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How to Give an Image a Transparent Background Without Photoshop. Try it FREE!

February 13, 2020

Need to make the background of an image transparent? In this video, we’ll show you how to do
it with minimum effort. We are going use PhotoWorks, an AI-powered
photo editor. First, open your image with PhotoWorks. Then Switch to the Tools tab and choose the
Change background tool. In the right-hand sidebar you’ll find a
set of brushes. The green brush is used to mark the object
of the picture, and the red one is used to mark its background. There is also an eraser to fix minor flaws
of your selection. First, let’s use the object brush. Set its parameters and draw a few lines inside
the pears. You don’t have to be too precise – a few
broad strokes will do the trick. Use the eraser to delete the green line that
accidentally went over the object’s edge. Next, take the red brush and paint over the
area you want to be transparent. Once the selection is done, the software will
automatically remove everything outside the objects’ outline. If there are some chunks of the background
left, or some parts of the pears missing, use the corresponding brushes to fix it. Press Next to fine-tune your selection. Zoom in the picture for a better control. Use the red brush to get rid of the remaining
areas of the background, then restore the object with the green brush. Again, press next. Now blur the edges of the pears for a smoother
look. You can also adjust the extent of the objects’
outline. Drag the slider to the right to extend the
edges outwards, or to the left to reduce them inwards. And there you have it – a picture with a transparent
background! Let’s compare the image to the original
to make sure that the pears are fully intact. Click the button at the bottom of the sidebar
that reads “save with transparent background”. Choose PNG format, name your file, and save
it. And it’s done – we made the background of
this picture transparent in less than two minutes. Download PhotoWorks to remove the background
of your photos with ease!

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