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How To Make A Lower Thirds In Canva – Tutorial (2018)

September 1, 2019

In today’s video, I’m going to show you
how to make a lower thirds. This is a pro tip. For those of you that want to up
your video game. So stay tuned to find out how to make a lower thirds for your
video. First let’s start by talking about what
a lower third is. Most of you probably already know this, but for those who use
it don’t a lower third is a little emblem that goes over the bottom of your
video. And you can put your name in there, you can put your website in there. It’s
basically a way to brand your video. Whether you’re doing it over your live
stream or whether you’re doing it actually putting it on there after
you’ve made the video. As you can see there’s, if you go to Google put in lower
thirds. You can see a lot of different examples. You’ve got all different colors
depending on you know the company. And you can get really elaborate with them,
really simple and actually you can buy them pre-made. If you want to do that
there are many sites that sell them. But I’m going to show you how to make a
really simple one today in canva. First thing you want to do, and you can
probably see my lower thirds is down here at the bottom. First thing you’re
going to want to do, is you’re going to want to make a the size you want for
camera is 1920 x 1080. That’s the HD size. That’s the size I use
on all my videos. And go ahead and make the entire background black. Because that
just gives it a crisper thing when you remove this. It’s like an overlay that’s
going to go over the top. So we’re going to erase the black here in a minute.
But let’s start off by, this is just very base very simple. You can get as fancy as
you want. But I’m gonna make it really simple just to show you. Let’s start with
going and getting a rectangle. And this is already in my
colors that I like to use. And I’m going to put it down here. And then I’m
actually going to copy that rectangle, and bring it up. And I’m going to change
the color on that one to that color. And those are my base color is for my
branding. And you can see I already have one down here that looks somewhat like
this. And so then after you put those shapes down there. One thing you can do,
I’ll show you this just for fun. You click here to search, put in, I’m gonna
misspelled it, gradient. Yeah, there’s a gradient here. And I can take this
gradient, and rotate it. A gradient goes from darker to lighter or lighter to
darker. See how the overlay on it kind of makes part of it look darker and lighter?
I’m gonna move this one down a little bit first. Let me grab a hold of it.
because I want to drag it down a little bit. Actually let me put it a bit behind
it. and then I’m gonna put arrange, back. So that’s kind of hidden behind it. Now,
you can see I have where it kind of fades out to darker over here. And I kind
of like the way that looks. And you can have it, you know, make it bigger, make it
smaller. You know, however much you want to have blacked out. That’s just, you know,
something to give it a little bit more fancy look. Now another thing I’m going
to do, is I’m going to go back to elements. And I’m going to go to frames.
And in the frames here I’m gonna look for, I think a circle. A circle looks like
a good one. And pull it up. There we go. There’s a circle. And I’m gonna make the
outside of the circle my red branding color. And then I’m gonna go to my
uploads. I’m gonna look for my logo. Put it in there. Shrink it down. And I’m gonna
bring that back over here. So I’ve got my logo on there. And then go to text. And I
want to change that to my text which I like to use. Aleo. If I can find it here.
Aleo. And I’m gonna bring it over. Let me make the board smaller first. Bring it
over here. So it’s gonna go right across here. And I want that to say Diana Wilson.
And then I’m going to hit copy. And I’m gonna bring that one down just below it.
Drag this over a little bit more. And I’m put in And that is
basically it. I just made a lower thirds. Now when you get done making it, you go
ahead and download it. And then once you get it downloaded, I’m going to show you
how to remove the black. If you’ve already got the paid version of Canva,
you should be able to save this with all this black area is a transparency. And if
not, you’ll probably remember this from my other video. We’re gonna go over here.
Go to open image from computer. And I already saved a lower thirds so let me
find it. I’m hoping that’s the right one. It looks like it, okay. Yes. Okay, now
I want to make another. Let’s start a new image. And I want to make that image the
exact same size. So that’s going to be 1920 and the height 1080. And I want to make sure to
click transparent. Click OK. And there I have a transparent one. So go
to my back one here, go to edit, select all, edit. copy. Then go back to my one
that’s transparent. And go edit, paste. And now it has a transparent background
behind it. So all I need to do is grab this little wand tool, select the black
and it should grab all of it. And then I can just hit the delete button. And that
gives me a lower thirds with a transparent background that I can use in
my videos. Now let me go ahead and show you how I’m using it. Let me pull up my
OBS here. Which I’m actually recording from. So you’re actually it’s going to
look weird for a second. Let me pull that up. Now as you can see in my OBS. Yeah, I
knew that was going weird. I have this one down here. But what I can do, is I’m
going to click on lower thirds, and I’m going to go ahead and remove that one.
Are you sure you want to remove it? Yes. And so it’s no longer down here in the
corner of my screen. And I’m going to add image. And I’m gonna call it lower thirds
again. I’ll just put lower for demonstration purposes. Click okay. I’m
gonna browse. And let’s see, desktop lower thirds. And I’m gonna grab this one this
time. This is the one that I made that’s complete. Open, and there it is, and click
OK. And now you see that one down there And in OBS you can move it around. But
this one’s made to exactly fit. So now, you should be seeing it down here. If I
pull up something else besides the OBS, you should still be seeing it down here,
whereas I don’t. And that’s how you make a lower thirds. You can also, if you’re
doing a video. you can drag it into your video editing. And stretch it out and lay
it on top so that it covers all your video. That way when you upload your
video to different platforms, people know who you are. And that’s my pro tip of the
day. If you have any questions, drop them below. If you like this, please share it
out and give us a thumbs up. and we will see you later. Thanks. Bye bye. If you
found this video helpful, be sure and give us a thumbs up. And subscribe for
future broadcast. Thanks for watching.


  • Reply Diana Wilson January 18, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    Do you use a lower thirds on your videos? How are you branding them so that people easily know your videos when scrolling through thumbnails? Let me know in the comments below.

  • Reply Canva - Design anything. Publish anywhere. January 24, 2018 at 1:21 am

    Thanks for making this tutorial! You've shared such a great resource. ^gl

  • Reply Kate Volman April 8, 2018 at 1:49 am

    Very helpful. Thank you. 🙂

  • Reply Crypto Winning April 4, 2019 at 2:54 am

    Thank you so much! Took me forever to find a person who knew how to do this. If you ever want to get into bitcoin, crypto, or gold let me know! We can trade knowledge!

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