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How to Make a Poster or Collage in Photoshop

November 13, 2019

so you have been doing a school project opponents project maybe a work assignment because without any of those intensive nobody really cares about making a poster in photoshop and that is relations today I’m going to break down the prosper poster-making into three simple stages right from starting and planning to finishing up in photoshop stay tuned coming up so recently I have been given an assignment to make a poster on hyderabad autism so this is what I ended up with and today we’re going to learn how to make a poster using this as an example and approach the whole process from simple steps so there are three broad steps into making this poster planning collecting and assembly number one planning planning is all about determining how your poster is going to look it’s about having a mind map of what is going to be a background was going to be a foreground what are the images that you’re going to include whether you’re going to accompany it with text and if yes where would you paste the text what would be the base placement of the text and the images in the background and everything else it’s about a complete format that your booster is going to follow so let’s jump straight into Photoshop and let me give an inside about what planning actually is and how it works so when I was planning for this poster I just first figure out the background and then the images foreground text etc now let me turn off this layer first I need to figure out what the background is going to be in this case it’s going to be a picture of the place maybe the monument the place maybe a scenic a picture of the place for example in this picture I have a picture of the horse and soccer league and and why did I use that as a background because the background explain once the lake continues it has just 21 gallop so I wanted to have that as a background then i’m going to decide the images that are going to make my fall around for example i want to have images here i want to have images here images off different places and different monuments around this place and have left this place why for the text i’m going to have my text here and maybe al and i’m having a scenic border of decorated border around and then I may include a logo either here or anywhere where it looks kind of good so that’s how you plan you plan the placement of the object you plan the placement of the images you decide what texts are you going to include you decide what images are you going to include your design the complete design of your overall poster so the second step is collecting collecting reference to collecting images the decks are going to put up the kind of designs that you’re going to have in your toaster if you look at this image carefully it has seven images +1 logo another thing is you can collect images into to raise one you can use your own images and to you can use google images But you know what, a lot of my friends had this that when they got their images printed, when they got the posters printed, most of the images that they got from google were blurry or pixely. You need to make sure that you download high-quality images from Google Images and also you choose the right document size in Photoshop. You should never download images directly from the Google images page, there is a certain way to do it, let me show you how. So let’s go to Google Images, how do you do that let’s go to and for example I need an image of Charminar now so I would search Charminar and I have a lot of images but if you look here carefully, if I click, if I hover over this image the size shows 426X500 which is pretty small and if I use this image this image will be pixely also the size of this image is fairly good it’s 3,000 by around 4,000 so I can use this image but most people what mistake they do is they directly click here and select save image as and if you do that only this small image will be saved and many make it bigger it will be pixely. Even if you click it and if you download from here it won’t be saved into full quality. All you have to do is, first of all you need to sort out images that are large in size, for that go to search tool Size, make sure large is selected and then click the image of your choice then click view image always click view image and from there you select save image as and save your image, and if you look at this image if i zoom in a hundred percent it’s not getting pixelated so it’s a very high-quality image and that’s how you should download images from Google Images. the images that you want to have in your poster you should keep and download all of them into one fold them also as you can see i have downloaded the the logo that i’m going to insert into my poster so let’s get back to the poster that we are going to make today so if you look at the images of the monuments are the places the museum you would find that most of them are cut out all of them except this one are cut out so let’s look closely the fort i remove disguise also in this I have removed the skies i have removed the other background areas that need not be there in the poster so that our first job is going to be cutting out the part of the image that you want in your poster so let’s open all of the images except the logo that’s open all of the images into Photoshop and our first job is to cut them out one by one so let’s look at the first image it’s still loading the images and i’m waiting for it to be processed now it has loaded the images now the thing I don’t want this image to be in my posture is the sky so how do i select the sky is very quickly i know that the sky is blue right what if i tell Photoshop they remove anything which is blue in color wouldn’t that be easy so for that go to select color range select the sky color select this Plus which means that i also want this color to be removed to discolor to eat sorry this color to be removed click on the places where you have skies and if you by mistake click here but you shouldn’t you can always go control control and set our command said so click on the skies once the sky selected you increase and decrease the fuzziness decrease the presence or increase the business to a point where the area that you have selected in this case disguise the area that you have selected is only visible all the rest of the areas should and must be black so if i increase the fuzziness too much the ballast is being visible I don’t want that i want the palace to be black also I don’t want the finest to go so down that some of the skies is not visible so I want to have a midpoint a happy place where the palace is not visible and the sky is visible so I think this is a proper number let’s like this too yup okay now all you have to do you have to press this mask button here what does this do this makes only the sky appear and the less arrest of the things disappear so we wanted just the opposite what we would do make sure the mask is selected and press ctrl + I series of the Mac its command and I so this guy is done transparent as you can see the check box says that its transfer and there’s nothing there let’s go up the image to crop the image press control no control press C to the crop crop to a little bit property to this place and press enter we have done with this image then one by one we would cut out every image that we have two so let’s go ahead i’m going to speed up the process i’m going to cut every images out so let’s get started as you can see for this image I didn’t use the select color range option i use the pen to see sometimes when you have when you don’t have skies when you have something disturbing you are going to have to manually select things that you want in your images for that either you can use the polygon lasso tool for the pen tool or things like that for example you want to select some area with some manually you want to select some area let’s take this as an example you want to select the bird what we do you will manually select it using certain tools right let me select that manually select that and then make a mask so this was just finding an example in case the selection in case the select color range doesn’t work you have to do it manually so I have got every other image accept this because I want to specifically show you how to do this specific image by the way credits to Joffrey for this beautiful image so i wanted this image to be my background ok so i don’t want to cut this thing out of this building’s out i want this to be my background so the only thing that I don’t want in this image of the wrongs so how would I do it simply i would go first of all make a mosque go take a brush and make it as soft as possible said the flow to somewhere around 35 20 ish ok and make sure brush is a little bigger this is simply paint over it until it is removed now it’s going to get simpler from you lets up insert a solid layer solid adjustment land solid scholarly so how would we do that select a decimal and select solid color click OK make sure that the solid color is beneath the mainly so what do we do now we simply have to match the color of this of the league with the color of the solid color so let’s double care and it’s using the color picker picker color which is off the league ok click ok now the lake is not completely gone the rock is not completely gone let’s go back to this layer take the brush again and paint over it again yup and we are good to go and this is going to be a good background so the next thing that you need to do which is extremely extremely important is to determine the size of your poster you might have been assigned opposed to size it might have been a full or a 30 something in square or you might have been assigned a size of the poster so you make sure you make a document of the same size so i was assigned to make the poster on 83 size paper so let’s open a document in a three that’s the most sensible thing to do because most of my friends what they did assembly open the document made the post them and they printed it it turned out to be pixely and blurry why because they didn’t choose the right document size so how you open a document in your desired size let’s go to file open not open sorry file Neil and select make sure you have selected international big benefits 83 select a three from the drop-down menu and name the document this is very important name it anything poster ok and click ok now you have to document if you want to make the poster in elliptical mode that’s completely fine but what if you want to want to make the poster horizontally what if you want to make the poster and landscape mode so we can rotate this go to image image rotation 90 degree clockwise or counterclockwise doesn’t really matter because it’s all white and we are good to go so now it’s time to bring in the images that we have download and edited into this poster so that’s quite a little tricky process but will learn it together plus let’s go to the corner report and instead of control a control c control v that’s not we have what we are going to do let me teach you a shortcut keep this layer selected go to this place duplicate layer and select the poster ok and then you go back to poster you see the Golconda fort layer right there now this has its own advantages what advantages you have the original layer with the mask already there and it for any reason if you want a part of the fort back all this time and you can always go select the brush tool like the mask and make sure why the selected you can always get that back in Photoshop if you had done ctrl a ctrl c that kind of thing you you would have ended up restaurant seeing the image and losing everything that you had erased earlier so let’s do it with all the other images so we have done the process we have copied all the layers to back to the poster let’s get back to the poster document and as you can see every image is copied know what we have to do we have to arrange it one by one so for example I want to arrange this say I want to arrange the Golconda fort first so to select to arrange the Golconda fort this layer layer 1 let’s name it the code of conduct for so I want to arrange that but i cannot see it and it’s getting a lot of difficult to do that and because of all the other less so what I would do is to just make this layer visible how to do this I would press and hold alt ok personal order option and Mac and click this that way only this layer is selected then you can press ctrl T and arrange it all place it wherever you want maybe you wanted this much this much is fine i think that’s ok let’s take it to the left and then bit and let’s go back to the another one ok this one let’s turn this on now let’s arrange this again it’s flippin why not flip it and no no let’s not leave flip it let’s keep in this wing I think this way would be cool this way yeah now saying i want too much this lay with this one what do i do go back to the mosque select the brush see that step wantage that’s that once that you had you ctrl-c ctrl-v you wouldn’t have got the mask along with the image now let’s make sure it’s a black brush let’s just rub it a little bit and see how easily it kind of starts managing let’s get the white panic yeah it’s done it’s ringing the other images let’s turn this on now I wanted the child not at the back of the fort so what do i do very easy let’s take this layer we need the fort the charcoal I did something wrong let’s take the charminar let’s name it so that it becomes easy item name this one forgive me so yeah let’s make it a little bit smaller this little smaller from the top yup that’s a good place to be is it yes yeah now the Chama is done the next let’s look at what do we have next so this image what did I click this image I wanted to have as a border so let’s just bring in this image in the bit in between and what if i wanted to wanted one part of the image at this side and one part of the image at that side so i wanted to have either side on separate layers so what would i do is select the rectangular marquee to select this part of the image that I would go to layer new layer wire cut our shift ctrl + so you have this part of the image in that letter as you can see the mask is gone so I want the mosque here too so I was simply personal old copy this mask and paste it here press and hold alt or option Mac drag this drug here to here so this is at a separate lid so i can simply place it in one of the corners and I can make this bigger press ENTER same to do with the other one let’s do that real and quick that’s intense and we are good to go let’s look at the other images now since these are boarders I don’t want other images to overlap these borders so I want to make sure that these are kept at the top so let’s go over to the top yeah let’s look at the other images now or we have you this one oh I didn’t select that this one okay make sure whenever you’re editing a particular image make sure that layer is selected so this service doesn’t seem to fit anywhere so we might want to try and flip the image and let’s see what happens to flip the image you would simply press ctrl T again right-click ship already something so i think it would fit it now so let’s try putting the image here yup it’s getting pretty well and ok so again as you’re spotted very clearly i want this image at the back of the palace what would I do take this image down behind the palace now what are left what is left so what is left let’s turn on this leg and make sure you have selected this so I wanted this image to be the background so i wanted to make it as big as possible also have the same time I wanted this to be at the back so at the back so but there is a problem what is the problem the problem is the solid layer that we have created that he had created in this image the solid color layer has not been copied so how to bring that back let’s go back to the image don’t even remember what yes this is the image and i also want this layer back and the poster document so i click this layer go to duplicate layer and get to the post in silico stir click ok now let’s get back to the poster document as you can see let’s take this layer to the back as you can see this background color has already been applied let’s make this bigger to the size of the document and we also need to make sure that this doesn’t this this thing this model its statute does not a class with one of these mosques are monument so it’s okay ish yup we are good to go now you might think that we are done with the statue and just the text is remaining but there’s a big problem in this statute a very very huge problem the problem is many many zoom out you see that there is a lot of pot in this area it’s not clear it looks very crowded and the the kind of monuments doesn’t seem separated so how do you do that you first want this two monuments to be in one group so I want this monument this one and the worldand afford to be in one group let’s select both of these and press ctrl + C ah c’mon gee I want this to have a shadow so that you can easily differentiate between these monuments and the other ones so rightly go to blending options and select drop shadow so you see you have a shadow right there so once you select drop shadow you can select the source of light so you i want the source of light to be around from here that means the light is coming from this direction to this direction so the direction of light we have selected the opacity means how dark the shadow would be so let’s keep this epatha t the distance of the shadow fine and the size of the shambler let’s increase the opacity a little bit and we are good to go also we want to group these two and we want to have their shadows so but Helia i forgot this image i forgot to put this image let’s let’s just let’s just put it somewhere where shall I put this let me put this around here he puts it okay it’s looking fine let’s take it down take it down a notch take it down but not so down yeah it’s doing fine but again there’s a problem as you can see that today is a part of the image that is the border of damage that has remained we need to remove that bother how do we do that go back to the mosque see this is that wanted of the mask again go back to the master like the brush make sure black is selected increase the flow a little bit and then paint over this area yep and we are good to go now let’s take this a little bit upwards this one is too low let’s take this little bit up ya doing fine now yeah it’s doing great now so I want to group I don’t want to group i think i want to have shadows for this tamanna so let’s select the terminal and again go to blending options drop shadow up the same kind of shadow selected but i want a lesser opacity so I want to have a less opacity and I want to decrease the distance a bit and the size to treat the size a little bit this decrease the distance a little bit more step and that’s to go let’s go back to this one and again go to blending options drop shadow and this time I want to have capacity a little bit more and i want to increase the distance tad bit click OK and then this one shadow is remaining let’s go back to this one and select blending options and drop shadow and let’s decrease opacity at a bit increase the distance a little bit and we are going to go now that’s what kind of much better than what we have what we had without the shadows now let’s add the text to simply add the text go to the Opera st and select this place and write anything that you want my favorite font become scripto is selected live let me type live the news on life now we can actually we can actually customize the text as i talked about it in one of the other tutorials if you want to specifically know how to customize the text go on what’s the other tutorial that have already made so suppose I don’t think that bigger but suppose I want L to be different how do i do that go to Windows lives right was a glass panel has open select the l and select alternates selection and select the error of your choice i love this then for example you want a different right here ok so you select the e of your choice and you’re good to go maybe you want a different n select the end but the end is too big too so let that be a normal and normal and was much better so that’s it so i right ok so the and has not reported back so let’s select the end and let’s go back to lives and select normal end-to-end selected I don’t know what’s happening ok let’s get this back now as I assumed and I just saw that there’s a half-bird right here so i would go back to this layer of which but is a part of this is part of this day go back to the mosque select the brush and paint it yep let’s come back to the text left and suppose I want to change that they’ll also again let’s go back to the gloves and it’s this time select this L yep so we have two different else in this text that’s kind of exciting let’s decrease the space between M&L so i select the arrow so I insert the cursor right there and press alt or option and the left arrow key so difference will be there used right arrow key to increase left arrow key to decrease so once you have it let me put the three dots after the e okay i think the end should be a little bit bigger that would kind of make the textbook more better because the Nizam is an important thing in this text so let’s make them at a bit different and kind of big this is good a visit the elders that little disclose this yeah that’s good again what we have to do we have to decrease the space between the the eve of the DA and the end increase the space a little bit not too much II and we’re done with the text so what we have to select the text and let’s make it a little bit bigger and look how nice it looks when the text is behind the domina so but you can see a part of the end goes right above the domina what if we want the charming not so one of the pillars of the charminar to go above the text simply just you need to have the lair of the domina let’s take it upwards stick it above the explain but that creates a problem it also comes in front of the Portland so let’s go back and let’s take the text layer beneath the term an outlet so this works much better so we have the poster already so if you are satisfied with this poster right now then go and start making because there is a lot more to the video as you as you might have noticed if you are an artist you might have noticed this straight away that some of the colors of the images don’t match with the kind of mood that’s there in the overall posto so as you can see the fourth is a little bit bluish and tint and also this one is a little bit greenish but the background is a little bit yellow is show we need to make sure that the images are little bit yellowish and that 10-cent the contrast and the exposure matches with that of the background so let’s go back and select the first layer that we have the Golconda fort the former is that go Conda vote land so okay okay so we had made a group out of that there now i remember that we had made a group let’s turn on the group and one by one let’s do let’s edit the images so the Golconda fort is selected I would go to filter camera filter another camera filters loading let it load a little bit yeah it’s loaded now let’s increase the temperature a little bit make it a little more yellowish and let’s increase the contrast a little bit not that much click OK and see how the colors of the 42 matches with the background that’s the same process that we are going to do with all of the images we are going to tweak the settings are in the camera filter to match with the background so I’m going to speed this process up for you so we are almost done with the poster except for one thing guess any guesses yup the logo the logo is left so how do we import the local simply just look at the logo drag it drag it to photoshop and paste it yep and let’s resize that and place the local way you want either here or here wherever you deem fit easy to press ENTER and our poster let’s make a little bit smaller and our poster is ready to hit the walls so guys that’s all for today hope it helped help with your project that if it did please do me a huge favor please do me a little favor please subscribe to my channel I would really really appreciate that our steel guys in my next video till then stay tuned and captain


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