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How to Import and Organize your Photos in Lightroom | Keeping Lightroom Simple! (appendix)

September 4, 2019

okay today is all about organization
in fact in this video we’re going to talk about how to import and organize our
photos in Lightroom welcome to my channel here I talk about photography
and I make videos just like this one where I share some organization tips so
if you are here for the first time it might be a good idea to subscribe this
video is like an appendix to my lightroom miniseries that ended last
week and I understand that this should have been the first video nevertheless
because I received a lot of requests from you guys I decided to do it now so
there you have it it’s better late than never
if you didn’t see my Lightroom keep it simple miniseries I will link it right
here and also in the description below but you don’t need to watch that first
you can actually watch these first and then eventually go back to that maybe
that could work better but you do you also for those of you that watched the
entire Lightroom keep it simple miniseries I would love to know what is
the best tip or the most valuable information that you got from those
videos because I really like to understand what is the average level of
Lightroom skills of this community in order to be able to decide which other
lightroom videos i could do in the future for you guys so please write me a
comment below that will be very helpful by the way a quick follow-up on the
Lightroom challenge I’m really happy I am seeing so many photos really good
work I’m happy to see that a lot of you
decided to take part to this photo edit assignment and if you’re still thinking
to participate you can today is Thursday you have time until next Sunday
which is November the 11th at that point I will pick the images and I will make
this review video that will be published next Thursday enough of that now let’s
talk about importing and organizing our photos in Lightroom some of you might
think that this part because doesn’t really involve any creative process
might be a little boring at the same time I noticed that when my work is
nicely organized I am able to free my creativity it’s like having a clean desk
if my desk is a mess I’m not able to get anything done so I see this as a
necessary step that will help me to release my creativity sure to start
fresh I have created a new catalog which is very simple you go on file select new
catalog click new catalog decide a name and a location and you’re done I usually
don’t create a new catalog every time I import photos at the same time I wanted
to have a clean screen for you so that will be easier to see every step now we
can start the import process and this is actually perfect timing for me because I
just came back from Yosemite where I recorded a couple of videos that you
will see on this channel very soon and of course I took a bunch of photos which
I downloaded into this superfast super small portable hard drive which I will
link down in the description if you’re interested and I connected it to the
computer I also use another or Drive when I’m on the field so that I can back
up my images in 2 places this is less fast hard drive but
a very robust one so I want to make sure that I don’t lose my photos anyways
I might do a video about my backup system later on so once my source is
connected to my computer I can start the import process and I will click import
and I will need to select the source the source in this case is called Atti T5
which is the name of my hard drive I will select the folder which is Yosemite
I will select photo photo you can see it’s written in Italian anyways
Lightroom is very intuitive and has a very easy workflow to follow so if you
go left to right you will see that the first options on the very top of your
screen is either copy as dmg copy move or add
what I usually do is selecting copy as dmg which basically means I’m not
deleting the images from my hard drive I always want to make sure that the
transfer from hard drive to computer is perfectly executed then I will
eventually delete those images and I’m copying these images in a DNG format
which is basically a universal digital negative RAW format every camera brands
has his own way to name raw files Nikon for instance uses NEF so we need to
convert the photos in a DNG format in order to work them in Lightroom our next
step will be to select the destination where do we want to have these photos
there are different ways to do this what I usually do is that I will select the
destination panel as you can see in the destination panel I have already the
from folders that correspond to different years I have already a folder
dedicated to 2018 at this point because I want this photo to go into that folder
I will toggle on into subfolder and I will name the new folder my criteria
usually is to put year month day if all my photos are taken in one single day in
this case is multiple days I will just use the month and then I will put as
well the location in this case so it will be 2018 10 Yosemite this is done as
simple as that let’s work now on the file handling panel you can see that
there are different options the minimal previews are smaller and of course the
import process will be a lot faster the one-to-one previews will take a lot more
space and will be a slower import process but then it will be easier and
will be faster to edit you have different options and what I usually use is
standard you can decide to let Lightroom build a smart preview which will allow
you to work on your images even when the originals are on a different hard drive
let’s close the file handling panel and open the file renaming I usually don’t
rename my photos because already in my Nikon d810 I customize the name of the
files as you can see my file names are starting with ARP which stands for Attilio Ruffo Photography so I don’t do anything here and the last step before
importing will be to decide what Lightroom could do to your images while
importing as a matter of fact in the panel apply during import
you can decide if you want to Lightroom to apply specific settings in my case I
always want Lightroom to apply the lens Corrections in fact if you saw my first
video of the Lightroom miniseries I always have removed chromatic
aberration and enable profile Corrections on so I click on lens
Corrections and then I can decide what kind of metadata
I want embedded in my images the metadata are data related to the author
of the images and you can create your own by clicking new and then I can add
some keywords but in this case we’ll there will be very generic keywords
because of course they will need to apply to every single image I have in
this case I will write Yosemite California Fall nature very generic
keywords once this is done I can import and of course this process can take a
few minutes but little by little your library will be populated with the new
images so once the importing process is done you will see your photos are in the
library and something else you can do you can go into maps and be as precise
as you want I can either decide to put all my images in Yosemite or let’s say I
want to be more specific I can select images taken in in a specific place
let’s say like the first three images which are actually very bad were taken
at tunnel view and then I will write tunnel view and Here I am so I can just
drag and drop my images in the exact point
where I took them and I can see the three
images on the map right there let’s go back to the library so here I can decide
to see my thumbnails as big or small as I want I can rotate my vertical shots I
can give a specific rating and I have the possibility to give one to five star
this case maybe this will be a a three star photo this way it will be easier
later on to find my best photos from a specific trip click G to go back to the
entire folder and to see all the pictures together something else you can
do if there are specific photos that you want to use for a specific reason or
photos that you want to print you can label them with a specific color and it
is very easy to find your photos through labels or rating by clicking on the very
top you can actually customize what you want to see in this case I have a rating
but I could decide to have something else I have camera here I have lens and
I have the label so I right now I just rated one photo three stars and by
clicking on the three stars I will find immediately the photo that I have rated
a very easy and intuitive process that you can apply to your organization
workflow so in this face I will need to screen and rate all my images and the
first selection that I will do is basically using the pick or reject tool
when I see an image that I don’t think has a lot of potential I will select it
and I will click on the X and you can see in this case I have a little flag
black flag here and the image is set as rejected while if I see an image that
might have potential then I will click the P and I will have a white flag here
on the bottom that will indicate this is a pick and then if I will go on the
attribute I can immediately click on the white flag and I will see the images
that I picked so if you use a consistent destination criteria and as well a
consistent labeling or rating system it will be very easy to find your photos
and develop a very fast and quick workflow I hope this video will help you
to organize your images in a more efficient way in Lightroom at the same
time I’m thinking you might be interested in a Lightroom exporting video
because as you possibly know depending on the use that you’re going to do of
your photo either is sharing on social media
printing use the image on your website there are different export format let me
know if you interested in a video about that because of course I could make a
video fairly soon couldn’t I and and if you like this video you need to let me
know so hit that like button write me a comment I love to read your comments
share this video with your friends and also if you didn’t subscribe yet why
don’t you do it do it now subscribe thanks for watching and I will see you
in the next video


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    Q: if you are going to use Keywords, is there really any reason to label catalogs as years? Why not just one catalog for the whole complete storage of images "Photos", and if you want use the year/month standard as one of the keywords, then would that suffice. It is file structure logic I am trying to understand. Also, like the issue with Standard, your selection on the import process. I have RADD system that was given to me, but it is slow, too slow for my 4K video work, so I was thinking I should use this for my still shots only, so the question of Off site storage handling becomes an area of learning I am interested in.

  • Reply B H May 11, 2019 at 11:02 am

    thank you Attilio, Very helpful info

  • Reply Stephen Kintner May 13, 2019 at 2:37 am

    have you ever used fastrawviewer ?

  • Reply cazdownunda May 15, 2019 at 11:50 am

    Such a great video, as usual! I've had LR for a year and didn't even know where to start! I've watched every part of the series, and nearly all your other videos, taken notes (cuz yes I am that organised) and now cant wait to start trying all of it. You make learning photography/editing exciting instead of confusing and overwhelming. I've learnt so much from you in the past few months, thank you so much Attilio 🙂

  • Reply ess pie May 25, 2019 at 12:48 pm

    Hi Attilio, hope you are doing good. Could you do a similar video with LRcc? I had a previous version of LR, which was to me similar to what you are using in all your videos. Keep your channel going. Thanks

  • Reply john gunning May 29, 2019 at 6:20 am

    You make it all sound easy and logical. I'll have to watch this again, in fact maybe more than a couple of times because I'm experiencing all sorts of problems trying to find my RAW files at the moment when I want them. It is important to keep RAW files because as you become more proficient with LR some of the earlier shots are worth re-producing again with better results.
    Another good informative video.

  • Reply Richard Barakett June 16, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    Thank you VERY much for this video…i have now started to work with LR (now more jpg) you are awesome!!!

  • Reply Ross Sayer June 28, 2019 at 9:12 am

    I just spent 3 hours with a professional photographer to help me with Lightroom and I’m worse off then prior to the lesson, there seems to be so many different ways to import that I’m totally confused after watching your video and I find your site one of the best

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    Attilio, I’m just getting into using Lightroom to store and edit my images for a website l plan for down the road . I’m interested in your Lightroom series so with that said, “ Where do I start to make sure I see all your videos on the series. Thanks !

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    Fabulous video once again. Thank you so much, Im learning loads from your videos.

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    I use Lr often, but it still confuses me sometimes, especially exporting. Thank you! Learning!

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    Brilliant video – you have been very informative and straightforward and made the process of importing and sorting photos much more simple for me – thank you!

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