How to Get The Windows 10 Anniversary Update Now! (really easy)

December 10, 2019

What’s going on guys welcome back to another
windows 10 tutorial You may notice that we haven’t done any tutorials, specifically on window 10 for a while It is simply because, we want to only give you the best of contents that we can create and we thing this is the time to give you another one a happy and
surprising news for all the windows 10 user. Yes it’s here, the new windows 10 anniversary update and today we gonna be show you how to get it Stay tuned It seems like, it’s very different from a normal windows 10 update, I mean it contains another 4 to 5 gigs of
file size and with a new and improved windows 10 inside and once you done doing that update,
I’m sure you will definitely gonna love it But in case, If you are a rare person and wanna go back to the previous builds for some weird reasons it is also possible and you don’t lose any of your files or programs in your windows 10 machine it will all kept
as same as before, where you left them So feel free to download and install this update and by doing this windows 10 anniversary update there are numerous benefits, that you can
have or windows 10 users can have Such as a more a faster Operating System an enhanced security, new and improved features,
so on and so on Anyway we will talk about that later in details, on another video an upcoming video, hope you will get it soon, so be sure to subscribe don’t miss it and there is no doubt this
one is the beginning of another new era I know you are anxious to see the instructions and the update So let’s get started open up your browser and go this link you can also find the link below in the video description so go there and click on it then you will see it downloading something like this on your browser! a 5.52 Mb file, and it is the new
Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant and this link is a direct link, means once you clicked on
it, it will instantaneously start the download. I choose this link to avoid unnecessary confusions,
so that you can get the update app directly without any confusions Once it downloaded,
Just go to the file location, double click on it and it will launch this windows 10
update assistance window here you can see the ‘update now’ button, just go ahead
and click on it Now it is checking for the device compatibility And my device is just passed Hope your device will compatible for the new update So let’s go ahead and click
on this next button Now it’s started download the anniversary update The downloading process may take a while so site back, relax and give it some time finish the process and you
know what it totally worth the waiting So let’s wait Hey guys back again, the downloading
process is just over it took me about 6 hours to complete the whole downloading process with a 2 Mbps connection nearly it’s a nightmare! unfortunately i’m still using a speed caped, internet plan which is 20 Mbps up to 200 Sorry, 100 gigs of usage, and from there on 2 Mbps unlimited So unfortunately
my usage went over 100 gigs by yesterday and my ISP slow me down to this terrible speed connection which is 2 Mbps So it was a total nightmare for me! But anyway we have done it for you Now you can see, it’s just started the updating process I think it is preparing files for
the update Anyway let’s wait and little bit more and watch what is exactly going on Yes it was preparing the files for update and what’s next, let’s figure out ‘Your update is ready. Your PC need to restart to complete the update’ Now I will read you the instruction, that you should know before moving further Save your work and leave your
PC plugged in and tuned on If you choose to restart later we’ll automatically restart
the PC when you’re not using it The update usually it take 90 minutes or less to complete, but we’ll let you know when it’s done So that’s what exactly you need to be aware,
before moving further I thing you got me! Now it’s time to click on this restart now or you can choose restart later as well Clicking on this restart later button on the
lower left side of the window ok let’s go ahead and click on this restart now button
and start the updating process right away Wow something pops up, ‘you are about to
be signed out’ ok, just close this popup and it will restart your system You can see
the system is now restarting I have to put my Hdd password in order to continue for the update So let’s do that Now it’s showing the windows logo and yes, it’s started the process While this updating process, your system will be restart several times and you don’t need to do nothing, just don’t click anything Keep your PC, plugged it
a wall out let, and leave it for a while just like that Now the updating process has been
finally done Now you can just go ahead and click on this ‘Next’ button and from here click
on, ‘Use express settings’ If you want you can choose the ‘Customize’ option instead of the ‘Express settings’ option In order to setup everything as your preference, But sake of the video, I’m going with ‘Use express settings’ option Now it is asking, do you want to enable Cortana it is the windows 10 personal digital voice assistant,
Like Siri, Google Now or Amazon echo! let’s go ahead and enable it If you don’t want, this feature, you can even continue without it, by just clicking on this ‘Not now’ button, but we are not gonna click on this ‘Not now’ button, because i wanna know, how
much they got improved each and every feature on this anniversary build So let’s enable
Cortana as well That’s it guys now we just finished the update Now it is running, the
all new windows 10 anniversary update, build 14393 So that’s how you can get the windows
10 anniversary update If you found this video helpful leave a thumbs up If you wanna watch
more Subscribe to the channel definitely do! I will post new video every week mostly
every Saturday and if you have any doubt or questions, feel free to leave a comment below we well get back you as soon as possible Hope you a have a great time, see you guy
and girls on the next one Peace!

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