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September 3, 2019

all righty guys welcome back to today’s
video in this video I’m gonna show you how you can make anywhere from 10 to 100
dollars per day just by watching videos ok so stick around we’ll be right back
here in just a few seconds all righty guys welcome back to the
video my name is Kevin laner with freedom motivator comm and in the
today’s video like I told you them or say hi can make anywhere from ten to a
hundred dollars just by watching videos and I’ve got a bonus site for you too as
well so make sure you stick around and watch all this videos so you see the
other site that I’m talking about as well alright so if this is your first
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and watching my videos what we do is we do videos on affiliate marketing how-to
videos anything to do with making money online to help you live the life of
freedom and once in a while we throw in a motivational video for you too okay
alright great well with all that to do out of the way let’s go ahead and get
started down on today’s video and it’s a websites that I’ve found here where you
can come over and one of them is is called try my UI and UI does not stand
for urinary infection okay it means a user interface these sites this site and
the others that I’m going to show you here they want they need people like you
and I to test their web sites and/or their mobile apps so that they can be
improved for people they really a value your opinion and they’re willing to pay
you to do that now go to this one here is try my UI
dot-com you see the address there in the address bar and what you do is going to
come here and read a little bit about this is for people that are companies
that want to hire this company to test their websites which you would be one of
the clients or the testers right so that some of the
companies thought they would show down here they weren’t here some of the
companies Priceline British Airways US Bureau of Labor Statistics and NBC and hose well anyways what you want to do is you want to come
here to this site and you’re going to come up here to upper right where it
says get paid to test and then click on that
and it comes over here you see which has become a try my UI tester and says get
paid to use websites and apps and give your honest feedback and opinions you
can get paid on this side of the ten dollars for each test you take a typical
test approximately lasts approximately about twenty minutes okay so if you had
three of these from this company to take in one day that’s what thirty to thirty
dollars right because in one hour if you do them every one in twenty minutes some
of those some of those tests can probably be done in less than twenty
minutes so you’d have an opportunity to even
take more tests if there’s tests available to you now this company up
pays through PayPal says we send payments right here to PayPal out every
Friday okay so that is one of the sites right here
you want to come to is try MIUI dot-com and you can sign up here and
become a tester to test out applications and websites and so on and so forth just
by watching videos on your screen and and you’ll use your voice so they may
want to you to use a microphone so that they can hear your voices you give your
opinion as well and they also have you can have and they’re going to be
probably written responses to to a short wrapped up survey at the end of your
test and it says there’s no limited number of tests you can do but expect to
get a few of them each week and this is definitely not a full it’s not full-time
work you’re not going to get rich off of this or make any kind of a full-time
living however stick around and I’m going to show you how you can scale this
up here remember I told you about the bonus I practice alright just a way to
make a few extra bucks doing something fun in your spare time so if you have
some spare time you know that you can use to do this you can make you can make
quite a few extra dollars on this website okay alright let’s go over to
the next site the next I’m going to point it to is called user
lytx user you see it right up here in the address bar and you come
over here and you can see the same thing they tell you a little bit about missus
for businesses that want to hire them to have people like you and I test their
websites and or mobile applications and then you can see if we scroll down
through here there’s some of the companies that they work with Microsoft
Google Philips Lori American Airlines and Washington Post and so on and so
forth and the same thing here here come’s come here to use a little you’re
going to come up here to the top where it says tester sign up right here and
then click on that and as I’ll bring you over here this page and you see words
just get paid to test websites and applications mobile applications that
says register and earn money all these are free by the way these
sites are free and can be done anywhere in the world okay so it doesn’t matter
where you’re at the main thing is you just want to have a PayPal account if
you don’t have a PayPal account go to it’s easy enough to sign up
for a PayPal account they’re using a good email address okay all right so by
completing a short short and easy form on this page you can join the global
community of users testers interact with web or mobile apps and or other type of
digital asset speak your thoughts and emotions again you’ll need a microphone
probably for this job and out loud as you do so and answer a few questions
user testing is fun it says all right and then the other and they’re going to
pay you by paypal here so that’s the same as the same as the other website
they pay by paypal too so we want to make sure what we have a PayPal account
right and you can once your test results have been approved depending on the user
test project you can be paid anywhere from five ten fifteen twenty
and other amounts and it says here that some projects will pay you up to as much
as $90 okay so if you join both these sites you have an opportunity to make
anywhere from ten to a hundred dollars or maybe a little bit more per day right
because both sites will get you more jobs or more more tests that you can
work on at one time any one time all right
so and here again this like I said everything is available worldwide here
it’s free to join this we’re gonna do this doesn’t cost anything to make any
money on this website at all or any of the other ones that I’m going to show
her that I’ve showed you already such as a user uh I’ve tried my UI okay all
right now man talks a little bit here about how it works and would you enjoy
being paid on a part-time basis to check out these ability Maps or websites as
you test from home on your own time whatever you are free and there’s yeah
there’s no set schedules there’s no time limits there’s no you have to be here
and do it at this time or or anything like that it’s on your own time and your
free time whatever you feel like doing and now you can by participating user
testing providing your feedback and suggestions and then it just tells you
again down here what I told you earlier about anywhere from five to ninety
dollars or tests okay all right those are the two sites there that if you join
both of those you’re probably pretty sure to get quite a few jobs or tests
that you can make money with okay now the bonus site that I wanted to tell you
about is right here and it’s called user testing let me see it here at user
testing come up here in the address bar same thing here is the other ones they
have different organizations different types of testing that they do in
different companies here are some of their companies that they deal with
and the same thing here is you’re going to come over here to this site and
you’ll click right here where it says get paid to test right there so click
all that is over to this page and you can earn up
to $60 per test here same thing here visit a website or an application mobile
application complete a set of tasks speaking your thoughts out loud again
you’ll need a microphone for this and then get paid and here it says it
get paid $10 by a paypal for every 20 minute video that you complete so here
again that’s why they say make up to $60 so if you can do three of those in an
hour 20 by three that’s $60 but the way that you can really ramp this up is to
join all three of these websites right all three of these sites try my UI user
Lennox and user testing comm join all three of those sites again free anywhere
available anywhere in the world free to join and you can scale up and even make
more than a hundred dollars and possibly even close to $200 per day doing testing
websites and mobile applications just make sure that you have a PayPal account
right okay all right guys that’s pretty much what I have for you today one of
the Turney onto these three websites where you can make up to anywhere from
10 to 100 dollars for sure probably and on beyond that if you sign up for all
three sites alrighty guys thanks for coming if you
like this video give me a thumbs up don’t forget to recenter and hit that
subscribe button and click the bell so you get notified when we upload new
videos and if you want to check out my number-one business click down there
below in the description where it says mentor with keV calm okay
alrighty guys thanks for coming to today’s video I’ll see you again here in
a couple of days on the next video all right you guys take care and have an
awesome day today all right thanks bye bye

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