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How To Make $1000 Per Week From Home Outsourcing

November 1, 2019

okay in this video I’m going to show you
how to make $1,000 per week by outsourcing web development to
businesses that don’t have a website and needed to increase their client base and
make more money for their business so stick around I’m going to get to started
on this right now all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video and as I said I’m gonna show you how to make $1,000 per week by
outsourcing web development to offline businesses that need a website and don’t
have one alrighty first of all my name is Kevin
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alright alright guys let’s go ahead I’m kind of anxious to show you this this is
something that I’ve done a couple of times here and it works really well I’m
going to show you step-by-step how to do this so sit back with your cup of coffee
or your beer or whatever it is you’re drinking and relax and watch this on how
you’re gonna make $1000 per week doing outsourcing to businesses alright so I’m
going to come over here to my word pad where I’ve created the list here of
steps on how to do this alright so website development
outsourcing step by step and the first thing you’re going to do is get clients
and I’m going to show you how to do that and also you want to have them once you
get a client that is interested in this and once a website which I don’t see how
they would turn you down because it’s becoming more and more prevalent that
they need businesses need websites today to make to increase their bottom line
and bring more clients into their business alright so the first thing
going to do is going to get clients I’m going to show you how to do that like I
said and you’re going to have them give you the specifics of you know such as
graphics and pictures the product list and you tell them that you’ll build them
a website up to of three pages in lengths or in size so all
right so the first thing we’re going to do is get clients how are we going to do
that well as an example what I’ve done here I’ve done this close to my area
here and like I said I’ve already done this a couple of times and this works
pretty well now what you’re going to do is come in just go to google and type in
for example I’m using plumbers and if you notice up here in the search engine
I’ve typed in plumbers in Fort Wayne area Fort Wayne Indiana which is near
where I live at it can be you can do it near where you live at it can be done
with any any anywhere any city can be done anywhere it can even be done
anywhere in the world I suppose for that matter okay but for our example I typed
in just plumbers this can be done with doctors it can be done with with cement
contractors it can be done with electricians it can be done with any
offline business that you can think of okay now for our example I chose
plumbers and what you do is is when you click on you when you type that into the
search engine Google will give you lists of businesses and show you whether they
have a website and directions and the businesses in the area that you typed in
the area that you’re typing to you know whatever you’re picking whatever you
pick it alright so for example is you when you do this and you can see what’s
one of these businesses of plumbers that I typed in here which one of these
businesses have websites in which ones don’t
so what you do is you come and you look and you see it you’re picking you’re
looking for the ones that do not have websites okay they don’t have a web
presence so if we scroll down the list here of the plumbers and in the Fort
Wayne Indiana area that you see here in the map and you see that most of these
have websites but if you keep scrolling down these keeps going down you see
right here is one this blakely plumbing here that does not have a
say that’s a potential client right there and if we scroll down you see
there’s another one here any time plumbing repair and drain cleaning they
have no website presence showing here this one either does either Taylor sewer
services has no website presence so these are potential customers that you
can help out and get them a web site presence so let’s just take one of these
for example we’re going to take this one right here there’s night-and-day
plumbing and sewer and plumbing sewer and drain so if i click on that it
brings up more information about them and you see that they don’t have a web
site in fact it says right here to add a website all right now chances are that
they don’t have a website and they’re not listed because google would
certainly pick that up and it would put that in this information because pretty
much I think you know Google knows everything about everybody right
Google’s like the the world police I think they just know everything about
everybody all the time so but anyways what you’re going to do is you’re going
to find a client like this that does not have a website for their business all
right and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to call their number
their number will usually be listed you’re gonna call up the business and
you’re going to want to speak to the owner of the business if possible or if
not at least the primary manager of the business and you’ll explain to them that
they you rep that you are who you are give them your name and who you are tell
them that you’re a independent web developer and that you build websites
professional-looking websites for businesses offline businesses and you
notice that they didn’t have a website on their listing on Google and that you
would be more than willing to help them do that and that you would build them a
website a professional-looking custom website for normally $1500 but if they
order today while you’re on the phone with them tell them that you’ll give it
to them for thousand dollars even all right so let’s
say for example some of them may not want to go for it in some well if if
they don’t go for it doesn’t make any difference just move on to the next one
and keep going down the list remember you can do it for any business that you
want it doesn’t have to be plumbing it can be any business that you can think
of okay so you’ll find one eventually you’ll get
one that will I would imagine pretty quick actually because you’re going to
explain to them and that their custom or their their competitors all have
websites and their competitors are getting more business than they are
simply because they have a website present presence and that they need a
website presence today to increase and to keep up with their competitors okay
so those are some selling points that you can get them to take your offer
alright so let’s just say for example that this person this night and date
plumbing sewer and drain decides that they want to go for it
and take my services and have me build them a professional web site all right
so what you would do is you want to get them after they accept if you want to
have them email to you how they want the website to look of course it’s going to
be with their name their company name and if the graphics or the pictures they
want they tell them to mail you their product list and the prices and any
discount prices that they may have that you can put on the website as well and
tell them that you’ll make them a website up to three pages which consists
of a main front page probably an about page and a contact
page okay and so when they email you that information at that point then the
next step comes in you need to get domain and hosting for them okay so I
recommend Bluehost little host is a very good web press
hosting because you’re gonna build them a WordPress website don’t worry you’re
not going to have to build it I’m going to show you how to outsource it and have
somebody else do it for you like I said you’re not gonna be you’re gonna have to
do very little work here all you’re doing is just being the middleman here
and working in between alright so hang out with me let me show
you how to do this all right now so you come over to
Bluehost and you see here that you can get WordPress hosting free and plus a
free domain and an SSL certificate to show security on the website for the
company because people want that and then a word one-click wordpress install
and 24/7 support for 3 dollars and 95 cents a month ok so you’re going to pay
three dollars and 95 cents to start this account and that’s gonna be part of down
here at the bottom you see M we’re keeping track of our expenses but I’ve
already got hosting at 395 per month all right this is out-of-pocket expenses to
begin with here okay now know where you’re going to get all
this back now so you get the WordPress hosting for them you sign you create the
account for the hosting with the company’s name and you create a password
you make sure you write that down and save that in a file like on notepad or
or whether you’re using Macintosh computer or whatever you just want to
save that information ok because you’re going to end up giving that information
back to the customer once we’re done here
now so you sign up for hosting you create the account on Bluehost I mean
you can use any hosting company you want I just recommend Bluehost because it’s a
good one I like Bluehost now you can you sign up get create the
credentials for the account alright what’s the company’s name and a
password when you sign in you’re going to do the one-click WordPress install
they’re gonna install the WordPress website system on their hosting okay on
the hosting that you get when you install that WordPress program on the
hosting you’re going to have to create an admin login and a password for that
as well so you’ll want to make sure that you write that down and save that in
your file of information because you’re going to give that back to the customer
alright so now that you have your hosting you have your account created
with the Bluehost or whatever hosting you’ve written that information down and
saved it you’ve got your WordPress installed on
the on your WordPress hosting and you’ve saved the administrative login
information for that now what you’re going to do is come over next to fiber
our favorite web site fiber and if you notice here I’ve already typed in up
here fiber or on fiber I’ve typed in building a build a website and you see
it brings up a few of these which is our next thing here is you want to outsource
we’re on step three here now outsourcing the site development so we’ve already
got the client got what they want got the domain and hosting setup now we’re
going to go and outsource our work so that we don’t have to build it ourselves
all right so we come over to fiber like I said and you type in build website in
the search engine it comes up with all of these people that will build a
professional customized WordPress website so you want to look for one
that’s got a good rating and it’s pretty cheap now I’ve looked down through this
list already and I found that this one right here is pretty good he’s got this
person’s got a 4.9 star rating which is good with 374 reviews total that tells
me he’s been around and done a lot of work for people okay and his starting
price is at $45 all righty you see that if we click
on it you see for $45 he’ll create up to five pages and of course you can tell
him you only need one four three don’t know that they’ll give you a discount
off that but nevertheless and then he’ll do design customization upload any
content a responsive design which means it works good on mobile phones which is
something you can stress to your client that when you build their website it’s
going to be mobile responsive it’ll look good on any device desktop laptop tablet
or telephone either any device and they’ll put in three this person will
put in three plugins and extensions on the website to probably of your choice
if you want you’ll want to put in something that will help them optimize
the website to make it run good for them for your customer so for $45 so now
we’re outsourcing is going to cost $45 so we put that in here okay so this is
looks this is going to be about all the expenses that you’re going to have in
this $45 plus 395 so you’re looking at about one about 49 bucks they’re roughly
okay now so it’s going to take about probably five to seven days for this
person to build and customize this website to our clients specifications
that we gave to the person we hired here on Fiverr to build that website you the
same specifications your client or your customer gave you you’re going to give
that information to this person here he builds the website you see here at seven
days delivery and that’s okay let him take his time because you want
the job done right right you don’t want forth you don’t want to push the person
that’s doing this and kind of bug them about hurry up hurry up hurry up don’t
do that in fact I’d probably tell them take eight days take longer because we
want it done right we want it to look good and function correctly okay for
that forty-five dollars so now you’ve got your website
being built when the website for your client is built this person that you’ve
hired will give this website actually the the will tell you that it’s finished
you will be able to come back to the domain which by the way you’re going to
use a domain once you get the domain for your hosting you’re going to make it the
company’s name com right it’s going to be your clients business name comm more
than likely will be available okay so you will he gives you the denied that
the website is built tells you that it’s good to go and you take that domain and
you test out the website at that point you’re going to test them we’re on
number four step number four here right now and you’re going to test the website
after it’s developed so what you’re going to do is you’ll just take that
domain and type it into the address bar and it’ll load up that website and you
can take a look at it and make sure that it meets your clients specifications of
what they asked you to do how they wanted that website to look if it
doesn’t look quite like it you can always go back to the seller on Fiverr
and have them revise it again a certain way that you want it to down or to make
it look so it’s makes your customer happy usually it’ll be done right the
first time I think on that normally that’s been my experience
I haven’t had to revise anything it’s been done right the way I liked it the
first time so now all right so you’ve tested the website it loads up in your
browser it looks really nice you’ve clicked on the about page link and it
works really good the about page looks good about the business and when they
were started and all that that they gave you to have put in and you click on the
contact page the three pages right the front about in contact and the contact
has a nice contact form in there in a nice description about how to get in
touch with this business okay and any questions along with their
phone number and so on and so forth alright so it works good you’ve tested
it out everything functions correctly now the next step is is you’re going to
call up the client and then have them view the website step number five here
you see this you want to have them view their website I can tell you that
they’re going to be excited because they’ve never seen their a website for
their business before right they’re going to be excited about it it’s going
to look nice to them and they’re going to be excited then once they load it up
you’re going to call them up and have them load that website up with their
domain in their browser so they can see it and see how professional looks and
how well it works and so on and so forth they’re going to be happy with it
alright so then at that point then what you’re going to do is you’re going to
have the client tell them but before you can turn over the the hosting account
information and the administrative login information to their website and their
hosting account that they need to mail either mail you a check in for the
amount or send the money to your PayPal account right if you got a PayPal
account make sure you give them your paypal email address so that you can
have them send you your money now so how much they gonna send here well let’s
bring up the old calculator to find out what our expenses have been here all
right so we take our outsourcing cost of $45 then we paid 395 for the first month
of hosting right so plus three dollars and 95 cents
you’ve spent a total of 48 dollars and 95 cents to get this job done okay so
what you’re going to do is you’ve charged them a thousand dollars right so
we’re going to take a thousand dollars plus the 48 95
believe that was what we came up with right so you’re gonna send them a final
bill of 1040 $8.95 that’ll be the final bill right there so you’re going to get
all your money that you the 48 dollars that it took to get you that you had to
pay to get that done or get it started and whatever and get it accomplished
plus the thousand dollars that you charged for building the website right
and of course they’re going to mail you that check or send that to your PayPal
and once you have received that money into your possession
then you will email the client back with their hosting account login and their
WordPress credentials or login credentials for their back-end so they
can work with their website at that point you are on step number seven and
you are finished and you have made a thousand dollars in about a seven day
period all righty guys guys that’s what I had for you there that’s a way step by
step how you can make a thousand dollars a week working with offline businesses
that need your service and you haven’t done hardly any work ever all the work
you did was right at home online on your computer and you used your cell phone as
well okay all right guys well that’s what I had for you today
this great way that you could make money off line and in fatten up your pockets
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and I’m going to let you go with that allow see you in a couple of days or so
here with the next value bomb video for you you guys have an awesome day I’ll
see you later bye bye now


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