How to make a facebook cover 2019 (Photoshop tutorial)

November 5, 2019

Learn how to do a facebook cover in photoshop
Create a new document. The size should be 820×360. First of all, press ctrl+r and with the select tool drag from up a blue line at the middle: Choose the polygon tool, write 4 for sides.
Make one big polygon Move it in the center, press ctrl + T choose rotate and make sure that the corners are on the blue line. Make a new shape with polygon tool a little bit smaller than the previous one. Choose a different color for this. Personally I consider that the first shape wasn’t big enough thus I selected it and changed the weight of it. If it happened to you too, make the same move. And now make a white polygon, move it to the center, rotate it until the corners are on the line. Drag the photos that you want to use under the white shape First, make sure the height is not bigger than 700. Use the erase tool to unite them in a nice way. Click right on the first polygon, choose blending options, check gradient overlay. Here I show you what colors I used for my cover. Now make the background black Personally I desired my photos to be black and white, I think they look better in this case. It’s time for the text. In the description box you will find the template for this cover in case you want to use it with your own photos. Now just make some small changes so your cover looks better. I post tutorials every week on friday so if you want to see more, subscribe.

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