How to Flip and Mirror with Pixlr Editor [CC]

October 1, 2019

Hi there I’m Terry Smith here today and Imma show you how to flip / Mirror an image with Pixlr First thing to do with our image up is to hit up our Image tab go down to flip canvas You can do this vertically Which flips it across the x axis and you can also do this horizantally which flip it across the y axis Let’s say we want to do this by hand with a little bit more control go into edit, then free transform from here you can do one of two things Drag you’re left to you’re right Which will flip it across the y axis and drag you’re top to you’re bottom which will flip across the x axis also you can go diagonally. Which will do both transformations Select out of bounds and press yes to apply that I’m Terry Smith here today and now you know how to flip or mirror an image using the Pixlr Editor If you have any questions please comment and I’ll be sure to answer them

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