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How to make a cinemagraph on your mobile with Zoetropic

August 14, 2019

Hello tech lovers so as you can see I’m
on holiday and I was thinking about how I could do a video for you. I’m away and
I thought you might like to see how you can create moving pictures from still
imagery. For this you’ll need a camera and some great backgrounds such as this water and sky as clouds and water work best, you’ll also need to download the Zoetropic app. So once you’ve got your nice photo load up the Zoetropic app,
this works best with clouds and water, if you look along the bottom we’ve got a
range of tools so you can crop it, you can change the color, you can add text,
but to add the motion you either want to use motion or sequence. Now if it’s a
short run you just use motion so I’m going to be using sequence. Let’s get
the clouds going across that way…and a second one. Nnow if I press play you can see the
entire image is moving and it’s a little bit disconcerting so let’s press stop. We need to sort out areas that we don’t want to move and to do that you use a
mask, just going to mask out this bottom section now when we press play you can see we’re
starting to get there I’m not moving quite so much but there
is still some movement so we also want to use the stabilized one, I’ll add some
stabilization dots now with stabilization dots you can see that I’m
fixed a lot better Seems to have sorted that out and you can see
a cloud on the top are rolling along if you wanted to you can then also add some water movement so not got that right, and I need to
stabilize it there, but you can see now very easily add the movement in and it is
moving the water and the clouds and it gives a really nice effect. Once you’re
done you probably want to tidy that up more Then click save/export you can
change the speed number of repetitions when you hit save
you can either export it as an mp4 or as an animated gif. It’s a cool effect that’s
very simple to do, if a little bit fiddly, but I think you can produce some really
great results that look fantastic on your social media if you give this a
go why not tag me on instagram at markJdraper If you enjoyed this video hit
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watching my future videos thanks for watching I’ll see on that next review.

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    Very good demo. keep up the good work

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