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How To Get A Job As A Writer In The Philippines

September 11, 2019

so there is a trick to getting hired as
a writer in the Philippines I hire a lot of people in the Philippines right now
I’ve got a team of 14 and I’m hiring a writer and I’m making this video to show
you how you can get hired as a writer. the reason I’m making this video is I’m
actually going through the process of hiring a writer in the Philippines I
currently have 14 people employed there in the Philippines I’ve been hiring
people there for nine and a half years and I’m going through the process of
hiring a writer I thought I would make this video to give all of you amazing
writers out there a better chance of getting a job as a writer for somebody
in America or Australia so the website they are all familiar with the you’ve created a profile there and I just want you to
know from from a business standpoint I love this tool this is my go-to resource
I don’t hire people in the Philippines through any other Avenue I mean there
are other places and other businesses do use them but for me this is the goldmine
so I definitely recommend that you take your profile seriously like go through
do all the assessments that John is created there he’s the one that founded
this website it become a friend of mine go through all the assessments make sure
you upload a real photo not something that looks like it’s a stock photo that
you could have grabbed anywhere else oh that looks like it was from your your
school photography but there’s one thing that I really want to help you focus on
and that’s if you want to get hired as a writer I want you to really showcase
your writing skills in your profile so maybe I’ll just I’ll pick out a few
examples both that are not so good and then a couple that I think are very good
just to give an example of what I mean so that if you write your profile this
way I think you’ll have a much better chance of getting hired so I’ve come in
here and I’ve put the ID proof score greater than 70 I really rely on that I
want people’s profiles to be legit and verifiable I also look for a month or
less activity meaning that you’ve updated your profile within the last
month so maybe that should tell you go in there each
month or each week and update your profile because we can filter it down I
also like to have profiles that have a picture in there so I can see who my
potential employee might be all right and I’ve got writing and creative
writing as filters so when I narrow down the search
there are 341 people that it’s narrowed it down to that’s still a lot if I just
scroll down I want to pick some new people here okay let’s look at Joana I
don’t know anything about Joana and I’m gonna look at her profile all right and
I’m gonna look at what she’s written in her profile to see if she’s a good
writer I have already worked for employers who hire content writers for
clients most of my tasks involved writing articles from scratch about
various topics these orders usually require research which makes me somehow
a skilled person when it comes to reading and researching about anything
under the Sun so I like her as a person but I don’t see amazing writing skill
here she’s talking about her experience and she’s saying that she’s got a lot of
writing experience but she hasn’t used that ability here to really showcase her
great writing ability so that makes sense let me find one more person to
pick on all right how about Mary Ann alright Mary Ann says I am information
technology graduate worked with various local publishing agencies that focus on
online media my first judgment is that the grammar is messed up it doesn’t and
I’m just not resonating it sounds like to me I can tell that English is a
second language and I can’t have that and somebody that I hire is a writer
let’s do one more I’ll pick on one more person all right here’s a guy Aris for more than 25 years I have been
dedicatedly working with various media Academy communication agencies business
and government organizations serving as a researcher writer editor graphics
designer creative director resource speaker PR and advertising consultant
and lecturer that’s a mouthful as a communications consultant so
I’m not impressed all right would you like to see some that I have been
impressed by all right so this one I found last night and is getting more
leads one of your major challenges imagine the competition out there and
marketing your services and expertise takes time a compelling sales page is
important for your business whether you want more sales get more clients it’s
like I could read this this sounds like my language so as I read this there’s a
couple things in there that that I would that I would tweak but as I read this
I’m like okay this person knows how to write and this one had this person has a
really good grasp of the English language so my challenge to you if you
want to get hired as a writer is really use your writing skills and put a lot of
energy and attention into your own profile so that you’re talking to me and
I’m really drawn in and want to hire you okay the other thing I wanted to say is
from my perspective hiring a full-time employee long term is the most valuable
and a sad thing that I see is most people that use this website both from
the employer standpoint and the employee is it’s just used for projects and I
know that there are more employers out there like me that want to hire people
full-time long term and I encourage you to find those I believe that if you put
more time and energy into your profile then I think that better employees are
going to be drawn to you who are going to want to hire you long term don’t be
afraid to ask those questions say is this more of our project or is this
something that you want to hire me long term full-time you know just ask those
questions and find out another piece of advice I want to share is an amazing way
that you can apply to these employers and really make yourself
and out this is something that I require of my applicants I have them take their
phone and record a selfie video introducing themselves talking about
their background and their experience and talking about why they’re a good fit
for that position and then they send me that video anyone that does that I just
instantly have a banach connection with even if I know that they’re not a right
fit they’ve stood out from all the other people who just emailed me a resume but
what it also allows me to do is know that they’re willing to do hard things
that they they’re willing to separate themselves from the crowd and so my
challenge to you is to take that step even though it might feel a little
uncomfortable is to make a video and when you’re going to email somebody in
response to them to apply for their their position do what they request fill
out that application or whatever they have you do then in addition make a
video and talk to them just have a conversation talk to them or for a few
minutes explaining what your skills are and why you’d be a good fit and chances
are you’ll get that job so if you haven’t been to the virtual assistant
tool website definitely check it out I’ll put the link below also how do you like this video? was it helpful? are there
other things that you would like to know from me? so go ahead and comment below and
then I can make more videos like this and answer your other questions we’ll
see you tomorrow

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