I put myself sheet
together it’s rough and I hope you guys stay tuned and you know throughout the
entire process and if you like this type of video I could definitely do more give
me a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and please subscribe if you haven’t and also
I would love to hear your thoughts and what your process is and please share it
with and by writing it in the comment below
and I would greatly appreciate it if you share this video with any of your
friends and good luck on licensing it’s it’s a lot of fun and it’s not that much
work but you know putting these things together compared to actually creating
an idea on your own okay hope you guys enjoyed I’ll see you in the next video


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